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How do you talk to yourself? Remember you're listening. You cannot insult and degrade yourself

What would you tell the younger you? Remember the younger you? The one wanted to run away from

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Do you trust your intuition? The quirky urge? A funny feeling? That little voice inside your

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What people think I do in therapy vs what actually happens... the laughter is therapeutic in itself

Carpe diem. β€œSeize the day, trusting as little as possible to the future.” What does this

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Two strong Black male characters on ⁦⁩ talking about . This is groundbreaking. Too often Black folks try to pray the stress away. You can talk to Jesus AND your therapist.

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A Black man trying to convince another Black man abt the importance of therapy and on network tv. You LOVE to see it! THANK YOU !

Do you want to just drive away? Sometimes, the fear of facing ourselves just the way we are is

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Day 18. Believe. | If I’m being honest, belief has been wavering these days. Although I don’t question God and the reality of this world, my actions do not reflect the essence of that belief. Nor have I been inclined to explore those thoughts. It has felt heavy. And so, surrendering has not been easy - because that would mean opening my eyes to the weight I have been carrying and the lackness I have been feeling. Slowing down has been harder because looking inside is scary and unsettling. But I did feel a sense of peace along with the agitation of recognizing that I was in a place I didn’t want to be - a place of wanting to rush through things, wanting to not look inwards. I found myself wanting to fill time alone with people or avoidance.  

My limbs have been recalling that heavy feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while - that I thought I had left behind. Although it’s not accompanied by that same heavy emotional state - I wonder if that emotional state is just sitting down, burried down by the pretense I’ve made, or perhaps it’s resting, and feels heard and this is just a conditioned response, or what’s left over of what I have let go of. 

I breathed. I showed up. And for that I am grateful. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Lord for the strength to keep this promise. For the courage to try again - even when it feels powerless. Thank you. And tomorrow, I will show up again. I will show up for myself, for this being God has made me. I believe that were I am is okay, is more than okay. This is where God wants me to be. And so here is perfect. 

“Surrender as a pathway toward home. .. [link] the breath with the movement … Remember to take a breath of gratitude. This is valuable time you are giving yourself. It’s a gift. You better believe it. Can you trust that you are exactly where you should be? Believe me when I say make it your own. Believe in your own intuition. Embrace the slower paced action to find that inner intrinsic work that is most valuable and necessary for when you are thrown off balance. Explore what it means to find your center, darling, and everything else will come into alignment from there. Work from the inside out based on sensation.This is about working with your body. Not on it.” 


i feel like i’m always going going going and i wonder frequently to myself why i don’t stop to take the pauses i so desperately want–

until i breathe in, even if by accident, without meaning to, and then i feel something so hollow inside that it terrifies me–

so then i go some more, and i forget again why i don’t stop.

So I finally came out to my therapist as nonbinary and she seemed fine with it then we went back to talking about other things and as she was talking she kept saying things like “Yeah us /women/ go through alot” and “you know how it is being a /girl/” and she kept dead naming me even after I told her I go by Sam so fml ig oof.

I need sleep

I had my third therapy session today. It’s not normal sit down and talk therapy, it’s mostly energy work that she does. But, that’s beside the point. When I first pulled into the parking lot today, I was exhausted, I still am (Why am I still pushing myself today? We’ll get to that later). But I was almost in tears because of everything going on in my head. It just runs constantly and never stops. Today I hit a brick wall with the thought, “Why can’t I set a single boundary?” And It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s more so, sticking to that boundary I have trouble with. Even my brain doesn’t listen to me. 

I used to think that I didn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. In reality, I can’t stand when someone is upset at me. It might sound vain, but I want people to know that I’m a good person. If someone is upset with me, in my mind, that means they think I’m terrible. I have self esteem issues I know. Who doesn’t these days?

But she told me that anyone who truly loves and cares about me, will respect any boundary I set. And that makes perfect sense. It’s important to set boundaries, especially as an empathetic person. Now here’s where boundaries with myself come in. I’m exhausted and i’m still sitting here typing this post. Fight or flight? I choose fight every time, it’s what’s gotten me to where I am, I don’t like to give up. The boundary I’m setting in the moment, is i’m going to stop typing and set my laptop aside, and try to let my brain stop running for 10 minutes today. That’d be cool…… here we go. Just gunna stop typing now…. Right now. yupp. Any minute. 

Alright this is it, i’m done. Thanks for reading this tangent that kinda went no where but also kinda did? Idk. I don’t really know what I’m doing :) 

XOXO, watergirl

Dragon Red

Around me you wrap your arms,

And then appears the dragon-

Fire married with fear,

Searing; encircling my ribs.

Dragon Red, you send my heart racing,

Hands start shaking.

My eyes burn with tears but

His eyes burn with intention-

Shouldn’t I be grateful?

Dragon Red, you consume me;

Flames rip through me-

Leaving nothing. 

I am brittle,

I am hollow, scorched. 

I have lived so long with you

Life without seems a dream.

I spoke of you to a friend.

My whispered words were louder than a shout.

Dragon Red, you were my scarlet secret

Now exposed,

I have named you at last Dragon-

named you Fear.

Little by little you disappear,

And I can now live without you.

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Hey I’m looking for this au where they’re in Highschool and I think Neil lives with Abby and Andrew lives with Betsy and I think Andrew assumed that he was dating Neil but Neil didn’t know?? I know this is kinda vague sorryπŸ˜…

here you go!

call me in the afternoon by jaylocked (T | 7,962 | 1/1)

Neil had literally been tortured on several occasions, and that was still better than this.

(written for the prompt: “andrew and neil meet in a group therapy”)

I have officially made an appointment to see a therapist who specializes in lgbt clients and gender identity issues. Hopefully it goes well and I’m not wasting my time going to see some wackjob who has no idea what hes doing. Although I’m a little concerned he will try to convince me that everything that I’ve come to understand about myself is actually wrong. We’ll see what happens.