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Day 2 of the HNC’s rehearsals for ‘BOY’ by Leo butler, which will be performed at The Space, March 3-5th! Applications open now!

Tuesday Motivation : Applying for casting calls, send email to Casting directors, continue writing my short film, etc...and a Cup of herbal tea

Are you a ‘ person’? Maybe you have a background in Applied Theatre (not essential)? Are you interested in offering creative support to drama enthusiasts? with us! Term starts 30 Jan Pic: Jason Tan

Before we even start our run of at , our practitioner is running a teachers CPD workshop today, sharing engaging theatre techniques that can be applied to work with CYP

Did you know that Theatre House has created special collections that make it easier to find all of the costumes, props, and stage effects you need for specific productions? Check them out here:

Do you have an old suitcase that's gathering dust? It could become part of our Mid Life set - fame at last! We'll be collecting donations in Bristol on January 30 + 31 🧳 Get in touch at for more info!

Make sure to come support this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 💛🖤

✳️[JOURNEE CULTURE] : participez à la organisée par notre collectif au des de samedi 25 janvier de 14h à 18h ! Entrée libre et gratuite, on s'y retrouve ? 👍

[ & ]🎶 J-9 ! Jeudi 30 janvier à 20h30, Jean-Marc Barr foulera les planches du Théâtre de dans "La Sonate à Kreutzer"💬 Une pièce qui célèbre l’art à travers deux maîtres illustres – et ! Résas 👉

Thank you so much to all of you for your support! Donations exceeded our goal of $3,600.00. Thank you to all our donors! Together for the future of Theatre for Young Audiences...

Thurs 18th June: JAPE Productions bring you John Godber's MEN OF THE WORLD. Three Actors, Fifteen Characters, Countless Comic Capers! *rescheduled from Jan 22nd

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Y’ALL we learned a SHAKER DANCE last night and it was LIT


does it matter to you that i am going mad? not sure i can get through my own madness. if i climbed the highest mountain, perhaps id have a chance. my life, my dignity, my dna, it goes perfectly together, doesnt it? is it fair for someone to sacrifice their sanity for their craft? why should i be sacrificed? why does great beauty come from great pain?

were all mad, crazy, nuts, psycho. its true, walk down the street and look into the eyes of any man or woman you walk past. its there, its hidden. when you are someone like me, you take that place and identify with it instantly. i forget who said we are all living lives of quiet, desperation. i believe it. the smiles, the charms, its all bullshit. all smokescreen. we all struggle within, dont we?

sometimes, i look into the mirror and wait for the madness to craw out of my eyes and leave me, once and for all. but it never does. it just sits there and smiles back at me, with a wise gleam. 

yeah i am crazy. i love that i am crazy but i also hate who i am. i dont expect you to understand that. they say that genius and madness have a thin line between them, i struggle to stay on that line every day but lately, it’s been getting harder to stay balanced.

chemical imbalance? sure. life experience? sure. being an artist? sure. it all adds up to a pair of scissors embedded in someone’s neck, doesnt it? you can pity me, you can lead me to inspiring advice… but nothing will EVER haunt me more than my own soul. nothing… 

listen i love theatre with my entire heart which is why i dedicate my entire life to it but i dont have the time or brain power to memorize this shakespeare scene- i have wrote it down a few times but lily isnt really putting in full effort and she has court today so her mind is elsewhere. i have a lot for musical to be focused on along with memorizing a ton of stuff for NJDFL and it just isn’t looking good for me getting this memorized..

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Maria kill me I've spent the last three weeks preparing for an audition on Wednesday and I just today learned that the song isn't in the key it's recorded in...I've been rehearsing it in the wrong key this whole time -a new theatre nonnie

Oh no nonnie I’m sorry love!! Just breathe, there are challenges but you can get through them. And even then, I am really sorry. Now there are a few options. Do your best to learn the song in its key by Wednesday, find another song you’re familiar with and do that or talk to whoever is auditioning you and ask them about it or if you have a teacher or coach ask them.

Whatever happens! You’re going to great nonnie!! You just have to be confident, go in knowing who you are, and know that you’re so brave for being able to do what you’re doing. I love you and break a leg!!


teresas top ten musicals of the decade
↳ hamilton (2015)
life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes. but we keep living anyway, we rise and we fall and we break and we make our mistakes


for someone who runs a studyblr, I sure don’t study a lot


As a specific move, I’m posting my first thing of the year this late in the month as a sort of update: the exam season is in, I have 4 left and I need to work on so many things, so I’m planning on doing another 100 days of productivity. See how far that gets me. Best of luck, folks!!!

This Weekend Pt 2: Improv

So Sunday evening I went to a two hour Improv workshop. I had taken a series of classes years ago, but I wanted a refresher because I had forgotten a lot of it. Apparently I forgot one very important thing:

It’s harder than hell.

I mean I enjoyed the evening. I might even take the second class. But holy crap you have to be on your toes. You have to listen and react to what the other person is saying, AND keep in mind what possible plot lines the sketch may follow. You have to have a stash of lines, and places, and names, and things, to use, and knit them together in real time. It is exhilarating but my god it is hard work. By the end I was wiped. 


Making up to your own thoughts should be a duty highlighted with A Promise.
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