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What does Live Entertainment mean for you? For us it means Grand I-novation! Take a look at the famous Theatre de Carouge in Geneva, Switzerland. We are experts in mobile theatre venues!

“I think the people in this country have had enough of experts…”, said Michael Gove, famously, in 2016 – And the same attitude is creeping into theatre criticism, says columnist David Benedict (eggsbened)

Get your voice heard by the industry! Submit your issue to soapbox now at

"There is a lot of subliminal resistance to gender equality in Spanish theatre" – read our interview with playwright Paloma Pedrero, whose play The Eyes of the Night is running at CervantesTheatr

Understudy MelissaJacque12 has won the lead role of Margaret New in JamieMusical, having understudied the part for more than a year.

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Not sure about going to drama school? Try a foundation course first – dearjohnbyrne looks at the options for school leavers and actors who are keen to brush up their skills

As DundeeRep celebrates its 80th birthday, artistic director Andrew Panton talks to The Stage about putting on an anniversary season that reflects the city and its stories

Fancy working in events? It will involve truck loading, heavy lifting, sweat, building epic stages and travelling around London. All you need is a good attitude and a smartphone. Apply here:

Three quarters of stage managers who work with prompt desks have regularly experienced back or muscle pain as a result of their work, according to a survey by SMAssoc

Artistic director graeae Jenny Sealey (GraeaeJennyS) has called on the government to bring back subsidy for theatre in education to inspire the next generation of theatremakers

★★★★ Review: Don Giovanni – Erwin Schrott gives an unforgettable performance in a spruced-up revival of Kasper Holten’s production RoyalOperaHouse

★★★★ Review: The Greek Passion – an affecting and accessible production of the refugee opera operanorthnh

"Take the classes, take the help where you can find it, and don’t have unrealistic expectations" – This week in Green Room we ask our panel: What advice would you give to older people starting in the industry?

Happy Birthday. 18 Sep 1950. is an of & . She is an of Film & Television Institute of India of . Regarded as one of the finest actresses in India..! Awards: 5 ..! 5 ..! By ..!

Soirée Théâtre-Echanges autour du deuil le 24 septembre à (49) : "APPEL EN ABSENCE" avec le Théâtre de la Jeune Plume. Organisé par la Coordination Autonomie du Pays de . Gratuit, tout public & professionnels de santé.

Théâtre Appel en Absence, sur le chemin du deuil à Neuillé

If you are really talented and wish to join the team at StarDust Theatrical Dining Restaurant in Cape Town take place on 28 September at 14h00 Details: 👩‍🎤🎸👨‍🎤🎵🎙️

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I wanna go thrift but I don’t have money :(



“ Sarah Maderal (@sarahmaderal) is a writer, artist and performer. They use she/her and they/them pronouns. They performed this scene to come out to their parents as part of a larger play titled Secrets Exposed which was a collection of works by the US in the U.S. theater ensemble ( In the future, they hope to continue acting in the Bay Area and healing through solidarity. “

Thank you, Sarah for sharing this beautiful duo scene and your story. I hope Secrets Exposed can be performed again soon; I would love to see this scene. Not only is this scene so impactful, it educates the masses on the “bakla” gender identity that was common in the Philippines before colonization. It is so amazing that through your gender identity, you connected with your ancestors. This was heartwarming. 


“But to find out the truth about how dreams die, one should never take the word of the dreamer”

~ Toni Morrison “The bluest eye”

The classic lit/ dark academia book club discord link has been sent out! If you are still interested in joining at this time, please message me so that we can get you that link! “The bluest eye” by Toni Morrison is our first book of interest atm.

cmfrtcrwd  asked:

i just started getting involved in doing tech and im baby. like i know absolute jack shit about tech so.....what would you say are like some of the most important things to know starting out?

(Every technician would come up with a different list so take this as a light suggestion and not law. There’s also different lists depending on what element you’re most interested in. This list is a “how to be the most helpful and have people like you if you’re backstage or a stage hand” so without further ado and in no specific order:)

1. Learn how to use a drill and well.

2. Learn how to read a light plot.

3. Learn how to read a mic plot.

4. Basic knowledge of how to hook up headsets

5. How to turn on/off a soundboard

6. How to turn on/off a light board

7. How your theaters fly system works.

8. most important, learn how to think quickly on your feet. This one comes most with experience, but the most helpful skill as a technician is to be able to follow instructions well and learn new things quickly, since everything is constantly changing.

Obviously, this is a very basic list and there is a lot to learn. But at least with this list, you can get in the door and appear decently competent. Good luck! I hope you enjoy the tech world!



Ok, interpret at your own will.

So that means the whole Marvel fam has heard this story now I’m assuming? You know there’s a group text or something out there.

What the hell, man. What the actual hell.