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Her collarbones πŸ’• . . .

This is like 2- 2 1/2 years old but LOOK AT THAT DIP AROUND MY WAIST *chef's kiss* πŸ˜©πŸ’¦ bring that narrow shit back PLS

Gonna go to the beach and exercise now and if it's not cloudy there, maybe get some sun back into my skin <3

20 Pairs / Lot Summer Sexy Thin Transparent Socks Shop now / Compra:πŸ›’πŸ‘‰

Really ? Is this gendered language necessary? Can women, boys or girls eat this too? Should women only be eating small sized meals (perhaps a salad?) - cos you know, and all that?

We ordered two (simple) pizzas last night, and could have sworn we were eating really bad frozen pizza. Worst order, yet. Even the kids said it was terrible.

I ate the oatmeal cooked in water that my brother leaves on fridge and i feel so full, maybe my stomach it's small than before.

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I’m looking for an Ana coach. I really need someone to:

- Be harsh with me

- Keep me motivated

- Keep a check on me

I’m 16 btw so not someone too old and must be female. We can talk here or somewhere else

Weekend (me just rambling?)

It’s been a weekend babes. 

Celebrated the Lunar New Year which was fun! but ate way more than I expected. I had planned on going to the gym this morning but I was so so so excited. decided to go a bit soft on myself it’s been a lot lately. 

I also had a breakdown last night and I deadass emailed someone about it, I can’t with myself haha. 

okay 2morrow it’s Monday so that means starting again and trying even harder, I’m hitting the gym in the morning and actually really excited for it!! 


Body check of today. (45.4 kg)

It was a horrible day for dieting. I ate a lot, I feel so bad. Guilt is killing me. I skipped breakfast, and obviously I will not have dinner. I also tried to throw up, but I couldn’t. But I was fine, I had fun. Of course, I would have been better with 5 kilos less. But I preferred to eat like a pig. How stupid I am. The video is from this morning. I didn’t feel so horrible. Bones are also seen. But I can do better.

I binged. I fucking binged. I ate ice cream. I ate fucking three tablespoons of ice cream. I feel so fucking guilty and sad. I just want to hug someone. But you know what? I don’t get anyone, I’m fucking alone and fat and awful. I just want to be skinny… I just want to be fucking skinny, is it so hard? I workout fucking everytime and everywhere, I’m fucking scared about all the calories that I eat… I can’t even look at the mirror cause I only see fat pig, I need to cry…

2020 is MY year‼️🥳🎊🎉


🐁It is the year of the rat!🐀 Which is MY zodiac sign~ I WILL BE SMALL BUT MIGHTY. Rats have always been my favorite animal, not only because they are the cutest and sweetest animals on earth, but they are one of the smallest and yet they still show trust. They must be protected~

I WILL be at my goal weight this year and I WILL STAY there FOREVER‼️

I will finally be happy, NO MATTER WHAT!

Because I will finally be pure~

I will be proud and unwavering in my success. This is my time to shine brightly, to steal the show and always be in the spotlight✨ no longer the tubby girl hiding in her baggy clothes. I will flaunt my figure in adorable outfits and hairstyles💕

Look out world, here comes the delicate princess~💞😌👑


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today was pretty good, i went food shopping with my mum and she bought some of my trigger foods & i was so ready to binge but controlled myself and didn’t!!

strawberries: 40cals

2 salt & vinegar rice cakes: 58cals

itsu satay rice noodles: 229cals

maria biscuit: 25cals

so in total, i ate 352cals and feel so good!! no hunger pains or intense cravings just yet. i really hope i can stay on track.


Every time I make a post I hesitate putting the #anorexia or any derivatives like #annorecsia #anorexya etc in my tags because it feels weird, I don’t wanna put myself under that category, I refuse to belive I have such a thing, I don’t want to put it myself, I just…..don’t want it :( but….it’s there..