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This hosted it's Third Annual STEAM event. This year showed families the importance of reusing, renewing, and recycling materials ♻️ Thank you to all the families that joined us in this fun event.

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dec 5, 2019 (346/365)

-worked from 815-215 today ngl working on a weekday in the middle of the week is so much less tiring than working on the weekends wowza

-anyway 2 days down, 2 more to go

-i couldn’t stop mf peeing today holy shit i legit thought i had bladder problems

-got home and pretty much watched victorious all day

-i got my screen protector & phone case today so that was exciting hehe my phones all set now and i’ve p much accepted the fact that i lost all my photos and videos sigh :(

-also applying a screen protector is one of the most stressful tasks ever

-also got my skirt from shein :/ not too happy w the material bc of how thin it is and it’s sooo mf short but i’ll make it work eh

-drank some tea so hopefully that’ll help me w my sickness bc this ain’t ittttt

-missin trevin and he’s been busy studying all week :(

-also this photo is a pic of a 2020 resolutions goal that my brother thought was actually p good :/ and it feels so close to me i feel attacked


Me and James just realized we forgot they were doing the monument lighting tonight. Oops. But thats okay. We had pizza and made muffins and it was a good night.

I slept okay last night. But was a bit distressed this morning because people kept texting me and I just wanted to sleep. But I did get up eventually. Begrudgingly. I didn’t want to be up.

But I got myself together and drove to work. I got hash browns and went to the museum. Where I found everyone already there and got real stressed because I thought ibwas supposed to be there at 915. And it turned out I was right and no one else realized the change of schedule. Stressed me out a little.

We had tours. All of us were having shadows learning and that was fine. But the group was a mess. They didn’t understand us wanting them to break into 3 groups. And then they were horrible. Like it wasnt totally their fault. They were 2nd graders. They shouldn’t have been on this tour. But they were horribly rude and the chaperones were not helpful and I cut my tour short. I was just done. I was so mad. It was embarrassing and made me so upset. I was glad to get out of there.

I was upset though and so I drove around for an hour. Just making turns and going around. It was nice snd good practice.

And teaching was okay today. The kids were good but we were in a different room because work was being done in our normal room. So everyone was sort of off kilter. But we handled it. Had pizza for dinner. Had a fun long recess. And painted and hung out.

Damien made me a really awesome painting. Cleaning up was a bit hard. But we handled it and got everyone picked up smoothly. I was glad to go home.

When I got home I ran into Mr Will and finally gave him back his drill he left here. And I was happy to see James. We walked over to the store to get orange juice to make apple cake. And then we baked while he found my taxes and we ordered pizza and it’s just been really nice.

I am going to go clean up now. I am seeing a doctor in the morning. And I have a bmi party tomorrow night. I hope its a good day. And I hope you all have a great night too. Goodnight!!

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