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Preparing for 2020 morning scripture readings with Standard Memorandum, and PSQ @schuyler_bibles.

Greg reflects on the Christmas story, then he talks about a principle of learning and appreciating, answers a question about apologetics curriculum, and gives a principle for interpreting difficult passages. Listen here:

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NEW from CASCADE BOOKS: The Breath of God An Essay on the Holy Spirit in the Trinity BY Etienne VetΓΆ FOREWORD BY Ephraim Radner

Updated schema for people to understand the , the two natures of , the Divine Energies and the basics of . I know that by definition mere graphs cannot explain the divine, but i hope it'll help some people to conceptualise the mystery a bit better.

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A theological case for "harm reduction" rather than the "war on drugs" argues that demonizing drugs - and the people who use them - only makes the public health crisis of opioid addiction worse.

Join in in June 2020 for a very special, one-day transformational workshop about the secret teachings of Mary Magdalene's gospel. This will be a truly special and sacred occasion - find out more here:

In case you ever get pulled in so many directions that you forget what your focus ought to be, here is a small reminder. What is your true north today?

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No one ever spoke like Jesus spoke.

As Christians we don’t have “the burden of proof” to convince anyone of anything. Rather, we have a moral obligation to warn the unsaved of the reality of Hell. They then have the choice to believe or not believe the warning.

- Ray Comfort

‘And yet all Christian theology has its origin in the wonder of all wonders: that God became human. Holy theology arises from knees bent before the mystery of the divine child in the stable. Without the holy night, there is no theology. “God is revealed in flesh,” the God-human Jesus Christ — that is the holy mystery that theology came into being to protect and preserve. How we fail to understand when we think that the task of theology is to solve the mystery of God, to drag it down to the flat, ordinary wisdom of human experience and reason! Its sole office is to preserve the miracle as miracle, to comprehend, defend, and glorify God’s mystery precisely as mystery.’

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, God in the Manger

X insults me. I am about to hit him. Thinking it over, I refrain.

Who am I? which is my real self: the self of the retort or that of the refraining? My first reaction is always energetic; the second one, flabby. What is known as “wisdom” is ultimately only a perpetual “thinking it over,” i.e., non-action as first impulse.

Emil Cioran / The Trouble With Being Born

God: whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excelent or praisworthy - think about such things.

Me: Lord I know this probably isn’t what you meant but I’ve been thinking of Padra x Arran all day so if you could hep me ace this math test that would be great.

(Disclaimer- do not actually bargain with God. Bad theology, bad plan. Study for your math test. Like I didn’t)