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Thread when burnt alone does not last for long. When blended with wax burns bright and for longer time. Deeds are similar to personality in life!

I believe the next thing God’s going to be BIG!!! ❤️

World's wisdom in 1 hand site says: Indian Supreme directed the to do as told on the formation of the . Is that the right thing to do?

Check out the latest addition to entitled "Michael Oakeshott, Rationalism and ‘The Sovereignty of Technique’: A Textualist Reading of ‘Rationalism in Politics'".

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मनुष्य की महानता में, उन्नति में संगति बड़ी सहायक होती है।
To achieve nobility and progress, the company we keep, is very supportive.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

-Psalm 139:14

Did you know that when you compare yourself to others or wish you were like someone else, it’s like saying He just didn’t do a good job?

It’s actually like saying, “God, why did You make me subpar? Why did You make me less than?” Realize today, God didn’t make anyone inferior. He didn’t make any person second class. No, you are a masterpiece! You are fully loaded and totally equipped for the race that’s been designed for you!

Today, let your attitude be, “I may not look like someone else or have the job that someone else has. That’s okay. Nobody will ever be a better me. I’m anointed to be me. I’m equipped to be me!” Remember, it’s easy to do what you are equipped to do.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be like someone else. Accept who God made you to be and embrace the good things He has prepared for you!

Father, thank You for making me. Thank You for equipping me to fulfill my destiny. Today I choose to focus on what You’ve placed in my hand knowing that as I am faithful to You, You will direct my steps. I bless You and praise You for who You are in Jesus’ name. Amen.

i am tired and in hurt for days . i wasn’t running away from you nor avoiding , i was just isolating in the order to heal myself . i’m just alone . i wasn’t really happy . i was really in hurting . i was in pain . i was sort in sick . i was fixing myself from few damages that i took from few people irl that I’ve been taking for weeks … i can’t just returned to some certain people that i’ve been wishing to in like that states without healing some wounds . it will be terrible … so i’ve been away for a while . from everyone, but i’m never far. you just can’t see me for a while. that’s all. i was downed bit irl 💔

Weird question…

But how would people react to… kind of a ‘choose your own adventure’ but somewhat written like an Otome game in which you choose a partner after a few chapters and follow their route? It’s an idea I’ve been playing with. I’d probably post 1-2 routes here and then have the rest on a Patreon?

I’d go with the baker idea I’d originally posed as a joke- a baker discovering she’s the lost heir or she’s the only heir left and now having to pick from various suitors. I’d have her named Melody Chambers and have her nickname be MC. I’d do 5 romance options, and there would be two men, two women and a nonbinary person. If there’s interest I’d continue the stories??? Or make a new one?

Just curious. Seeing if people are interested in the idea.

When I am conscious of a percept, only the percept is present, and when I am conscious of a thought, there is only that thought: from this modest and undeniable premise, the most extraordinary consequences follow. It implies what the Japanese Zen master Dōgen claimed to have realized, that “mind is no other than mountains, rivers, and the great wide earth, the sun and the moon and the stars.” Originally, there is no distinction between “internal” (mental) and “external” (physical), which means that trees and rocks and clouds, if they are not juxtaposed in memory with the “I” concept, will be experienced to be as much “my mind” as thought and feelings.

Levy develops a point stressed in Advaita but often misunderstood: although there is only the Self, that Self cannot be known, for to know it is to make it into an object. What is usually overlooked about this point is that our usual sense of self is the result of just such an objectification. The sense of subject–object duality arises not only from a simple bifurcation between grasper and grasped. The subject must also be “grasped” in an objectification whereby I identify my consciousness with thought (including memory), a body, and its possessions—all of which are objects lacking the most essential characteristic of Self, consciousness. According to Śaṅkara this is the primary superimposition, the fundamental ignorance that needs to be overcome.

David R. Loy, Nonduality in Buddhism and Beyond


#LeRoySINGING: To my mind, to my heart, to my eyes, send Your Spirit. 💨
What goes on in the “daily chatter” of your mind?
For me, tbh… sex (w/ my future TBD wife), how friends are doing, worship, sex-again, making money, spa-time… repeat 😂. Without The Spirit of Truth, I’d still be trapped in mental illness depression. This little ditty keeps my thoughts going in the right direction. 💯
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I should be sleeping by now but something popped across my mind and certainly it’s not you but the good things we have shared in the past.

Sadly, almost everything went wrong and the change was drastic. But here’s the thing: inch by inch, I’m trying to put a demarcation line between things that are not supposed to be interwoven. Because if they do and if they become unmanageable, it’d be pathetic and distressful.

For now, I’m gonna pull my blanket and hope that I fall immediately on an untroubled sleep.

Goodnight! ✨


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