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Blythe on Instagram: “#outtake from yesterday's post; #tfw you realize your cane is at the wrong height for these shoes

In lieu of a makeup post (because I didn’t have much on) here’s a fun little outtake from when I was photographing this outfit!  This is the first photo I took–I walked outside with my cane, started to use it while setting up, went to pose… and realized my hand and arm were NOT where they should be!

I read that Instagram’s built-in image descriptions don’t work very well, which really pisses me off.  I always get SO excited when I see that a website allows alt text, since I’m used to Tumblr, which doesn’t.  So it made me pretty fuckin’ angry to find out that my excitement was probably in vain.  Anyway!  That means I’m doing in-caption image descriptions as well as alt text now, so click through for that.

polar vortex chic, feat. this season’s essential accessory–the snow shovel!

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with medium-length bright orange hair.  I’m standing in front of a green door set in a brick wall.  There is snow on the ground, with a light dusting on the mat in front of the door.  I’m leaning on a black-and-grey snow shovel that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a black graphic tee–it’s hard to tell, but it’s the 2018 NaNoWriMo winner tee.  Under it, I have on a grey turtleneck that’s not at all visible.  Both shirts are tucked into light wash mom jeans.  I’m wearing a huge, puffy olive green parka.  I have on a slouchy black hat and a huge, bright yellow scarf.  My jeans are tucked into black snow boots with grey fake fur trim.  I’m wearing black gloves and I don’t have any makeup on.  As always, I’m wearing my round silver glasses.]