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Liverpool, Il Divo is there tonight, so make sure you go check out the new tour!⠀ (Photo JM Enternational)⠀ . . .⠀ ⠀

Have you been looking for that perfect Vantage Roadster? V400 Vantage Manual - 08/08 - 10,800 miles - with the 400bhp upgrade. Stunning car!

Vantage V400 at HWM

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He freaking smirked at her 😂 I remember before I started liking them I was like "What an arrogant smug guy. You need to start listening to her Mr Delta Force or it won't do." 😁

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Oops forgot to use the tag in my last tweet 😧 Guess I will just have to scroll through the Wyatt and Lucy GIFs some more! How about this exchange of glances between an arrogant "just trying to do my job, Ma'am" Wyatt and a pissed off Lucy? That's chemistry 😏

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I am always down for a Lyatt spiral! 😘 friends, I love all the Lucy and Wyatt hugs, but this one kinda wrecks me when Lucy sets aside her pain and loneliness to reach out to the man she loves 'cause she knows he's hurting, too. That is the purest definition of love 💕

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Given all the wedding talk,I'm jumping in!Discussion point:Did any fans know thatHearstCastle(location of the party the team went to inHollywoodland)can be used as a wedding venue?Having their wedding at a place that's so pivotal to their romance would be poetic.

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What a sad life Lucy must have had. Once the time travel missions were over, she had nothing in common w Wyatt. Compare that to a life with Flynn, with whom we know she has a lot in common.

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26 June 1963: U.S. John F. gives his "Ich bin ein " speech, reiterating support for West Germany after East erects the Wall.

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Exactly film studios everywhere if you can see this we the people that pay for your services want better quality shows! is it! 💙

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Day 23: Meditation

Denise steps out of the shower, promptly dries off and gets dressed. She sits down, cross-legged on her bathmat, and focuses only on her breathing.

In five minutes, she is ready to grab a protein bar. She is ready to exchange brief words with Michelle and leave before the kids wake up. She will face her other, grieving family; they will be discussing implications of traveling into your own timeline.

She is a little ready.

So I have a spare copy of Timeless Season 2 (to make the story short - my sister bought it for me but I’d already gotten it for myself).

Should I hold a mini contest? Or just screech WHO WANTS IT into space?

The biggest upside to DVDs over streaming is that you can rip the episodes off the disk if you choose (helpful for fanvidding), and it has the special features included. Or if you’re like me and don’t trust that shows will stay on streaming platforms, it gives you the peace of mind that you’ll always physically have a copy.

ANYWAY tell me what y'all think. Contest? No contest?

Alternatively, if you desperately want it, make the case for why I should give it to you and I’ll fire it your way. NTSC copy of the show btw, sorry European pals.

Day 22: Tired

Flynn has known for years that he’d rather be with Lucy then apart; has known missions were harder when separated because his brain liked to actively remind him of all the horrific things that could be happening to her. But without the bunkers and safe houses, without the baseline sense of security they provided, felling asleep away from her isn’t even an option. So, for a few days, he doesn’t.

The first night, he’d wrestled with himself on weather or not it was acceptable to ask if he could sleep on the floor in her room. Deciding that he couldn’t and wouldn’t sleep regardless, he’d spent the remainder of the night figuring out how long it would take someone of his build and skill set to silently move from the door or windows to their respective bedrooms.

The second, he sat outside her door, to guard it, and monitored all visible points of entry, listening for any and all sounds of disturbance. He’d begin making himself presentable just as the light began to peak though. Lucy is none the wiser.

The third, he is drifting.

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Gentleman Jack FanFic Idea

I have an idea for Gentleman Jack / Timeless Crossover. Sort of based off the timeless episode where the crew accidentally brings back JFK but instead of him it’s the Ann(e)s . The idea all started with a scene of the Ann(e)s having dinner with Agent Christopher, her wife and kids. But I’m not a writer so I don’t know how do I even start. So this is kind of a request to somebody who sees this and actually writes fic already.