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Aderezar los vegetales con jugo de , realza su dulzura natural, aviva los colores y les da un sabor más fresco. Además, el limón ayuda a regular la presión arterial

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Stay With These 5 Vegan . You'll Have to locate new sources of protein -- Each The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults eat at least 0.8 g of protein every day for each kilogram of body mass--Read more here

Stay Fit With These 5 Vegan . You'll Have to Find new sources of protein Each The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults consume at least 0.8 g of protein every day for each kilogram of body mass--Read more here

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Visual Regression Guide

Sometimes it’s easier looking at pictures than reading about it. I hope it helps someone!

Baby Reg

Toddler Reg

Child Reg

Tween Reg

Remember that your regression is valid no matter what combination of things you like~

-Mod Rissy


YouTube Channel Tips and News on Tek Talk Tuesday Puša Studios Live!

The biggest youtuber think tank to learn, motivate and grow!YouTube Channel Tips and News on Tek Talk Tuesday Puša Studios Live TODAY at 7 PM EST! You and I have questions, you and I have answers!

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Do I have any Muslim followers ?

Because Ramadan is coming up and even tho you can’t „turn your ed off“ try to remember, that it’s the holiest month and you should focus more on prayers, reading the Quran, your actions etc.

here are just some tips, to get through it without getting too crazy about your ed:

-don’t forget to wake up to sahoor!! You should at least drink a couple glasses of water and eat something high in protein to keep you full.

-don’t workout while fasting, you just gonna be exhausted and probably sleep the entire day (which you shouldn’t do, obviously) —> workout one or two hours after Iftar

-do not stuff yourself!! You‘re most likely to be super hungry, but your stomach is going to hurt so bad

-eat very slow (what I always do is, after soup, I’m taking a break, pray Maghreb, come back and eat really slow)

-drink more water!! You‘re probably thirsty, especially in the warm weather, it just feels so good and is filling

-try to eat more fruits after, instead of eating a 3 course meal (watermelon is just the best!!)

-if you can, go for a long walk after Iftar

Stay safe!! Always be thankful!!


A little tip I use when I’m having a bit of trouble projecting is: get your Daemon (if they can, this is more useful for mammalian or reptilian daemons) to yawn. Especially if you’re yawning yourself. It’s a very distinctive action for any animal to make, and makes it easier to form the whole body in that space within your mind’s eye.

If that doesn’t help, make your daemon wet, or stand on two legs, or spread their wings out wide. Any appearance or action that is different or distinctive will help you become familar with the mass and volume of your Daemon, which is vital for effective projection. Movement also helps in visualising how your Daemon will interact with the environment.

Repeat this for as long as you can in different location, just to get a feel for your form. As a next step, you can just have your Daemon stand/perch beside you and look up at you. If you can’t, that’s fine too! Everybody projects differently, and struggling to project as much or as extensively as others does not invalidate you or your Daemon!

For the first few weeks, Matt couldn’t project me immediately within his line of sight. I’d always be in his peripheral vision, or directly behind him. Now we project almost constantly, even when he’s writing or other people are in the room. It just becomes second nature. Everybody is different, but projection is like most things: it gets easier with time. Good luck!

Have fun trying out all those quirky positions daemons!

A binge is not the end!

Yes it may make you feel bad but that does NOT mean you can’t continue dieting/fasting like before!

Just get back on track and don’t think things like “Oh now that I binged I fucked it up anyway so let’s eat even more!” No!

It takes you further away from your goal.

But remember, the earlier you start the earlier you’ll see results🖤

daisiesanddreamboats  asked:

Hi! Hope you don't mind me asking, how long does it usually take to see results from water therapy? Love your blog!

Okay it used to take me forever because I was afraid of putting the stem of the plant into the water BUT now I have seen the light and if you put the stem (fully calloused) directly into the water the roots grow SO FAST. I saw results in less than 48 hours. Good luck!!

some of my “safe” foods

hey I dont think anyone cares but here I’m gonna list some of the foods I consider “safe” to eat during a diet or when I’m about to binge.

- 100% whole wheat bread (sara lee brand). The one I have is 60 calories per slice, about 10 calories less than the honey wheat bread.
- apples. I really enjoy apples, they have the crunch and are dense and fill me up.
- nuts. almonds are my favorite. I’m pretty sure it’s 7 cal per almond. I especially like eating nuts when I’m craving bread or toast but don’t want all the calories.
- eggs. now, I don’t eat them a lot since one egg can have about 78-80 calories, but on certain days I might make a sunny side up egg. to add more flavor I like to add some garlic salt which is 0 calories! and when I make scrambled eggs I don’t add milk because, obviously, calories.
- almond milk. it’s a liquid but whatever. what I love about almond milk is that it has WAY less calories than regular cow milk. a cup of unsweetened almond milk has like 30 calories where regular cow’s milk has 120! plus, cow’s milk has 8 grams of fat whereas (unsweetened) almond milk has only 2.5! and when I want it to be sweet, I add a 0 cal sweetener like Splenda and it tastes almost identical to the vanilla one, but fewer calories!
- salad. now, I’m almost certain that everyone who has gone on a diet has thought about salad. now, ever since I started eating salad frequently, I enjoyed it more and it’s now a “safe” food of mine. you can get a good salad with not too many calories. but, be careful on how much dressing you put on it.
- sparkling water. this is one of my absolute favorites. my favorite brand is ICE sparkling water because it has 0 calories and it tastes just like soda. it’s amazing for when I feel the urge to binge, because I can just take a sip and feel just as satisfied.
- gum. gum is a lifesaver. a stick of gum can be 0-10 calories and great if you’re struggling with the urge to binge. it gives your mouth something to do, and makes your breath smell good! I recommend sugar-free gum.

Okay I think that’s all. I hope you like this! xoxo