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Is there something wrong with today or is it only me? Can’t concentrate on anything. Or write. Feel like running screaming to the mountains Or just waiting to be beamed up...anywhere…

Keep in mind that someone is happy with a lot less than what you have....🙏🙏🙏🙏

Maintaining a positive, optimistic attitude to life is the best way to avoid being overtaken by negative, pessimistic thoughts.

What you choose to focus on matters. So does your self talk! Shift your way of viewing a particular subject or topic and notice what opens up for you! 🌈💗🙏

You get the right results when you think the right thoughts and do the right things.

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Late night stroll in . Really needed this.. Contemplating , , ..... Never had such a weird, intense feeling before. Tears, worries, deep emotions.. What's happening to me?

: WHEEEWWW came through and delivered an ENTIRE MESSAGE regarding this situation 👀💯📖 ⁉️

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Thank you michelleg 💖 for liking retweet and my "heart sing" 💭 Wise to resolve: and patient to perform ‼️...Homer Greek poet 📖 Love💖 from Australia awakening to a warmer Summer's day ☀️☀️☀️...misha 💞

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Go with your heart because it’s always right


i’ve been having a really hard couple of weeks with it just getting worse and i finally had a good dream with erick last night 😭 we talked about everything going on and my heart is so full. it feels like dreams are like parallel universes and he didn’t really understand what was going on but i told him i would see him in my dreams as much as i could. it was weird but it kind of turned everything around and i woke up a lot better today. i miss you so much babe, i always wish you were with me, i hope you’re good 🖤

dear mom,

simply writing these words makes me tear up right now. I don’t know what I want to say. I guess, I changed a lot since you’ve last seen me and you probably won’t like all of the changes. I got several tattoos, I do occasionally smoke or let’s say I am smoking but I’m thinking about quitting or at least cutting back. I don’t really like to smoke, not to blame you but sometimes I think that you leaving made me really start. I also am in a relationship since over 2 and a half years now and I am happy, to be honest, I do not know how far I would have gotten if it weren’t for him helping me take care of myself, he is really important to me and I would love for you to be happy about that for me. Especially because I think you would like him as you do actually know him from quite a few years back. I want you to know that I went back to Argentina last year, that I did a semester abroad in England and well, that I am studying. It feels like you do not know the most basic things about my life and that is not really how I pictured my relationship with you at 21. I really really do miss you but at the same time I am really f*cking scared of seeing you again or talking to you. I am scared of me falling back into old patterns and not being able to stick to being my “authentic” self that I believe I have become over the past couple of years (or better said am becoming). 

are you even still out there? I have no clue. I sent you a postcard from Argentina and another small letter from England but of course you did not respond - I didn’t really thought that you would - but still. 

maybe we can fix this whole thing one day, maybe.

I love you,

your daughter 

Rien du tout #1

Je ne sais pas comment ou pourquoi, mais je me suis trouvée dans un tempête des émotions. J'ai simplement cherché dans ma gallérie de musique et j'ai trouvé une de mes chansons préférées de tout temps, une chanson que je écoutais trop quand j'avais 16 ans.

Et pout un minute, pour un seul instant, j'ai senti comme j'étais de nouveau une fille de 16 ans en restant dans sa chambre, en regardant les étoiles et en écoutant de la musique, avec les mêmes rêves, les mêmes expectations, les mêmes ambitions, les mêmes passions.

Je ne sais pas où j'ai trouvé lebcourage et la capacité d'écrire, parce que après cette chanson, j'ai écouté à une autre, une chanson qui décrire avec chaque détail mon psychisme.

Et après ça, j'ai senti comme comme tout le monde à arrêté, je écris ces mots là avec mon cœur tremblent plus que mes mains. Parce que ta troisième chanson est une chanson que j'ai découvert dans ces 2 années qui sont passées, une chanson d'un de mes artistes préférés de ce temps. Et cet roller coaster des émotions, je ne l'ai pas senti jamais. Ça c'est mon évolution, mon changement, mon grandissement.

Je crois que je ne peux pas écouter rien plus ce soir.

C'est le silence qui fait se sentir les émotions les plus valuables.

Revisiting THE SAPHEAD

So on the whole, I feel much the same way about The Saphead now as I did almost ten years ago when I first saw it: it’s a decent movie mostly made memorable by Buster Keaton. It’s all very canned theater in how the scenes are framed and shot, with only a few close-ups and interesting in-camera effects periodically appearing to take advantage of the cinematic medium. The Saphead works best when it’s operating like a proto-screwball comedy, with the rich acting like fools and the path of true love not running so smooth. The melodrama, while not terrible, is just standard for the period and at times, awkwardly cross-cut with the more comedic scenes, interrupting the flow of both sequences.

Bertie is the shining light of the whole matter. Interestingly, his characterization shares more than a few similarities with the much-dreaded Elmer persona Keaton adopted in his MGM talkies: he isn’t bright and he’s treated with derision by the other characters. Unlike Keaton’s normal hero character, he’s not resourceful. However, unlike Elmer, he’s allowed to be handsome and he isn’t pathetic, so that is a plus.

He’s also allowed to show off his dramatic chops. The scene where the rejected Bertie returns home where his servants were ready to shower him and his bride to be with rice and a wedding dinner reminded me a lot of Keaton’s approach to sadder sentiments in his own work. The scene is both sad and funny– the flowers and hearts everywhere are so over-the-top that they clash wonderfully with Keaton’s stunned face. The scene also brilliantly parallels Bertie’s introduction, where he is eating a great breakfast with gusto. Here, Bertie can’t even swallow a single spoonful of soup.

I still say this is a movie more for Keaton fanatics than anyone else. As a movie, it’s decent, but even at seventy-seven minutes, I got a bit fidgety watching it– at least, whenever Buster wasn’t on the screen.

I was watching Halsey’s Get Ready With Vogue video and she mentioned that she felt invincible and powerful at 19 but she felt worse in her early to mid 20s and that’s so affirming, cause I feel the same way and I struggled a lot with thinking I was doing it wrong and only regressing and it really settles my heart knowing that it happens to the best of us and does get better

I hate it when you’re sad for no reason; you’re with people, you’re fine, you’re happy, you’re laughing and smiling, but at the same time it almost feels like you’re not there. You keep dazing in and out of conversations, and you can’t focus on one single thing. And once you’re by yourself you don’t want to do anything, you’re sad and feel alone. Someone asks yo u what’s wrong and you want to tell them, but you don’t even know what’s wrong yourself.