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tweet is for my favorite player AB DE VILLIERS.I'm your biggest fan i had watched your all matches which you had played till now.I love you cute smile are one dangerous batsman i had ever seen in my life.We really miss your cricket. Reply me ABD.

I used think I was just in a , but it’s been 5 years, so I guess is just my life now.

to read a amazing book#well this one is the one#titled#THE TRUTH YOU DIDN'T KNOW Lakisha Marie Mackie now is a book about my life story book book and noble Play paperback and digital me

book is about my life story#all my ups and downs#as a Child, a teenager and as a adult#you will love this one#buy now#follow me🎈🎈

sometimes the toddler can get a good pic of the baby is my life now

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going out into the rain to ensure the drain doesn't backup by whacking it with a broom... is my life now.

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That Was The Best Day Of My Life! I Screamed Like Crazy And Now My Voice Is Gone :DD !

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  • Me: What you should be writing is Shipwright. You’re late.
  • Also me: Or, you could start that Steelponcho Dawning Fic so you actually finish it in time.
  • Me, still: But, we already have like three other multi-chaptered fics out there that need to be updated. At least one-shots don’t leave readers hanging.
  • Me, completely disregarding reason: Yeah, but we’re gonna finish this one before it gets posted. Also, I know you want to write Saladin and Hawthorne meeting.
  • Me, defeated: *opens untitled document in google docs*
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Kuramochi never shared his messages from Ryousuke with Haruichi ever again. (also, why is it so cute that Ryou-san uses the Yakult Swallows mascot as his icon?) 


Hey Duggee - The Stick Song - 5 MINUTE LOOP