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Looking for security career opportunities in Timmins... this event is for you. G4S Canada hosts FREE security guard training course in early February 2019.

Looking for security career opportunities in Timmins... this event is for you. G4S Canada hosts FREE security guard training course in early February 2019.

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Um... winter is definitely here in , just like every year! ❄️

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“The Murder at Raymer,” Toronto Star. December 13, 1909. Page 01.

Top: The log cabin near the T. and N.O.R., where the prospectors Parkinson and Ross lived together.

Bottom: From photo taken at door of cabin after officers had arrived on the scene. Ross, the surviving and accused man, is in the doorway. He says he… [fragment]

Anyone from Middle/Northern Ontario?

So I’m considering moving up there, but I’ve never been. I’m not even from Ontario so I don’t know much about the province as a whole. I’m concerned about shipping myself up north, alone, without the resources to move back if I need to.

Some things about me:

- I love winter and the cold, that’s partly why I want to move up there.

- I love the outdoors, hiking, etc.

- I work/study from home so I don’t really need connections to other cities aside from the occasional vacation.


- What’s it like for queer people up there? Would I be able to hang pride flags in my apartment window without getting flak for it?

- Similarly, will I be looked down upon for being on disability and not having a “real job”?

- Do people hunt predators/trophy hunt up there? Fishing, deer, elk, etc. for food, I can handle. Wolves and bears, not so much.

- I’m unable to drive because of my disabilities, is it possible to get around to grocery stores, receive packages, doctors, etc. if I don’t have a car?

- Are utilities more expensive there than in the south? (Here in Guelph it’s about $50/month hydro for a two bedroom)

- Are there any natural disasters to watch out for? Forest fires?

Places I’m considering:

- Sault Ste Marie

- Thunder Bay

- Timmins

- North Bay

- Owen Sound

“Work for Prisoners,” Toronto Globe. June 4, 1910. Page 08.

To Build Colonization Roads in New Ontario.

Policy is Decided Upon and Will Be Put Into Operation at Once - Arrangements Made to Start Work Next Week.

A start will be made next week by the Provincial Government in the policy of utilizing northern prison labor in the building of colonization roads.

Mr. R. P. Fairburn, Deputy Minister of Public Works, will leave for Matheson to personally superintend the inauguration of the project.

Twenty prisoners, accompanied by their guards, will join him there to commence operations on 18 miles of roadway to Porcupine which will include the holding of three small bridges.

The Prison Department will be responsible for the men sent up, while the Department of Public Works will handle the commissariat.

At the present time the northern jails are overcrowded, and Hon. Dr. Reaume evolved the plan under which the situation can be relieved by utilizing the men on public works.


The most Canadian story you’ve ever heard. My old CBC pal Brent Bambury interviewed the bartender who gave Stompin’ Tom Connors his first break back in the early 1960s at the Maple Leaf Hotel.


Canadian Signature Experience at WildExodus - Timmins, Ontario


Local Eats at the Urban Park Market - Timmins, Ontario


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