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Je viens de regarder l'épisode S02E08 Le pacte d'engagement de Magicians (2... !

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Je viens de regarder l'épisode S02E06 La vallée des Penhis de Magicians (2... !

both alice and eliot being worried about their boyfriend don’t fucking touch me magicians

- You are not gonna cock out on me. - « Cock out » ? - I’d say « pussy » but let’s be honest… which one is tougher ? Margo, c’est chaque semaine de nouvelles merveilles de putain de répliques <3 Magicians

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I used up a whole lot of LP, but I managed to get him. Thought you might wanna see too XD


kjdvdkjfvnkjnfdkjnfkbjkf Ahh!!!!!! Im so glad you managed to get him!!!! HES PERFECT!! I think a magican really suits him well!!! 

I was playing whenever i got the time but i still havent got more far then ep 8 or 9 :´´´D dammit!! 

Originally posted by abasketofgifs

Magnus’ Sheet. Testing his expressions. Alastor (his hat) also has his own expressions which do not mimic the ones Magnus makes, but most of the time he is looking expressionless and creepy as hell so it works.

In fact maybe the few moments Alastor expresses something is when Magnus is very excited about some dark magic and shit.  In this case I just wanted to explore Magnus’ so next time maybe I’ll post Alastor’s.  


Sevdiği Kızı elde etmek için yapılan büyünün kötü sonuçları


The past~ this is voids past on how evil he came to be, taking dark magic and become more evil, he was so nice and gentle but when the love of his life left he suffered and decided to be evil and made a deal with a unexplained darkness to give him power, which is why he lost an eye and has a bloody cut of a shape x on his forehead, and in his scene, the dark magic he took gave him more power and horns on his head, necromancer was his first victim of getting his soul energy sucked from the magic eye

beautyofillusixxn  asked:

“Really? Now!?” (I be hesitant. But I send it knowing that even if muses did not do the flirt, she’d be telling him off if she overheard it said to someone else. So yeah, completely up to you! Welcome back!)

 -{ My muse is flirting with yours in a dangerous situation. Send “Really? Now!?” for my muse’s response. : @beautyofillusixxn [Thank you for the welcome! ^- ^] }

 - Wha-a-at? It’s not like I said anything wrong. “ 
    Looking at her with a confused look on his face, he tapped his staff impatiently as he looked back to the field. Either he did not care about the Archfiend Emperor that had just been summoned right in front of them or he was oblivious to his presence in light of his previous flirtations with a Skilled Red Magician also on the field.

 - Besides, you have to admit, he is pretty charming. 

Magicians characters as Harry Potter characters:

Quentin Coldwater is obviously their Harry Potter.

Julia Wicker is the Hermione Granger.

Who does everyone else self-descrbe as? Or is is described by others as?

Specifically Eliot?

In a context where they don’t know magic is real or remember Breakbills but they remember the fuck out of Harry Potter and the Fillory books.


So. Originally I meant Adam be my main, but I decided I should go with Azul and Reuben instead, given how many connections they have to the other ocs I and my friend got. They are clearly more of the center of focus.

Also there’s a bio for Azul’s familiar Lasha.

Who is a total hoe. 

At first glance anyway, there’s more to him than that actually.

Anyway, character bio; 

Name: Azul Samaros


Height: 177 cm

Human mage

Age: 25

Dark Arts master of the Kingdom of Valencia


Azul is known to be very quiet, only talking when he legit has things to say. He’s also very blunt and honest, and has a dry sense of humor. He is the type to often take matters into his own hands and act before asking for permission. 

He is a highly protective big brother, and while he tends to act like a dick to his lil bro (who acts like a dick back, it’s a bro thing) he loves Reuben dearly and would literally kill anyone who dared to hurt him.

Despite his apparent grumpy nature, Azul is actually far more patient than one would think initially, as it is really hard to make him angry. He can stand his brother’s mishaps and his familiar’s flirty behavior without batting an eyelid for hours. 

Important people:

His brother Reuben:

His teacher Lionel:

Alexander (his king, TBA)

Mellina (His Queen, TBA)

Helias (former ruler, Gwendolyn’s brother):

Gwendolyn (his GF of sorts and also an Empress):

His brother’s Djinn and his familiar’s love interest Athem:

Familiar Lasha (more info at the end)


Azul is a dark magic mage so he knows a lot about curses and summoning spells, and can perform those as well, not to mention create enchanted objects or poisons. He can also solidify shadows as a weapon. 

He has the ability to put a sleeping spell on people, this one is sort of his trademark as he uses it a LOT, whenever he wants his bro or Lasha to shut up, or if he needs someone to rest due to their injuries.

He can also command Lasha as he pleases, though mainly uses the snake’s skills for intelligence gathering and occasional massages. He doesn’t want to use Lasha in battles too much both because the snake demon might go a bit far, and because he honestly is concerned the dumbass would hurt himself badly. 


His tendency to act before asking for permission can sometimes lead into rather bad results, where he meddles into something he shouldn’t have. 

He is terrible at making friends because most find him highly intimidating. He mainly really chats with his brother casually, or his familiar. Overall, he just has the tendency to come off cold and blunt, which might be learned from the way his teacher acted. His habit of not always getting enough sleep and staying up too much is also learned from Lionel, although in his master’s case it was fine, since as a Chesire, he didn’t need as much sleep as Azul does.

He is a skilled mage, but there are always those who are more skilled, such as his teacher, Lionel, and sometimes Azul overestimates his abilities.

Fun Facts

- Azul is pretty kinky and aggressive lover, which Gwendolyn actually enjoys a lot given how feisty she is.

- He sometimes contacts his wandering teacher trough Astral plane if there is more serious matter to discuss

- Azul’s most precious possession is a ritual knife he got from Lionel (the one he can use to contact him) his teacher, and he is highly possessive over this item due to the incredible emotional value it holds. He will get pissy if anyone touches it without his permission, and might either stab, curse or just punch them, or otherwise make their day miserable. The only two people who are allowed to touch it are Reuben and Lasha.

- His nicknames for Lasha are Lash, hoe, Slutnoodle and dumbass. He calls his brother either Ruby or Reubie (or dumbass number two)

- He himself is nicknamed “the Blue Demon” by the common folk because he tends to terrify them a lot. 

- Azul is one of the very few people Empress Gwendolyn trusts to see the horrid scarring on her back from the demon attack century ago. 

- Azul can go on for days without sleep, though usually someone eventually knocks him out when he starts getting ridiculous with it.

- That claw thing on his finger is something he uses to bleed magic essence from things. it is based on Helias’ feathers that have similar ability.

BG story in a nutshell:

Reuben and Azul were orphaned brothers who were driven off their small island after showcasing signs of magic abilities, due to folk there not used to it. They ended up in Mirthas where they lived up to their late teens, during which time both were trained in their respective magic skills, Azul being trained by Mirthas’ master exorcist Lionel.

During this time, Azul summoned himself a familiar, who freaked Lionel out at first upon realizing he was the same type of demon as the one who’d attacked their Kingdom years ago. However, upon seeing how well Azul connected with the snake, he allowed the boy to keep it. 

Azul ended up in his current Kingdom of Valencia after taking a trip there with his brother and the Empress, who was requested to aid her old friends with something. The two brothers grew fond of the human kingdom and decided to stay, especially after Reuben went and fell in love with their elder prince.

So that’s all about Azul for now

Here’s bits about Lasha

Age: Unknown, but he says he’s at least a couple centuries old

Height: 185 cm

Length (snake form): about 4-5 meters

Demon Type: 

He’s what they call “Arthan” which refers to members of the lost kingdom of Arthanos who ended up succumbing into their own magic power and turning into demons. Another name - the one primarily used - is Silver Night Beasts as often they have an element of their body that appears like the night sky and glimmers silvery with “stars”


He’s highly flirty, physically affectionate and seductive, coming off as somebody highly confident with their looks and not afraid to use that advantage. Most of the time he acts calm and well-mannered, though he is mischievous too, playing tricks on people (harmless; Azul would get pretty angry if he hurt people without permission) and loves being paid attention to. 

That being said, he genuinely cares for his Master and gets highly testy if someone insults Azul or his brother Reuben. As a snake, he can act almost cutesy and silly. 

When it comes to his master brother’s Djinn - whom he knows personally from the past - Lasha’s behavior can change drastically and reminds more of how he used to be as human; loud, aggressive, blunt and easily triggered into hostility. Athem just seems to know exactly how to push his buttons, though the same time it’s pretty obvious to everyone around them that Lasha still loves him.


He is IMMENSELY strong physically, able to even damage the most powerful creature types of their world like Nephilins (Gwendolyn) or White Tigers (Rayna) He can rip humans to shreds with ease, and his claws in human form are so sharp he can cut trough metals and thick rock. 

Lasha, like other demons of his kindred, has a curse he can inflict upon others; his is called “Euphoria” where he can inject or blow powerful poison on people that drives them to extreme bloodlust, or uncontrollable mad cackles that won’t stop, or other extreme types of hormonal rush or so, to the point they eventually die from too much stress put upon your body. 

Lasha can traverse trough shadows like most demons and turn invisible, and see into people’s dreams. He also has a mental link with his master, able to communicate with him wordlessly. 

He’s an excellent dancer as well and gives reeeally good massages.


Being a bound demon, he is not as powerful as he would be when freed. Like majority of dark beings, light magic is pretty effective against him.

In his snake form, he is pretty vulnerable and can get badly hurt from just stepping on him. 

His past has left him with traumas, and at times he might wake up in a fit of anxiety where he is unable to speak, nor change his form from whatever it is (snake or humanoid) even if he wanted to. 

Fun facts:

- Lasha is a lil intimidated by huge ass tall people, because Mirthas’ Kingdom Bear shape-shifter guardian Cain accidentally stepped on him once. it hurt, a lot.

- Lasha’s favorite people to flirt with are his Master and his master’s lady, Gwendolyn. When it comes to the person he ACTUALLY loves (Athem) he’s really aggressive and often argues with him and gets easily testy, namely because that’s how their relationship always was; kind of dysfunctional.

- His curse bases on what he felt when he first transformed into a demon; in Lasha’s case he was in the middle of a bloody battle and was enjoying it to a disturbing degree.

- Ironically, he’s actually calmer now as a demon than he was as a human, according to Athem who knew him when he was human

- Lasha’s favorite napping spot in snake form is his master’s shoulders. In human form he sleeps on Azul’s bed as it’s often unoccupied anyway due to Azul’s night-owl habits.

- The ruby pendant he wears in human form is the symbol of his contract with Azul, as it used to belong to Azul originally.

BG story in a nutshell:

Lasha was once a warrior of Arthanos, a lost Kingdom known for its dark magic and powerful warriors. He was one of the “channelers” warriors who could channel their deity’s magic power. Like every Channeler, he was paired with a normal warrior, who happened to be his childhood friend Athem. 

Athem had been in love with him since they were kids, and always tried to reign in Lasha’s violent tendencies, though rarely succeeding in it. In turn, Lasha found him an “annoying nag” or “party popping, straight-laced, goody-two-shoes bore with a stick up his ass, and not the good kind.”

Despite his harsh words, Lasha did actually return the feelings aimed at him, he just didn’t want to admit it openly.

It was Athem who was forced to banish Lasha into the dark realm once he transformed, as Lasha almost killed him. The snake didn’t really recall Athem or any of these events up until he appeared back into his new life as a Djinn.

Sometime during his demon years, Lasha was under another master who treated him horribly, thus resulting into his traumas. 

The reason why he adores his current master so much is because of his past experience, as Azul is actually decent towards him - aside from the name-calling and smacking his head when he misbehaves - which Lasha is really glad about, as part of him still yearns to be treated like a human and not a monster.


Lot of stuff here.

I’ll update this later on likely, right now my brain is emptied out of creative juices after typing all that on the fly

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