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Taken from the EP #SyntheticPsuedonym this track was inspired by shows like Goosebumps. Used to love those horror anthology shows. We need a new one to come out for today’s generation.

Check it out on #Spotify #ITunes #applemusic #deezer #napster #bandcamp #Amazonmusic and many more.

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god ok so lemming and lyric both deeply admire the other and to some extent idealize each other… they both like each other a lot but this idealizing is part of the reason they haven’t talked about it

but lemming and sa-shin both know each other Very Well and very deeply they like. can’t lie to each other. they have no illusions about each other after spending like, over a decade together. and they parted because they knew that, realistically, their relationship was not going to be what made them both happiest

and lemming and the mad god is weird and questioning reality and who they both are as people, as ideas of people. and their relationship is still developing as they go through this weird questioning thing


Color theme switching between my Windows 10 gaming machine and my Arch Linux hydra using a physical switch and a single mouse/keyboard combo for both systems.

#logitech #gaming #Linux #Windows #archlinux #Windows10 #Hydra #collaboradev #gamers #gamer #technology #tech #theme #rgb #themes

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Confusion and Frustration

Sooo… I’m a bit annoyed, confused, and frustrated with trying to find a theme for my tumblr page. I don’t want something too simple and minimalistic nor something that has a lot going on.

Literally for the past two hours I have been looking for a theme and trying them out but none of them has my approval.

If anybody has seen themes that are good for writers I would greatly appreciate the help hehe. God I my literally dying.

1 Week love nikki design Challenge

This challenge is for 7 themes and is meant to be easily completed in a single week ( you of course can take longer with it if you want to do it, or do them all at once.)

Day 1: Noir Night!

Are you a daring detective or the worried client? Design a look fit to appear in a Noir film!

Day 2: Sweetheart

Just because Valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Design a look that takes notes from a Valentine’s day aesthetic. i.e. hearts, pastel colors, lace, cute and frilly looks etc.

Day 3: Pop of color

Style an entire look in monochrome aside from one single coloured item!

Day 4: Unnatural hair

Time to break out the clothing dye! Design the look however you want but make sure the hair isnt a natural color! i.e. green, purple, blue, ombre wigs etc.

Day 5: Magical Girl

There are soooooo many cute items to design a magical girl with in LN, so make one!!! Is she the traditional sailor scout- shouting her attacks with a blaze of color and light or does she prefer to hide in the shadows and strike when the enemy’s back is turned?

Day 6: Backgroud time!

Design a physical room or scene! It can be anything you want just make sure that the character doesnt look out of place! Starry corridor would be best for this one i think

Day 7: Party invite!

Due to a mailing error your model was accidentally given an invite to the most coveted and hard to get into party in town! They’d be crazy to pass up their chance to go! The choice of venue and subsequent aesthetic is up to you- is it an opulent gala or an all out party held at a prestigious night club?

Feel free to @ me with anything you make <3 Have fun styling!