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On the job at !! 😎

A new adventure starts tomorrow! Who is excited for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at I cannot wait to get my Demetrius on!! . . .

Are you a company in ? Get your performance some airtime on ! Get in touch today...

Ya girl got cast in her first EMU Production! I’m so so grateful to be apart of this cast.

I'm totally bummed my adaption of JAWS will never make it to the stage. Had some great ideas swirling around. Here's how we were going to do Quint's death -- Thanks to Paloma who drew this for me! , On to other scripts...

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so this week we reflect on how we can help our community. is honored to be donating 20% of proceeds from ticket sales from 25th- 28th of April to local nonprofits helping sexual assault survivors

Ce soir, : 23 Avril - 20H30 à la Bodega. 29 Rue du 11 Novembre - 42000 SAINT-ÉTIENNE. J'ai l'impression que ça fait une éternité, que je n'ai pas annoncé de spectacle.🤔 Oh... Seulement 1 mois.😅

Friday, April 26th is Night at the Odyssey Theatre. Come early & enjoy on the patio from (California Pizza Kitchen) and stay after for a post show discussion with the cast!

Celebrating our outstanding UPIKE students at the Humanities Honors Night! Thank you to our students and faculty!

From the applause and ovation of the audience, we could see the story rendered of Bhishma was loved. The only missing link in today was walking. Before leaving for the site, I was determined to get in at least one kilometre. So I did.

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My neighbours hearing the overture from Phantom of the Opera for the 25th time in two weeks: dear god why

Me: 👻


i can’t wait to watch this every day for the rest of my life


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Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

It’s Earth Day, so please remember to show respect to the earth, and maybe take a walk or something if you want! 

Oh, and also- a playlist for all my fellow theatre kids

The Tree On The Hill- The Lightning Thief

For Forever- Dear Evan Hansen

Welcome to the Rock- Come From Away

Mama Will Provide- Once On This Island

La Vie Boheme- Rent

The Circle of Life- The Lion King (Of course I had the put this in- what were you expecting?)

We’re All Made of Stars- Finding Neverland

The Hills are Alive- The Sound of Music

Moon- Once

Defying Gravity- Wicked (ok, I know this isn’t about nature, but shout-out to animal rights for Elphaba)

Into The Woods- Into The Woods

(And I know the next two aren’t from musicals, but I’m kinda obsessed with the “Johnathan Larson Project” rn, soooo)

Pura Vida

Greene Street

anonymous asked:

Heyyyy question— so I am a music major and for my final I am invited to a design run through. What can I expect? What notes to take?

So, you are designing music for the play? Or just watching a play and making your own deign?

So, if you’re designing for the play:

Meet with the director first and get a feel for what kind of music they want for the production. 

Then watch a run through of the play and take notes on where you feel music fits best and what kind of music fits best in those scenes. I’ve actually seen composers write music while watching the run but you do what works best.

After the run go home and record some music you made for certain scenes then meet with the director again to get their feed back:

Theatre terms I used incase you aren’t familiar with their meaning:

Run through: A ‘performance’ of the entire play, where the entire play is ran with minimal stopping so the actors and designers can get a feel for the full play.

Production: Another common word for the whole play including design elements, actors, blocking, crew etc.

Best of luck!

~Admin :)

The Fickle Performer

Jordan Nickel-Dubin, Dance & Theatre and Psychology, Class of 2019

I’m a fickle person. There, I said it. Throwing it out there right at the beginning! Now, I’m very good at focusing on goals and destinations once I have found what I’m meant to accomplish, but before that…yeah, you guessed it. I’m fickle.

I applied to Mills College as a Chemistry major. I was going to be a pediatric oncologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a job I had my mind set on since third grade. I had fallen in love with theatre one year before, at age eight, and knew that performance had to be a part of my life in some fashion, even if I was a doctor.

Once I got to Mills, I switched to majoring in Child Development and minoring in Theatre Studies. I had been working with kids for 10 years and had been teaching improvisation for four. I loved spending my days with kids, and a new hospital-based job came into my head - a Child Life Specialist. I dropped the idea of working as a doctor and set my sights on the CHLA Child Life department. But the idea of working in the theatre, as an actor or teacher, was still hovering over everything in my head.

In the first semester of my sophomore year, I declared my next major - Psychology. I enjoyed it, but after a year or so in the department, and after numerous classes, I realized that Psychology was not the field for me. But because I had already completed more than half of the required courses, it would have been stupid of me to switch my major. So I added Dance into the mix. I was a Psychology major and a Theatre Studies and Dance double minor. But I still wasn’t truly happy.

In Fall 2017, the first semester of my junior year, I was told that the Dance department was adding more concentrations to their program. One of those was Dance & Theatre. I was in Embodied Movement, one of the greatest classes I’ve taken at Mills, and once I heard, my jaw immediately dropped. My professor, Sonya Delwaide, turned towards me and said four words that will stay with me for a long time - “It’s perfect for you.” I finally found the major for me. After Embodied Movement, I went back to my room and started my Dance & Theatre thesis. The major hadn’t been completed. No one in the department knew if I would be able to complete everything in a year and a half. But you know how sometimes you just…..know? I. Just. Knew.

On December 8, 2018, the first Mills College Dance & Theatre thesis, APPREHENSION, was performed in the Rothwell Theatre, one of my favorite buildings on campus (the other being Lisser Hall, our other on-campus theatre). It was a presentation of anxiety through performance, and while I wasn’t fully present while my piece was on stage (I was very much in the land of “oh my god, this is actually happening”), the audience seemed to enjoy it. Sonya was there, and after the show, she said “Jordan, I am very proud to have you be our first Dance & Theatre major.” That was pretty awesome.

Now…present day. I finished my Psychology major last semester, therefore leaving this semester to be filled with performance classes! I’m taking my last two requirements - Dance Theatre in Traditional & Contemporary Performance and Musical Theatre - and have filled the rest of my schedule with the acting and dance classes of my choice - Acting for the Camera, Tap, Modern, and Zumba!

Oh, and on May 18th, 2019, I will be the first Mills College student to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance with a concentration in Dance & Theatre!