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Tile flooring installation isn't something that should be turned into a DIY project. Instead, call the experts at Floors Touch! 214-326-100

Re decorating your home or business can often be challenging, so we like to think that our selection goes some way towards helping you find that exact look or style that you have been searching for to complement your interior design.

Incredibly authentic-looking visuals that mimic stone patterns, combined with a unique surface texture make this Flooring so realistic -

What is the best material for lining a shower wall? This article has all of the answers:

Tendencias 2x1 👉🏽 Azulejo de forma hexagonal con ligero relieve. ¡Todo un acierto! 😍

Does the colour-combo of these tiles also make you think of the waves hitting your feet with the sand between your toes?🌊⛱ Or is this only because the holiday is drawing closer?🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Last stretch! Almost there! 💪🏻

Infinite space types, an unprecedented touch. To radiate the summer breeze in your decors, don’t waste any time and meet our marbles. . For more information and to order: .

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High quality tiles from Vitero are unaffected by direct exposure to sunlight, which means there's no fading of colours even after years of use. Check out our stunning range of marble finish tiles.   View the catalogue here -    

BAL Flexbone 2Easy has been shortlisted in the Tomorrow’s Contract Floors Awards 2020 – and it needs your vote!! To vote for BAL Flexbone 2Easy as your number 1 flooring product of 2019 vote here -

The Hive Antique Centre will be open this evening until 8pm for late night Xmas shopping, along with our neighbours Pop in and find a gift with style and history 👍

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Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Probably the most well-known of all the foot tunnels under the Thames, Greenwich Foot Tunnel was opened in 1902, built to connect the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich after commuter demand caused overcrowding of ferries. It was the third, but ultimately most successful, pedestrian route beneath the river – Brunel’s Thames Tunnel from the 1840s became a railway tunnel in the 1860s, and the Tower Subway, used as a foot tunnel from the 1870s to 1890s, closed to the public shortly after the construction of the neighbouring Tower Bridge.


I remember walking through the tunnel as a child, and revisiting it recently was a strange experience – it seemed a lot narrower and shorter than I recalled! The tunnel is lined with slightly damp and echo-inducing old white tiles, with blue-lit, wood panelled lifts and metal spiral staircases at either end. Flashing signs state “no cycling” – which most cyclists do of course ignore. The tunnel is narrower towards the north end, where the tiles are replaced with steel rings – put in place after damage in the Second World War.


The tunnel entrances can be easily found on the surface close to Cutty Sark and Island Gardens DLR stations – look out for the fancy buildings with their glass-domed tops!

Azuelos, Ronda, Málaga, 2016.

Anyone who follows me probably knows that I am enamoured of Spain, my second homeland (or perhaps third after Canada). In turn Richard Ford is my favorite 19th century writer in English on that country. His Handbook published after his even stranger The Bible in Spain, is one of the weirdest travel books ever written. This excerpt captured on glazed tiles and posted in plaza in Ronda points to the strangeness.


Lamparas turcas para colgar o sobremesa .
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We hope you celebrate this pious and joyous occasion of Diwali with your loved ones
Happy Diwali..!!

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