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We finally had a BBQ avalanche, blocking Maggie’s road to the door

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APRIL 3 Free lunch and learn in Timmins: Preventing violence and harassment in the workplace--learn key legal definitions and duties of employers, supervisors and workers:

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“Vasyl Chernowski Given Three Year Term,” Porcupine Advance. February 20, 1918. Page 01.
At Haileybury last week Vasyl Chernowski, formerly of Timmins, was sentenced to three years in prison for defrauding his partners out of several hundred dollars. At the preliminary trial here the evidence was to the effect that Chernowski, who is an Austrian, got money from the other men on the plea that he was going to buy fruit or cattle or produce. In one or two cases where goods were really purchased the other men received none of the returns and eventually after Chernowski had been supposed to be in the West buying cattle, he was located in Toronto, where he was finally arrested and brought back to Timmins.
“Stole From Partners, Gets Three-Year Term,” The Mail and Empire. February 21, 1918. Page 08.

Haileybury, Feb. 21 - Wasyl Czarnaiwsky, of Timmins, was found guilty of the theft of $2,000 from his partners in business in the court here Saturday last and sentenced to three years in Kingston Penitentiary. The prisoner went West in November to buy meat for the firm, taking with him $6,000 belonging to the business. He obtained the balance by wiring for more money. Later his partners received word from him that he had bought the meat bit could not ship it owing to an embargo, whereupon they became suspicious and put the matter in the hands of the police, who located Czarnaiwsky in Toronto. In the witness box the prisoner stated that he had not bought any meat, but the money had been stolen from him.

“Austrians Caught Drilling At South End,” Porcupine Advance. December 5, 1917. Page 01.

Two Alien Enemies Sentenced to Two Years Each.

This week two Austrians at South Porcupine [actually three] were sentenced to two years each in prison for breach of the law. Chief Roy and Provincial Officer Wilson found five of the alien enemies right in the act of drilling for military training, sticks being used in place of rifles. The officers walked into the house unexpectedly and caught the aliens right at the game. They were immediately taken before Magistrate Hough who sentenced the two as above and remanded the other three until Thursday of this week.

“Given Two Years at Ansonville,” The Porcupine Advance. May 5, 1938. Page 01.

James Emile Tapp Sentenced for Robbery - One Year Concurrent for Jail Break

Recaptured after a successful jail break, James Emile Tapp, aged 22, was sentenced to two years in Portsmouth Penitentiary in Ansonville court this morning by Magistrate E. R. Tucker, on a charge of breaking, entering and theft from Moncion’s jewelry store. On the jail breaking count he was given a concurrent sentence of one year.

Tapp was arrested last week following the theft of 150 low-priced rings and watches and was lodged in Ansonville jail to await trial to-day. Shortly after midnight on Sunday he called the watchman to his cell and as the jailer opened the door. Tapp overpowered him and escaped. He was later picked up in Porquis Junction railway yards by Constable White, of Matheson and overpowered after a brief show of resistance.

In police court today Tapp pleaded guilty and offered no explanations when he was asked if he wished to make a statement. The prosecution was conducted by Crown Attorney S. A. Caldbick, of Timmins. Tapp’s previous record showed only one conviction for stealing an electric motor in Rouyn.

Great interest was shown in the case in Ansonville and district and the courtroom was crowded to capacity with spectators this morning.

Tapp had been suspected of having some connection with recent robberies in Timmins but no evidence to this effect was brought out. 

“Sentence Housebreaker to Penitentiary Term,” The Porcupine Advance. May 5, 1938. Page 05.

Lawrence Charbotte, of Timmins, is Given Two Years. Young Companion Released and Ordered to Sign Bond. Women Sentenced on L.C.A. Charges.

Lawrence Charbotte, of Timmins, was sentenced to two years in Kingston penitentiary by Magistrate Atkinson in police court here on Tuesday afternoon on a charge of breaking, entering and theft. Fred St. Amour, also of Timmins, who was charged with the same offence, was allowed his freedom but ordered to sign a bond for $200 to keep the peace for two years. It was St. Amour’s first offence while Charbotte has a lengthy record, in Western Canada, which admitted to the court was correct.

The arrest of the two men here recently was the result of a carefully planned police trap. The two entered the home of Steve Brillinger, 221 Birch street north, where a constable had been planted by the police. They were arrested without offering any resistance and last week pleaded guilty to burglary charges. The magistrate reserved judgment at that time.

Charbotte’s record showed several sentences to penitentiary for robbery, while Chief Gagnon agreed that it was the first time that St. Amour had been in trouble. The latter’s father requested the court to be lenient with his son, whom he felt had been the victim of bad company. Crown Attorney Caldbick was agreeable that the youth, who is nineteen years of age, should be given a chance and the magistrate also concurred.

Two Women Are Sentenced
Mary Luchko pleaded guilty to a charge of having liquor in her possession without a permit and was fined $100 and costs or three months in jail. Her counsel, W. O. Langdon, pleaded with the bench for a suspended sentence in view of the fact that his client was unable to raise the money for the fine and has three children to look after, the oldest sixteen and the youngest twelve. The magistrate informed Mr. Langdon the attorney-general has issued explicit instructions that where a minimum fine is provided, no suspended sentences are to be allowed and accordingly imposed the minimum of $100 and costs or three months.

Mrs. Hannah Hostikka, who pleaded guilty to a charge of keeping liquor for sale, told the court through an interpreter that she is the sole support of an eleven-year-old son. Without imposing a fine, the magistrate ordered a sentence of two months in jail, the boy to be cared for during that time at the Children’s Shelter. The woman’s premises were also declared public for a period of one year.

Other Liquor Cases
Mazano Lalonde pleaded guilty to a charge of having liquor in a place other than his private residence and paid a fine of $100 and costs. Felix Grise, who was jointly charged with the same offence, had his case withdrawn.

A charge of having liquor in his possession without a permit against H. S. Warner was withdrawn. The charge was transferred to Mark Richer, who was granted a week’s adjournment. The case is a sequel to a raid at Warner’s house a week ago last Sunday morning. Several men who were allegedly gambling at the time were fined and in addition an L.C.A. charge was laid against Warner in connection with a bottle of liquor found at that time under the card table. Warner claimed last week when he was arraigned that Richer had brought the spirits into house without his knowledge.

Five Consumers Fined
Five men, Lyle Todd, Joseph Roy, Joseph Marcotte, Roland Tourangeau, and Hugh O’Neill, were each fined $25 and costs when they pleaded guilty to consuming liquor in a public place. The quintette were picked up following a complaint, near the golf course Monday afternoon.

Repeaters Sentenced
John McCarthy appearing on a drunk charge for the third time within the past year, was sent to jail for the next three month, while Lawrence Desormeau and John Baird, who admitted it was their second offence within twelve months, were ordered to decorate the town treasury with $50 and costs or take a two-month trip to the Haileybury jail.

Six other offenders on intoxication charges, including one woman, were fined $10 and costs or ten days.

Failure to Account
John Drummond was given a week’s remand on a charge of failure to account for $105 he had allegedly collected as an agent. The information was laid by E. C. Brewer, local bailiff.

Anyone from Middle/Northern Ontario?

So I’m considering moving up there, but I’ve never been. I’m not even from Ontario so I don’t know much about the province as a whole. I’m concerned about shipping myself up north, alone, without the resources to move back if I need to.

Some things about me:

- I love winter and the cold, that’s partly why I want to move up there.

- I love the outdoors, hiking, etc.

- I work/study from home so I don’t really need connections to other cities aside from the occasional vacation.


- What’s it like for queer people up there? Would I be able to hang pride flags in my apartment window without getting flak for it?

- Similarly, will I be looked down upon for being on disability and not having a “real job”?

- Do people hunt predators/trophy hunt up there? Fishing, deer, elk, etc. for food, I can handle. Wolves and bears, not so much.

- I’m unable to drive because of my disabilities, is it possible to get around to grocery stores, receive packages, doctors, etc. if I don’t have a car?

- Are utilities more expensive there than in the south? (Here in Guelph it’s about $50/month hydro for a two bedroom)

- Are there any natural disasters to watch out for? Forest fires?

Places I’m considering:

- Sault Ste Marie

- Thunder Bay

- Timmins

- North Bay

- Owen Sound


The most Canadian story you’ve ever heard. My old CBC pal Brent Bambury interviewed the bartender who gave Stompin’ Tom Connors his first break back in the early 1960s at the Maple Leaf Hotel.

“Prisoners Put To Work On Road,” Toronto Star. June 9, 1910. Page 16.

Twenty-Five Short-Term Men Taken Up to the Porcupine District.

Were Chained Together

But Don’t Wear Prison Clothes Up North - They Like the Open Life

Special to The Star.
North Bay, June 9. - Twenty-five short-term prisoners left comfortable quarters and the lazy life of the district gaol this morning and, chained together in twos, were marched to the T. and N.O. Railway Station in charge of Provincial Bailiff Ryan and Guard Elliott, bound for Matheson, to begin work on a highway to the Porcupine gold fields. This is in accordance with the new policy of the Ontario Legislature to utilize prison labor on the roads of the northland and to relieve jail congestion. Camps are in readiness for the men and the gang will be augmented to one hundred.

Dr. Bruce Smith, Provincial Inspector of Prisons, accompanied the party, and will pass on the sanitary conditions of the prison camp, which has been erected under the supervision of the Deputy Minister of Public Works, Mr. Fairburn.

The prisoners were in a cheerful mood and seemed to be pleased with the prospect of life in the open. They will not be obliged to wear prison garb and will enjoy many privileges not common to jail life.


Authentic Italian at The Porcupine Dante Club - Timmins, Ontario

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Canadian Signature Experience at WildExodus - Timmins, Ontario


Local Eats at the Urban Park Market - Timmins, Ontario


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