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Thank you to all the parents that attended today’s Maths workshop on multiplication. ✖️➗ It was great to share how we teach multiplication using a range of equipment and strategies.

It’s wet break time ☔️ and lots of Year 5 have chosen to spend it playing 🎸😎🤘 !

The After School Times Tables Club children had fun during their first session

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Adhd can be useful sometimes

Here’s a trick to times numbers by 9 that works up to 9x9 (if you find a pattern for 9x10 please tell me because I can’t find it) that I worked out in 2nd grade because I struggle to multiply numbers higher than 6 in my mind and common core hated me for it.


Minus 1 from whatever “non 9” number you have

5-1=4 (this is your tens place)

Then count back up to 9 from that tens place number

4+[5]=9 (5 is your ones place)

So there you go. 9x5= 45