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e gli illusionisti della Danza e gli illusionisti della Danza

They're an expressive lot are the Neverland Underground cast ... captions anyone? ... keep it PG. Neverland Underground | | 16th & 17th August | Photo: Actor:

Are you a company in ? Get your performance some airtime on ! Get in touch today...

Costume as a Means of Accentuation in Medieval Performing Arts and Entertainment 🎭 Read more in our latest issue on Medieval Fashion 👉🏼

Présentation hier soir veut nous séduire ? C'est réussi ! Spectacles pour tous les âges, tous les goûts Plaisirs, partages, rencontres ... la Vie et le sens du Lien en filigranes Trop hâte 👍🙏❤

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Here's a for all the stage managers of the world. Bless you for doing the lord's work 🎭

I went to see at last night. Very funny as always! This was me looking for the right tickets.. do you think I have a problem? 😂😂

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Depressed about Quebec's divisive ? Visit Montreal's to take in a performance of A Century Songbook, an uplifting, entertaining Yiddish Theatre (DWYT) musical about 100 years of diverse Jewish life in

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Theatre review: Top-notch cast drives a vibrant, subversive new The Taming of the Shrew at Bard on the Beach

Stories at Sunset - Storytelling performance by Vikram Sridhar - 23rd June 2019 - Ahmedabad Hosted by Indie Theatre Productions Venue: Prayogshala 17, Suhasnagar Society, B/H Sales India , B/H Prabhudas Jadiya , Ahmedabad

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Van Gogh • The Starry Night

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

Maraya theater at the Winter Festival of Tantora in the province of al-Ula.

La Vérité by Florian Zeller, played by the French HKTA. We don’t get to do much theater here, especially not in French, and our experience of amateur troupes in Shanghai wasn’t exactly stellar. This however was mindblowing, despite the minimalist setting (a flat couch and a few chairs in the middle of an underground storage room in Central.) La Vérité (Truth) is the story of two couples and how they lie to each other in so many ways. The play itself is wonderfully written and witty, with a frankly stunning ending. The interpretation was masterful, all four actors superb with a special mention to the adorably despicable Michel who manages to lie, justify lying and be offended when he’s being lied to in a way that is more real than real. Fantastic evening.

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The blog update is 👅💦 but uh. I feel like you're the type of person who's secretly a kinny, but you don't want to say it out loud, so instead you make icons and hoard content privately. What I'm trying to ask is are you Sandworm kin? You're valid if you are.

When Beetlejuice said “there’s a giant snake here!” it’s me. It’s always me.

My favorite musical trope is when the protagonist makes a tragically stupid deal with the devil to get rid of a lesser evil like “Well, looks like I’m gonna have to feed an evil plant to take down this abusive dentist!” or “This murderous guy who has an unusual addiction to slushees is gonna help me to make my high school a better place!”

Meanwhile Lydia Deetz is just like “Yeah, no thanks. I’ll just jump.”