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Opal in matrix, from an old closed mine. It was a gift from a neighbor; cracked beyond the point of value, it’s still a beautiful piece.


Will, the lead singer, is a friend of mine from my freelance writing days, but I legit love his band.


Finally finished this little guy tonight. I like it. It was an experiment and I suppose I succeeded. .
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One month gone by


I turned in my notice last week. It feels good to take control of my life, and start making things happen the way I want them to. I feel sad to leave such a good team behind, but I need to challenge myself and become a stronger person and have the time to do things that are important to me.

One thing about writing into the void: it put it out there, somewhere. Even if a single person never reads this I know for a fact that I benefit from this. I love writing because looking back on what I’ve written reminds me of the person I want to become and the future I create by slowly sliding into that role. Expressing the desire to become closer to my higher self seems to guide myself there.

In my last mushroom trip I learned that it is ok to ask for what you need. I’ve always had hesitancy when it comes to asking for the right tools, like I’m always trying to ‘make do’ with every situation I am in. At some point I become angry and frustrated and finally demand a change, which creates necessary negative emotions. I learned that if I ask for what I need as soon as I need it, I will be much happier.

On a unrelated note, here’s another life event!

Last weekend, I was able to go ‘thunderegg’ hunting. It was a different experience since we all did LSD before hand. It truly felt like childlike play out in the open in a beautiful place, Succor Creek. It was so exciting to feel so capable, letting my feet guide me to where I wanted to go, finding buried treasures.



Mom and I went to the 2019 #internationalexpositionofagates @naturestreasurestexas and she got one of her tiny #thunderegg cut. Such a great day. #dayoff #zerostress

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Just cleaned this very fall-colored thunder egg! Not as green of a matrix, more tan and red in this one. Was probably a double-egg at one point but got melded together before it was agatized. A lot of Old Military eggs show signs of heavy transformation (all the filled cracks on the top, healed breccated matrix on the bottom) and the good ones have a heavy, jasperized matrix instead of the more rough rhyolite eggs usualy have. 


Thunder Egg Agate
Richardson Ranch, Madras
Jefferson Co., Oregon
$25 delivered. DM interest.
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