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Mountain village views.

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: Travelling to Washington DC for the first time in winter 2015 for the National and bipartisan . β€”β€”β€” Working behind the scenes to execute the real-time social media stream πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» required an immense amount of strategic planning, but was a…

is a big month for travel. This is a sweet of LOV Prez Danique & Maggie, a LOV service dog in training. Be aware of new travel laws that have changed for in #2020. For updates connect here:

Kiddos change so much in 6 years! I love these guys... 2 in college now and 1 in high school. When I blink one more time I will be an empty nester! I’d better get my life in order... I need a partner to grow old with! πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’•

Watch Today's Throwback: Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) - Movie Trailer : Trailer: Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) The mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so…

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Today's Throwback: Evil Dead II (1987) - Movie Trailer : This is a must see for horror movies and should be on everyone"s list to see. I enjoyed this movie and would love to see it again. It"s very captivating to…

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On 25th and 26th Jan 2020, 50 will battle it out at the grand finale of the TCS iON IntelliGem 2019-2020 edition. Here's a to our Gems from the 1st edition of the . Stay tuned!

Im Vergleich dazu geht es uns jetzt doch schon etwas besser :D

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October 15th, 1976

And, as I said– I right fluently.

Here we are it seems– on a Friday night. Wonderfully so– at home, all happy on a Friday night with classical music from the bathroom and a toilet just flushed and the most wonderful gorgeous fall cool breeze is blowing over me. And Gregg, sweet Gregg, listens to classical music on the radio and comes into the living room in his skivvies to turn on the radio in the living room to hear a piece of music he loved when he was 12. It is sad and sweet, sweet violins begging forever for love and long quiet nights. Clear speaking violins breaking romantically now. And something blooms deep inside. And some girl says “aw baloney!” and the cool breeze goes on.

Ni cerita 4 tahun yang lalu,

Pada suatu ketika dahulu, aku sangat sukakan kuda. Sampaikan housemate aku pun tahu yang aku sangat sukakan kuda. Dan.. nak dijadikan cerita seperti gambar diatas, universiti aku ada lancarkan  satu karnival dan salah satunya ini. Karnival ni dah berlangsung 2 hari dan esok mungkin last dan mungkin esok tiada lagi kuda. Jadi, dengan gigihnya aku pergi tanya dalam Whatsapp group kelas, nak tahu masih ada lagi kuda tak? Disebabkan ada ahli yang terlibat dengan karnival tu, aku harap ada yang balas. Tapi tiada siapa pun respon! So nak tak nak, aku kena pergi dan tengok sendiri. Kalau ada, rezeki aku. Kalau tiada, agak membuang masa disitu. Dan Tadaa! Aku sempat bergambar je tapi tak tunggang sebab tak berani. Kalau jatuh, aku juga yang malu. Dan budak tu entah macam mana boleh terjoin bergambar sekali.    


말레이시아로 떠난 오연서의 여행 브이로그 티저 #1 공개!
D-7, 오블리와 함께 하는 말레이시아 여행, 그 첫 번째 이야기가 시작됩니다

Oh Yeon-seo’s journey to Malaysia Vlog Teaser # 1 released! D-7, Malaysia trip with Ohvely, first story begins.