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कुंभ के नहाने से पाप दुलते तो हर व्यक्ति अपने पाप कुंभ में जा कर दो लेता

Our Acoustic Nights start next week! Live music on Thursday at The Ark. Free entry, see you there!

Join the fun at Jam, 24th January , hosted by The Maloney Quartet, with a jam session you can join after the break! All & welcome! 8pm - 11pm

சென்னை தீவுத்திடலில் 2008, ஜூன் 18 புதன் நடைபெற்ற மதிமுக மாநாடு நிகழ்வில் வரலாற்று நாயகன் குருஷேத்திரப் போர் முழக்கம் செய்த பிறகு ஜூன் 19 அதிகாலை 1:00 மணி அளவில் சென்ட்ரல் ரயில் நிலையம் வருகையில், ராஜீவ்காந்தி மருத்துவமனை பிணவறையை பார்த்த நினைவுகளை அப்பாவிடம் பேசியது!🏇

Ossifer I'm not as think as you drunk I am. And anyways, I've got all day sober to Sunday up in. New episodes comming this .

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पहले जो इंसान गंगा में नहा कर अपने पाप धोता है फिर उसी पापों से भरे जल का लोटा भर कर लाता है जब आपने अपने पाप गंगाजल में दो दिए तो वह जल स्वास्थ्य कैसे रहा?

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Cloud Springs GA 🔥🥁
Thank you.

#ga #tour #music #musician #drummer #bmth #normajean #thursday #deftones #ptw #toc #etid #ratm (at Nashville, Tennessee)

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Thursday 17, 2019 ( Results ! )

Copper Division

08:00PM - Wasalak ( 79 )  vs. Alamat ( 68
08:00PM - Spoyld ( 64vs. Malufety ( 65
09:00PM - Snake Eyes ( 44vs. Black Catz L ( 47 )
09:00PM - LV Defenders ( 60vs. Magics ( 79 )

( Bye : ) Ulua Kidz

Bronze Division

08:00PM - Bandidos ( 29vs. Broskies ( 60 )
09:00PM - Avengers ( 55vs. Playhouse 2 ( 69 )
10:00PM - Misfits ( 64 ) vs. Sons of Green Care ( 53 )
10:00PM - Black Catz H ( 61vs. Bay Tropic L ( 76 )

Silver Division

08:00PM - Playhouse 1 ( 77vs. Rebels ( 76 )
09:00PM -  Nico’s Ballers ( 49vs. Bay Tropics H ( 70 )
10:00PM - Golden Knights ( 66vs. BDE ( 63 )
10:00PM - Sayains ( 68vs. Pop-A-Lock ( 63 )


Sorry if I was late too post then again. Here’s me at the Open Mic last Tuesday at Monks Coffee Shop performing my song I wrote when I was 15 called “Letter 2 Dad”. ☕🎤☕🎤

Over all the Open Mic was pretty fun. I performed with Dad on stage with him playing guitar & a drum track playing but the audio from the video clips of it ain’t that good so I didn’t post it. On top of those two songs I also did another freestyle too a Boom Bap beat as well. All in all it was a pretty fun open mic. 🎙🎸🎙🎼

Tell me what you guys think, I pray your having a blessed day!!! 😊😊😊😊


#rap #hiphop #live #original #rapping #hiphopmusic #openmic #flow #flowing #flowrapping #oldsong #show #small #smallshow #monks #coffeeshop #monkscoffeeshop #thursday #night #abilene #texas #abilenetexas #performing #performingmusic #performingsong

————————————————————————— (at Monks Coffee Shop)

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barbie dreams.

we went up on a tuesday. cue that song featuring drake. it was my first founders day as a member of alpha kappa alpha sorority, incorporated and i was excited. the night started off a little irritable because of other people’s tardiness. i bitched but once we settled in i was okay. my girlfriends and i were a whole mood. classy and rocking our hips to the latest trap beats. the alcohol was flowing and the hookah smoke blowing. we took a break between to skee wee with the other members. we were in our own bubble.

i noticed him after my third trip to the restroom. i hate breaking the seal when im in my zone. he had on a blue tailored suit with a ferragamo belt. a man in a tailored suit is my weakness. i kept my eye on him between shaking my hips and blowing hookah. i wanted to make sure he wasn’t some other girl’s plus one. he politely asked if someone was sitting across from us and i told him no. he slid on the wooden bench with his wingman. the jameson was moving swiftly through my bloodstream. inhibitions were definitely out the window. i made eye contact and did the come here thing with my finger. the conversation was hazy but we exchanged numbers and social media profiles. he texted me to make sure i made it home safely but in the words of drake i was out like a light.

he texted me the next day. between throwing up and trying to recover from the night before i kept the conversation short. he made plans for 6:30 at le colonial. i was ecstatic more so for le colonial because i been meaning to try the restaurant for months. i confirmed but had to cancel later in the day because of a friend thing. he understood. how about dinner thursday? I texted. i’m having dinner with clients. he responded. okay dessert. i shot back. he obliged. we made plans for dessert thursday night.

how about we grab drinks? i texted him midday thursday. i’m all about sweets but I prefer the alcohol. he confirmed and we turned our dessert plans to hookah and chill. hookah and chill? or hookah and chill with a slight turn up. hookah and chill. he messaged me back. we made plans to meet at the turkey leg hut at 7. of course i was tardy due to a phone call with my graduate advisor. after circling for a few minutes, i finally found parking. he met me towards the front and we noticed it was a line. a line?! on a thursday?! we switched locations and decided on another hookah lounge. he was a little pissed because he paid valet to park. we walked towards his parked car. he walked to the passenger side and opened the door. my jaw slighty dropped. he was driving my dream mommy car. he drove me literally across the street to my car. i slid out and into my car. we headed downtown to the hookah lounge.

i circled and circled and got lost for 10 minutes. he valeted. after i finally found parking we went into my favorite byob hookah lounge. what flavor do you want? he asked. mango. i replied. we decided on mango and mint after a but of my indecision. we ordered the hookah and food. we got up and walked across the street to grab some something to drink. what kind of wine do you like? i asked him. white. after another moment of indecisiveness on my part we finally decided on two bottles of cupcake prosecco. i laughed at myself for not being able to make a decision. he paid and we went back to the hookah lounge. our table had been swiped by two other people but we found another seat. i ate, we drank and smoked hookah. we asked the normal first date questions. we laughed and snuck peeks at the game. it was a vibe. about an hour had passed and we were finished the two bottles. we walked back to the store to grab one more bottle. he cancelled his work call to enjoy my company. i was flattered. i was grateful. i sat back and enjoyed his company and conversation. 

he got up to walk to the restroom. lean in. i asked him. i met him halfway then turned my cheek to him. he kissed me cheek. lean in again. i not so politely asked. he denied at first but then obliged me. a quick kiss and he was off to the restroom. i texted my friend to update her. we did a quick kiki and he was back at the table. let’s go to alley kat. i mean it was a thursday and the night was going well. he closed the check and i stopped by my car to put my to go container in there. definitely can’t have my dream mommy car smelling like lamb and hummus. i slid my ass back where it wanted to be and we hit main st. to alley kat. it was poppin. he valeted (again lol) and he led me through the bar. people were everywhere and the music was on point. we made our way to the front room where it was more afrobeats. i ordered two shots of jameson and two glasses of champagne. he slid me his card to pay for the check. after a shot and chugging the flute he was ready to go. i mean he did have an early morning. i turned and saw my esthetician and we had a few words. i was definitely not sober by this point. i introduced them and then we dipped. i buckled in and got cozy amongst my company and peanut butter seats. he dropped me back to my car and we said our goodbyes. it felt like the clock struck midnight and i was back to being cinderella without the fairy. i was all smiles home. 




😍 #yesterday 😍 #pirateofthecaribbean #😊 #afternoon #vedadobeach #sunset #thursday #naplesflusa #naplesflbeach #dronefilm #naplesgulf #gulfofmexico #sundouwn #naplesfl #bestfriend #usa #droneview #naplesflnature #nature #swfl #dronedaily #theview #drone #dronefly #drones #djimavic #bee2b_pilots #bee2b #naplesrealestate #view #naplesflcity #naplescity (at Vedado Beach)

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January 17, 2019 ( Thursday Night )

Copper Division

  • 07:00PM - Dream Team vs. Spoyld
  • 08:00PM - Wasalak vs. Alamat
  • 08:00PM - Resbak vs. Malufety
  • 09:00PM - Snake Eyes vs. Black Catz L
  • 09:00PM - LV Defenders vs. Magics

( Bye : ) Ulua Kidz

Bronze Division

  • 08:00PM - Bandidos vs. Broskies
  • 09:00PM - Avengers vs. Playhouse 2
  • 10:00PM - Misfits vs. Sons of Green Care
  • 10:00PM - Black Catz H vs. Bay Tropic L

Silver Division

  • 08:00PM - Playhouse 1 vs. Rebels
  • 09:00PM -  Nico’s Ballers vs. Bay Tropics H
  • 10:00PM - Golden Knights vs. BDE
  • 10:00PM - Sayains vs. Pop-A-Lock

( Note * ) Please show up 10 min early & in full uniform!

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Meet me at ♦️♦️♦️♦️ @RedDiamondStripClub1 Every #Thursday & #Sunday
Video: @TimIzCocky 🎬 #ShotByTim (at Red Diamond Strip Club)

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