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Let's celebrate Kid Inventors' Day by encouraging children to think outside the box and invent something!

Get on the bus, we're headed to Spokane this year October 6-10 for and hope to see you there! Submit your workshop ideas- maybe the most creative will get a big prize?!

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The next Thought Leader to visit the Graduate School will be Professor Roger Woods, Research Director for Electronics and Computer Engineering at ! Register via Eventbrite to be inspired on 31 January

Big queue to get in at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition!

We are exhibiting at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition in Dublin today! Come and visit us to discover how EPLAN solutions can help you increase productivity and save both time and money!

This is your year to build up connection collateral - join my for and champions!

from across the industry will be coming together to offer several new programs at . Read more about what you can expect from North America’s most comprehensive processing event -

Alice Elliot, CEO and Joan Ray, Executive Vice President represented The Elliot Group at the in Orlando. Gained valuable of insights on industry trends, strategies, and technologies while making incredible connections.

-1 to the 7th with 1200+ from over 30 countries. Join our experts' track and meet digital excellence! See you tomorrow in 💡🇨🇭 *More infos:

Need some inspiration for updated content? Check out awesome quotes like this one from some sales and marketing we heard from at :

People who start a post on LinkedIn with "Well, ".

Next Tuesday, January 22st, join us on LinkedIn for Thought Leaders Edition with our Senior Director of Global Protective Services, Chris Pimentel.

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A Fresh Agenda Podcast w/Cristina Mendonsa New Episode with : Blair Morrison International Cross Fit Competitor and Entrepreneur. Link Below

We also have a new features of Version 2.8 webinar at 12pm on 25th Jan. Register to learn how to get to grips with the new features

On 25th Jan, we have an EPLAN Pro Panel and Smart Wiring webinar to show you how a digital twin helps you on the road to Industry 4.0. Register here

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If the children can do it so can you. #speakers #doogooders #thoughtleaders #Courage #DoItAfraid #TXNL #LivingSugarFree #1stFVTOG (at The XStream Network Live)

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How does one become an effective leader?

Here’s what Yasuyuki Luke Kita, General Manager at YBC Singapore has to say about nurturing relationships to maintain efficiency.

“An effective leader should have an ambitious and long-term vision to chart a course for success, even in the face of adversities. A leader’s attitude should exhibit a positive outlook and set an example for his or her team members. Nurturing relationships is equally important to maintain efficiency within the team.”

How does one become an effective leader?

An exclusive take on becoming an effective leader by Anh Le, Manager of Spire Research and Consulting Vietnam.

“For an effective leader, communication is key to build relationships. Building a strong rapport with the team is vital to sustain a productive work culture. Transparency and communication ensures success.”

How does one become an effective leader?

Did you know what it takes to become an effective leader? John Yam, Country Manager of Spire Research and Consulting Malaysia speaks on how to meet the toughest of goals.

“An effective leader has the ability to set clear goals and objectives in terms of what is expected and what needs to be accomplished. Believing in your own vision and your team will enable your organization to meet even the toughest of goals.”


It’s not about YOU, it’s about your MESSAGE!
So many of us get caught up in our visibility fears and forget that the message we are sending out to people (the one that is HELPING people in SO many ways) is the reason WHY we NEED to get VISIBLE. Your tribe is waiting to hear from YOU. // My message today is about letting go of the idea that it’s about you, and focus more on how you want to help people through your work and your calling.
So go forth and put yourself in the SPOTLIGHT. Share online, insights about who you are and why you do what you do, use your BRANDING PHOTOS in all your posts, use live VIDEO so that people can SEE who you are. Get Visible.
Visibility = greater impact = helping more people

#visibility #itsaboutthemessage #brandingportraits #entrepreneurs #thoughtleaders #changemakers #rebeccataylorphotography

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“F!*& you pay me” - ladies and gents, Mr Mike Monteiro.

Watch on

5 more days! #New #Blog #Entrepreneurship #PersonalProductivity #PersonalFinance #PositiveEnergy #Marketing #Branding #MondayMotivation #MiamiBeach #ThoughtLeaders #MyGratitudeCafe (at

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just seeing this! Truth bomb. Watch the full video here Let’s give presence. One day, one person at a time.

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