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is my life now.

is my 15 year young rescue miniature poodle Cagney the live if my life. She has recently been diagnosed with heart problems but has been so well treated by the petsathome vets at Oldham she is now as lively as ever

tweet is for my favorite player AB DE VILLIERS.I'm your biggest fan i had watched your all matches which you had played till now.I love you cute smile are one dangerous batsman i had ever seen in my life.We really miss your cricket. Reply me ABD.

I used think I was just in a , but it’s been 5 years, so I guess is just my life now.

to read a amazing book#well this one is the one#titled#THE TRUTH YOU DIDN'T KNOW Lakisha Marie Mackie now is a book about my life story book book and noble Play paperback and digital me

book is about my life story#all my ups and downs#as a Child, a teenager and as a adult#you will love this one#buy now#follow me🎈🎈

sometimes the toddler can get a good pic of the baby is my life now

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going out into the rain to ensure the drain doesn't backup by whacking it with a broom... is my life now.

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That Was The Best Day Of My Life! I Screamed Like Crazy And Now My Voice Is Gone :DD !

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I think today I had the most exhausting birthday ever and I didn’t even do anything.

Hello Everyone!

Just making a quick post to let everyone know I won’t be around for an indefinite amount of time. My computer no longer works so I won’t be able to answer asks. I don’t have money, so the chances of it getting fixed, or me getting a new one, won’t be happening any time soon.

Sorry it came to this.

I’m an adult with adult responsibilities and spend my money on adult things in a very serious adult manner.

That being said, I just bought a rabbit puppet and his name is Flopsy, and he was thirty bucks and I have bills coming up and why am I like this?