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Reposting @mariejunejewelry: More and more presents are going out everyday, so keep an eye out for your order 😉 . . . . . . .

Success Stories over 100.000 thriving online businesses using Tictail, it may be a good idea to Try Tictail YourSelf. examples of brands who managed to fulfill their dreams with Tictail Rachel Stewart’s , MUTTI READ MORE


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[ENG below] de de Os recuerdo que cierro mi tienda de  y tenéis un 50% de DESCUENTO en TODA LA TIENDA. ¡Tenéis HASTA el 31 de MARZO! (Enlace en la bio.) // [ENG] of Cersei Lannister from Friend…

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[ENG below] de de Os recuerdo que cierro mi tienda de  y tenéis un 50% de DESCUENTO en TODA LA TIENDA. ¡Tenéis HASTA el 31 de MARZO! (Enlace en la bio.) // [ENG] of Daenerys Targayen from Frie…

[ENG below] Os recuerdo que cierro mi tienda de  y tenéis un 50% de DESCUENTO en TODA LA TIENDA. ¡Tenéis HASTA el 31 de MARZO! (Enlace en la bio.) // [ENG] Friendly reminder: I'm closing my shop and you have all my stuff at -50%!! Until MARCH the 31st!! (Lin…

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I will close shop ( ) next weekend, because tictail service is closed. I don't decide where does my web store move yet. If you want my art books, please don't miss it! Thank you❤

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Ma boutique en ligne va fermer/déménager car la plateforme ferme le 1er avril (Et j'ai bien peur que ce ne soit pas un poisson d'avril 🐠) Le temps de la remplacer, il n'y aura peut être plus de boutique pdt un moment (je vous tiens au courant😧)

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PSA: Tictail is shutting its doors on April 1st, which means you now have 21 DAYS to make a purchase from the Tempe Online Store before we close our doors FOREVER! 😱

Check out what had to say about her experience working with Parasol Projects for @tictail 's Pop-Up at your 171 Elizabeth St. location back in 2015!

*ATTN:* My store will be closing on March 14th! That will be the last day I am accepting orders. Thanks for your support so far, y'all, I'll see you at AnimeNext! 💕✌️

Heeee! Packing orders! Thanks fellow Kingsman fans for supporting my art! Please visit my Tictail for more artmerchs! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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I need advice - Shop Platform

If you know anyone or have the experience yourself, please ask or message me.

I’ve been looking at three online possibilities

  1. Etsy
  2. Tictail
  3. Squarespace

Anyone who can recommend one of the three? Or, if you have a fourth option; let me know?
Been looking at the fees and stuff. The three current options are pretty similar, but Etsy does have the huge benefit of having a lot of people using it.

anonymous asked:

Since Tictail has closed, how are you going to continue your shop? I recently bought a KH charm before tictail closed and I have no other way of asking how will I know if it’s coming?

Yeah! I tried to have them all sent out before tictail closed down, but I had to move/my printer currently wont print for me for some reason/ the office printer isn’t working either so I”m trying to get that all figured out today. The last of all the store orders are packed up and online postage labels have been purchased for them (aside from one restock order item who’s purchaser I’ve contacted about the issue), but I’m having trouble getting the labels printed!! I have tracking numbers but if you look them up it’ll just say it hasn’t been received by the post office so they’re kinda useless till I actually send them.
 I know tictail is still semi open to store owners to finish up orders, so I can still send tracking#’s/messages to you guys with updates. My shop email is: if you have any questions about your order feel free to send me a message there!

I have a lot of conventions coming up so I might take a bit of a break from taking store orders/creating a new shop. I’ll probably migrate to gumroad as a replacement storefront in a month or so but you can still message me with the email provided any time!!

Store suggestion

Hi everyone, as many of you already know, Tictail will close on April 1st, I had my store on there since some years. I’d like to move on Storenvy, but I know it accepts USD only, being myself from Europe many customers of mine are from there too, so I am looking for a new platform where everyone could buy.
Do you know any good ones?
(No etsy or bigcartel please, I already looked at them and there are a lot of limits or subscriptions I can’t afford, being my store something not always active!)

Thank you so much!

Hi guys! It’s been a while and I don’t know if if I am talking to nobody but… It seems that Tictail is closing soon (in March or April I guess) and I’d like to maintain my online store but not (as tictail suggests) at Shopify. Do you have any advice? 

hiiiiiii… since the school semester has come to a close i am trying to get back into my youtube/shop grind. tictail is closing down or merging into shopify or whatever the damn hell is happening there.

does anyone have any recs for good (free) online storefronts? pls send them <3


Estoy a punto de terminar los primeros fanzines de A N T I  A R E S mi nueva distri, después de muuucho tiempo trabajando en ello. EN NADA ABRIRÉ TIENDA CON FANZINES Y MAS COSITAS :) 

I will finish the first fanzines of A N T I  A R E S after a lot of time working on it. SOON I WILL OPEN A STORE WITH FANZINES AND MORE THINGS :)

ilyduet  asked:

Hello! Could I ask when your America and England mafia pins will be restocked on your store? Thank you!

Thanks for reminding me! I just restocked all the APH mafia au character acrylic pins.


I’ll also plug in a quick note that I’ll probably be closing/moving my storefront off the Tictail platform this December/January (depending on how busy I am) due to the merger with Shopify. I might move back to Storenvy or open up my own e-commerce site on a personal website. Thank you guys so much!!! 💗

Tictail vs Redbubble

As some of you might know I have a Redbubble, but I’ve been looking at different options as well recently. Is Tictail any Good? I’ve got mixed respones on Google..

Once Tictail closes I’m selling my wares Neverwhere style from the midnight markets, only selling what I can carry from the inner lining of my many sided coat. I will accept no money, only cherished memories and occasionally The Mushroom™️