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is my life now.

is my 15 year young rescue miniature poodle Cagney the live if my life. She has recently been diagnosed with heart problems but has been so well treated by the petsathome vets at Oldham she is now as lively as ever

tweet is for my favorite player AB DE VILLIERS.I'm your biggest fan i had watched your all matches which you had played till now.I love you cute smile are one dangerous batsman i had ever seen in my life.We really miss your cricket. Reply me ABD.

I used think I was just in a , but it’s been 5 years, so I guess is just my life now.

to read a amazing book#well this one is the one#titled#THE TRUTH YOU DIDN'T KNOW Lakisha Marie Mackie now is a book about my life story book book and noble Play paperback and digital me

book is about my life story#all my ups and downs#as a Child, a teenager and as a adult#you will love this one#buy now#follow me🎈🎈

sometimes the toddler can get a good pic of the baby is my life now

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going out into the rain to ensure the drain doesn't backup by whacking it with a broom... is my life now.

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That Was The Best Day Of My Life! I Screamed Like Crazy And Now My Voice Is Gone :DD !

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current mood: listening to hannah montana and crying my ass off

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you named an oc solaire and considering the connotations of sun and mind control in relation to that name I ask you to please don't do it

Ive already been blasted wth so many “PRAISE THE SUN” jokes on discord. I honestly kinda really wanted to give him a name that was some sort of reference or a pun on the Egyptian Sun god Ra or something ajdjjdhdjfjfjjh I can’t believe I got play e d

Me: Oh, this character it’s cute! I want to learn how to draw them :)

Me: *practices drawing that character until Im comfortable enough*

Me: Finally! I have the knowledge now

Let’s make some fucking porn

When I went to bed last night, I was 100% fine. When I woke up this morning, my lower back was sore and locked up on me. I could barely move. I figured it would loosen up throughout the morning and get back to normal, but apparently that’s not the fucking plan. So if anyone asks how old I am, from now on I’m just going to tell them I’m “strains his back in his fucking sleep years old.”