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anonymous asked:

Any advice on how not to be awkward on first dates? I blew the last two by a) telling them that I’m awkward and b) having liquid courage beforehand

1. Never tell guys you’re awkward!!! It’ll scare them away, I’ve learned this the hard way lmao.

2. Don’t pregame before a date 😂 Swap the liquid courage for a hypeman, call a friend on the way to the date and let them give you a little ego boost. I literally do this all the time and i feel less awkward instantly. If you pregame before a date, you risk showing up drunk or even worse you’re always going to know that he liked you with a couple of drinks instead of yourself. So drink together instead :)

3. Be yourself, don’t take it too seriously, just relax because after all it’s just a guy and if the date goes wrong you don’t even have to see him again. Taking it too seriously is the reason why first dates are always so awkward.

4. Don’t complain or be negative, and don’t interview him, he’ll feel like he’s being put on the spot and it’s usually a very annoying feeling. Try to add in some comments about the place you guys are at if you have nothing to say.

5. Don’t worry about saying something stupid, don’t overthink what you’re going to say because you’re better off talking than going into an awkward silence. If you made a silly statement or question you can just accept it and laugh it off.

Tbh all you have to do is be yourself and you’ll be fine. Don’t overthink it bc he ain’t that special when there’s billions of other men out there, you won’t have to see him again if the date goes wrong! 💛

12.06.19 - DAY 6

11:30AM: This morning I woke up and ran on the treadmill, I’m starting to think that the app that I’m currently using isn’t accurately counting my pace, and calorie loss because I’m using a treadmill and I’m not using an armband that I usually run with. I plan on running a second-time today before I eat dinner so maybe I’ll put it on then. We’ll see.

11:30PM: Uuuuh yeah so I ran twice and actually really liked it? like exercising twice was kind of fun? Also, I was right, I used the armband and burned a whole bunch more calories so that’s dope. Uhh not happy with food again could’ve eaten less but I also refrained from buying Velveta mac and cheese. Yeah, I’m kinda happy with my progress and know that I’m making progress I’m excited to see where I end up. I kinda feel cleaner on the inside, not mentally but like physically.

Uh Yeah, that’s all I got, for now, au revoir à demain!

Question’s, Tips, Motivation, and Workouts always welcomed!

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World Anvil: The Writer’s Best Friend

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Originally posted by dracutelah

As a writer, world building is hard enough as it is on your own.

Sometimes you need some help to get the ball rolling, which is exactly what World does! Here are some perks World Anvil can provide you :)

  • You can make a free account!
  • Your work is backed up on multiple servers and you can export your world if you want to.
  • You can monetize your world building to support yourself between book releases and your patrons can have access to exclusive content
  • If you’d like, you can even let fans contribute ideas to your world by letting them be editors

But most importantly, it makes you think about the specifics of your characters and aspects of the world you’re creating! For example, 

  • When you make a new character, it asks what were the circumstances of their birth/death, what species they are, and what are the kinds of relationships they have with other characters! 
  • The website even allows you to keep track of maps, alternate timelines, and major historical events that have happened! (Which is pretty nifty~)

Plus, they even have a youtube channel to help you navigate your way around the site and offers you more writing tips. Happy worldbuilding!

quick recs for getting into cybersecurity

this is kind of random after a lot of inactivity, but here we go

  • learn Python and/or Powershell/some other scripting language
  • learn Linux. If you don’t have Linux already, don’t worry about getting a new computer; use a virtual machine sw like VirtualBox (which is free!!) and start looking for games or courses to teach yourself with. OverTheWire’s War Games has been recommended and I really enjoyed using it to learn because you use a capture the flag kind of game to better familiarize yourself with navigation
  • follow the infosecurity twitter community and start asking questions and commenting. We’re friendly and don’t bite :) A couple of recs - please note that I am recommending off my own list, not on their behalf - @ ZephrFish, @ ChloeMessdaghi, @ shehackspurple, @ sylv3on_, @ tarah, @ teriradichel, @ HackingDave
  • start getting curious about con culture. There’s a lot of conventions that go on in the community, notably DefCon if you want to start big, but KringleCon is also coming up, which is a free convention run online during the second week of December where you can watch talks online and take part in themed CTF’s
  • Google all the things!! There’s a lot that everyone specializes in, so don’t assume that you have to know anything, or that you don’t know enough; just make the effort to Google and do some self-research if you find something that you are curious about. If you can’t find the answers, you can always ask the Twitter community
  • if you can, find a buddy to hack with and encourage you to stay on top of your learning. What defines people in cybersecurity, again, isn’t how much you do/do not know, but how much effort you put into keeping up in your self-research
  • if you want to learn cybersecurity through online courses, go to cybrary, Youtube, maybe even Udemy (but you don’t have to unload cash to learn everything)
  • if you don’t know where to start, start by googling the positions in cybersecurity that you want, find the concepts and tools common in that area of interest, and start googling

You can reach out to me if you have any questions. Good luck!