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HAPPY EASTER to all our followers, we hope your long weekend has been filled with sunshine and grace!

I love finding at antique stores, garage sales etc. Found this beautiful painting of at an estate sale. Article is old & faded. References to Nixon on back suggest late 60's to early 70's. Wonder what happend 2 her?

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That awkward scene between Wyatt and Rufus was not only hard to watch but IMO, a rare misstep by the usually brilliant . It really seemed out of character for both guys, and how awful for poor Lucy to hear them joking about Wyatt β€œsleeping” with his wife

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Uh, I melt. Just type β€œhug” This is in the Hug Hall of Fame! And I end it there for the night. Not gonna sleep restfully watching Wyatt jolted to his back. Seriously, how is he not paralyzed after that. I ask these same questions when watching Home Alone.

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From the void I rises, in the void I dissolves

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Easter Science

Way down we go

Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Christmas Isn’t Canon; Fix-It; Enemies to Friends; Minor WyJess; Hints Of Garcy; Jessica Logan Redemption; Wyatt Does Some Soul-Searching.

Summary:  Flynn and Wyatt have the same idea: sneak away, get in the Lifeboat, get to Chinatown, save Rufus.
Flynn settles it very democratically.

Notes:  This is a canon divergence to my canon divergence, because that’s the point I’m at, apparently. Last month I published “Between”, which is about 10k words of movie fix-it, and this is a slightly different spin to the events happening there. I think it can be read as a stand-alone too without being particularly confusing. Maybe check out chapter 2 if you are confused by what happened in Chinatown, I’m not sure how clear I made it in this fic.
The fic is set in an altered version of the movie in which when Future!Wyatt and Future!Lucy showed up there was no very convenient announcement that the pregnancy was fake, and there was no The Journal Is Now A Lyatt Thing plot. Future!Lucy and Future!Wyatt didn’t even bother with the journal, they pretty much just dropped the upgraded Lifeboat on them and said “Get your asses back to Chinatown”, and Flynn didn’t suddenly become a Lyatt fangirl who is in the business of telling Lucy whom she should be sleeping with.
As far as the events go, they still go on mission in 1848, and they discuss going back to change things and save Rufus (but this time not by murdering poor Jessica, simply by going to Chinatown as their future selves suggested).

“Hey,” Flynn calls, coming up from behind him and making Wyatt jump right out of his skin: engrossed as he was in his own thoughts, reassuring himself that this is the right thing to do and he can do it, he can go back and face Jessica and kill Emma, for Rufus, he completely failed to notice 6’4 feet of annoyance approaching him. So much for his good instincts.

“You should be getting your beauty sleep, trust me, you need it,” Wyatt immediately swings, trying not to look as startled as he is. His stomach is turned upside down, and he knows he has to do this, that it’s his responsibility and that Rufus deserves to live, but he doesn’t like leaving his team behind in the past, and he doesn’t like the idea of facing Jessica again – getting rejected again –, and what if he gets stranded in Chinatown, with the Lifeboat, how are they gonna get home?

Flynn raises his eyebrows at him. “That’s some high schooler level of insult,” he comments, unamused. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna take off.”

Yeah, no, that’s a big no. If there’s one thing worse than leaving his team behind it’s leaving them behind with no soldier at all to watch their backs.

“Where exactly would you be going?” he asks, sharply.

“To scout the mill,” Flynn shrugs. “I’ll try to make it quick.”

“I’ll do it,” Wyatt immediately counters, maybe a bit too eagerly, judging by the way Flynn looks at him.  “I wanted to stretch my legs anyway,” he adds then, nonchalantly.

Flynn keeps staring at him, like he doesn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth, and he doesn’t say anything. Wyatt is too tired and stressed for this shit, so it doesn’t take long for him to snap: “What?”

“What’s going on here?” Flynn asks, and at least he didn’t dance around it. “You’re hiding something.”

[More on Ao3]

heytheredeann  asked:

WyJess (or Garcy, if you prefer) + shadow for the three sentences thing! (feel free to delete of course <3)

They can hear both of their teams, almost close enough to touch, and for a moment, neither of them can breathe. He tugs her closer, letting the shade of the tree surround them completely, and strokes her hair. After seconds that feel like hours, the voices move away, and she sags against his chest, clinging to the cotton of his shirt.

Thanks for the ask! I had fun with this! Send me a ship and a prompt, and I’ll write a three sentence fic!

anonymous asked:

And maybe “Get your hands off my wife/husband.”, too? We all agree that at any mission Garcy are Married™ and it never gets old

Reasons I Live For Garcy #9826: they are LIVING the Fake Married Trope. Enjoy these losers getting their feelings confused, and a good accidental proposition :) And thank you for the ask my friend–this cleared my skin and healed my soul! Also, writing this made me want to do a Princess Bride AU, so that’s good too.

(Set S2/S3; brief warning for assault-y, nonconsensual touching, and mention of s*x. Disclaimer: I’ve done zero historical research here, and after eight years of French and I hope I’ve got these lines correct, but my francophone friends should feel free to correct me!)

(send me a prompt and any ship!)

They get few luxuries on their excursions, so even if the mission hadn’t required it, Lucy would have insisted that their trip to 1788 Paris include a visit to one of the court’s famous parties. 

Wyatt protests as much as in Germany, but they can’t risk standing out, so as the only two francophones among them, Lucy and Flynn submit to several pounds of face paint and period costuming. Flynn spends the whole process grumbling about the excesses of the bourgeoisie like he’s a cast member in Les Mis

Still, once they arrive, the thousand little exhaustions of their current lives are momentarily forgotten. Despite her pride as a professional historian, Lucy has been disappointed before by historical reality, but the court is everything she’s read about, and more: glittering, decadent, comical, corrupt. 

Elaborate masks turn to face them as they enter the ballroom. The unfriendly eyes behind them make Lucy shiver–betrayal has made her wary of any false face–but it’s comforting, and natural as breathing, to slip her arm into Flynn’s and let him hold her up. 

“All right?” He mutters into her temple.

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