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Friday vibe is making plans with friends and also making plans for a driver. Have fun with sense.

The Matt Hibbert effect! Get involved every Thursday at Modo for the official pre party. β € β € Arrive early for queue jump wristbands.β € β €

Reposting @yourtravellingsoul: β€œIf you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” are of in to

If I were to see, In my dreams, my Beloved (SAW), In awe I would fall at his (SAW) blessed feet, My heart at peace; I shall relish this heaven.

- WHY NOT TODAY? SIGN UP NOW to finally change your weight issues. PLZ RT

It’s Colm is at Restore in Upper Heyford in for two refreshers Before heading up to for new opportunities😬

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Wherever you want to TRAVEL to, anywhere in the world, be safe under the umbrella that gives good COVER to your properties and safety.

Nothing better than enjoy the TV show in this cold night of ! Episode in good job! .

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So, a few others and I had a meeting with the Boss cause we had to and I felt like absolute shit until I told Sally and Benjamin about it. Now, hear me out, ok? Sally said a lot and Benjamin didn’t say much, which was weird to me, but they both gave me confidence and hope. I even dared to talk to Natalie and Jane about it separately and they both gave me some real good advice on how to not lose my shit… I just wanted to say thank you and hug them because I bawled like a bitch for too long today and those four bastards actually helped me… When Brian said he was proud of me for “seeking out help”, as he put it, I broke and i damn myself for breaking… *sigh* Anyways, I guess I’m better.

Took this earlier today and never posted it.

I will forever be in love with lipstick stains on coffee cups, not because it’s the truest depiction of my aesthetic, but because it always looks different.

P.S. that’s my favorite design of the Starbucks holiday cups.

P.P.S. I have no idea how I’m going to have the time to do everything in my life before the semesters over. I will be dead by Christmas, mark my words.

jaankookie  asked:

libra sun, aries moon, leo rising (libra mercury and leo venus too ldkjbasjkbvaksjdv)

Ngl but I love your placements. Your libra sun and mercury must make you so friendly and you can carry any conversation. Tbh I’ve always like those kind of people. Most of the Libras I know are funny with good and welcoming vibes if that makes sense. They can get away with jumping from different conversations because they make the situation better or entertaining. Plus I get that vibe from you. Also I see people say good things about you so yeah 💕 Your Leo venus and rising are so lovely. You’re probably the type to hype people up but it’s not like you’re telling them what they want to hear, you’re actually being truthful with them. It’s what I normally see with people with Leo in those placements. I also see them as one of the most loyal people, very dependable and wants to show the world how much they care about the people they love. And your Aries moon, I love it but not as much as the other placements. Like I love how passionate and assertive they can be at times because they push people to do their best, but it’s just !!!!!! to me idk. But I do admire how they argue which sounds weird, but like they’re willingly to stand by what they believe in no matter what if that makes sense

bithdays and signs of disgaea characters

laharl’s birthday: the month of demon 18th (8/18)
sign: leo

etna’s birthday: the month of destruction 30th (11/30)
sign: sagittarius

flonne’s birthday: the month of love 14th (2/14)
sign: aquarius

vyers’ birthday: the month of demon 24th (8/24)
sign: virgo

captain gordon’s birthday: 6/30
sign: cancer

jennifer’s birthday: 10/28
sign: scorpio

thursday’s birthday: 6/10
sign: gemini

kurtis’ birthday: 1/30
sign: aquarius

seraph lamington’s birthday : the month of holy 25th (12/25(maybe))
sign: capricorn

killia’s birthday: the month of crime 27th (4/27)
sign: taurus

seraphina’s birthday: the month of rot 14th (5/14)
sign: taurus

usalia’s birthday: the month of curses 13th (9/13)

christo’s birthday:the month of holy 25th (12/25)
sign: capricorn

red magnus’ birthday: the month of the orge 3rd (2/3)
sign: aquarius

zeroken’s birthday: the month of destruction 30th (11/30)
sign: sagittarius

majorita’s birthday: the month of crime 2nd (4/2)
sign: aries

void dark’s birthday: the month of grudge 10th (10/10)
sign: libra

liezerota’s birthday: the month of grudge 10th (10/10)
sign: libra


Vybz every Thursday are through the roof!!! @iriealleythursdays EACH AND EVERY #THURSDAY WHO PULLING UP TOMORROW NIGHT???? #CHAMPANGE ON ME‼️‼️‼️ 100% #CARRIBEAN #VIBES
NOTHING BUT GREAT VIBES‼️‼️‼️ (at Baldwin Bowl)

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Hey guys! me and my mate started a youtube channel about a month ago please go check it out!! xx

here’s the link for the latest video, new videos every Thursday ( aus time ) and one will be posted tomorrow 


It’s almost #Thursday Go follow @dadhatsandbowties s/o to @distinguishthegod n @xabmusic #itsyagirlqween #nyc #dadhatsandbowties (at New York, New York)

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Trilogy: The Moment I Fell In Love With My Life

13th November 2018

On this day, 6 years ago, Abel Tesfaye released Trilogy; a 3-in-1 album that complied his debut mixtapes, remastered to sound even better than before with 3 bonus tracks.

The first song I heard from Trilogy was the Party & the After Party and I will never forget the moment I fell in love with it; the feeling of listening to each mixtape track-by-track and never seeming to get enough.

I discovered Trilogy during a time when I was being beaten up by life, a time when I didn’t know who/what to seek for salvation. Trilogy came to my rescue.

That’s the reason this album will always hold a special place in my life; it gave my sadness refuge, my mind comfort and most importantly, it gave my heart the biggest embrace exactly when it needed it.

Ever since my discovery of Trilogy, I have never failed to listen to at least a single song from it every single day - I wake up with The Morning and sleep my best with Abel singing Montreal into my bleeding ears.

Although I found Trilogy when I was in heart ache, whenever I listen to it, I don’t think about how overwhelmed with sadness I was at the time rather, I recall how awed, amazed and complete I felt while listening to this album. I had never been more happier while being unhappy all at the same time. These are the memories that come flooding back to me each time I listen. I am reminded of the power of one man’s voice in my life.

While falling in love with Trilogy, I was simultaneously falling for the man who created it - the man who helped me live, helped me fight my battles.

The Weeknd: Abel Tesfaye and the work of Trilogy have become massive elements of the person I am today and for that, I will be eternally grateful.