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Lotus Flower Bridal Tiara. Unique hair accessory in pearl white petals + pink sparkling beads. Bridal Headpiece. Modern Bridal Crown.

Tiara, Bridal Wedding Crown , Pearl and Gold , Cristal ティアラ ブライダル クラウン (パール&ゴールド、クリスタル)

22 years together, 16 years married - the tiara makes its annual appearance 💖💙 it just me, or is everyone wearing a when they go to see the movie? (And did anyone else’s hub say they couldn’t order a new gown to go with? 😞)

Before and after results show bunionectomy and 5th hammertoe repair with Pediplastic™ technique. The patient is ~ 4 months post-op.  -toe

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Paul and Belle look for the windmill

The first version is a weird corruption. Nothing like that ever happened to a drawing I saved. Pretty fitting, huh?


A second black horned crown design I made for a commission request that fell through. I’m not super put out, though, because I’d meant to do some designs of this sort of type for a while, and having the request come in was a good excuse to get around to it.

This one’s got outward-sweeping horns with a fun curvature to them, I thought they looked kinda aquatic.

This one was cut, stained, formed, etc, all by hand. I used a pretty glossy leather finish I just got to seal it up, and I actually rather like how it looks here. I usually go for a matte finish for filigree-cut sorts of designs, but it’s nice to experiment more and branch out. 

It’s up for sale on my Etsy page, where I kinda went off the rails while writing the description.

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Hey there! Can I ask you what "new" tiara do you think Kate will wear next? Also, witch one would you like her to get? And when do you think it will happen? I personally hope for the Vladimir tiara (with the emeralds 🙏) but I don't think she will wear nothing new until the queen passes. I don't really care for the lotus one so I rather she sticks with the CLN, actually looks really nice on her.

I agree that the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t going to debut a new tiara for while.  She’s already been loaned three tiaras which is quite frankly unprecedented in the British Royal Family so I think we’ll have to wait until she’s Princess of Wales for anything new.  I also like her in Queen Mary’s Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara the best but I wish she would rotate her tiaras just so it’s not the same thing every time.  I’d really like to see the Halo Scroll Tiara again with a different hairstyle.

I’ve answered which tiaras I would like her to wear a few times (x)(x)(x)(x)(x) but to summarize

You’ve inspired me to create a list of oak tiaras.  I’m sure that was not your intention but I feel like there’s probably a better oak tiara out there.

An interesting thing (to me at least) in the discussion about when you can start wearing tiaras is that some countries don’t seem to have any age requirement.

In Morocco, Princess Lalla Kadijah is twelve and has already worn three different tiaras.


In Pahang, Princess Jihan has been wearing this tiara since she was about twelve and she’s currently seventeen.


In Terengganu, Princess Nadhirah (oldest) and Princess Fatimatuz (youngest) have both been wearing tiaras since they were very young.


I’ve just started to sort through the tiaras of the Malaysian royal families but I have a feeling that I’m going to find even more princesses wearing tiaras before they turn eighteen.  I kind of like that there’s not strict rules everywhere about when you can wear a tiara.

When can you start wearing a tiara if you’re not royal?

So we’ve already established that princesses in most countries, including the UK, start wearing tiaras when they are eighteen years old and don’t have to wait until they are married.  But what if you are not royal?  Do you have to wait until you are married to wear a tiara?  The answer is absolutely not!  The rules of tiara wearing are not any different for royals and as they are us commoners.  The easiest way to demonstrate this is with debutante balls, which however you feel about them, make it easy to know that the person in question is not married and not royal.  Brands frequently partner with the big debutante balls to provide the gowns and jewelry though I’m sure these women and their families could afford to buy them.

Larissa Scotting wearing a Chaumet tiara


Jen Hau wearing a Chaumet tiara


Melody Zhao wearing a David Morris tiara


Nicole Gilmer wearing a Chaumet tiara


There’s a ton more examples but these are just a few where I could easily ID the tiara so you would understand what I mean.  If the people running these debutante balls, who care deeply about etiquette rules, don’t think that you have to be married or royal to wear a tiara then you definitely don’t have to be married or royal to wear a tiara.