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My son who recently had a tonsillitis surgery,,, insisted on making me dinner , so I accepted. Then he hands me the bill below 😂. Sweet boy he is ,,, how can I go to work after that ,,, will be time now he is. 👍💪🏻😃👍

Mga ug higugmaa ug palangga baya inyong Ug mintras naapa sila..Hatagi pud ninyo sila ug Ug importansya.Kay dili sa tanang panahon naa sila..Bisan dili mo kaingon cge ug A simple lang malipay na kaayo na sila..😍

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“Why you afraid from hard situations, never let your thoughts in shattered world. Rise again and conquer your negative thoughts and move forward in life”


Scientists simulate time travel using light particles

We may never see practical time travel in our lifetimes, if it’s possible at all. However, a team at the University of Queensland has given the Doc Browns of the world a faint glimmer of hope by simulating time travel on a very, very small scale. Their study used individual photons to replicate a quantum particle traveling through a space-time loop (like the one you see above) to arrive where and when it began. Since these particles are inherently uncertain, there wasn’t room for the paradoxes that normally thwart this sort of research. The particle couldn’t destroy itself before it went on its journey, for example.

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Bible Verse of the Day

 Matthew 10:33 - But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. (NKJV)

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Divine Timing #1

Today’s morning arrives a little too early,

As per usual, punctual and precise;

How I imagine life would be like.

Golden rays pierce through my green and brown acquaintances,

Much like needles puncturing my little veins;

Vitamin Me.

The pigeons residing just outside my kitchen accompany me and my brew,

Which is not sweet, like the cherry pie I will not have for breakfast.

There’s something about the scent of freshly-cut grass,

That guides the earth as it seeps into my bones.

I’m here for the night though, he shows up much too soon.

As per usual, punctual and precise;

How I imagine death would be like.


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Time management

I have to take an exam tomorrow,

I have not seriously studied for it yet. It is currently 9:42pm. Do you see my problem?

I always think “Yeah, In can do it tomorrow” and then I don’t.
I really need to work on my planning and time- management skills. I really need to sit my ass down and do shit when I get told to do it/ when it is a reasonable time to do it.

Well, that’s it for today as I need to get back to studying. Have a good one.

While the sky is blue for you it is red for me. Cause my heart will bleed and you will disappear. You’re not supposed to be here , you will only get hurt. My words will be the end of you and your broken self will be my death. The world will shatter and my memories will choke me with delight. I don’t want to suffer anymore, i want to end this at last. But now it’s impossible i have come so far. It was one time,one day for me to lose but i lied to myself that everything is okay. Now living in this suffering is normal for us , getting hurt is like being cut by a glass. Hurt me more let me feel, i dont want to disappear.
—  stephangelie