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- You are not gonna cock out on me. - « Cock out » ? - I’d say « pussy » but let’s be honest… which one is tougher ? Margo, c’est chaque semaine de nouvelles merveilles de putain de répliques <3 Magicians

Not gonna make it online tonight! Trapped indoors cos !! 😭❄️💨🌫👀 Currently watching magicians so maybe I’ll learn a spell! 😂 I’d like to get you 💃🏽💄💅🏼

2巻も最高でした🙏 夢中で読みきった💕 早く3巻が読みたくて仕方ないです… I can't wait to see the next episode! Glass Magician

Dance, EDM .ru Смотреть клип Magician - Las Vegas feat. Ebenezer (Lyric Video) ... онлайн на сайте ...

What magical powers would the cast of Magicians choose IRL? Find out now!

Vandaag deze multiple wereldkampioen bike trial live aan ‘t werk gezien. Belgium’s best! Waanzinnig wat met een fiets kan met Respect voor zijn erelijst!

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Thank you, East Coast. Central, Mountain, West Coast get set for some Abra-fuckin’-youknowwhat. MAGICIANS ARE BACK, BITCHES.

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How Mental Health Shapes the Storytelling on MagiciansSYFY Magicians

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Edmund: Is there a word that’s a mix between angry and sad?

Rose: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.

Laura Glue: Smad.

[video] Michael Griffin Fastest Rope Escape Magic In The World

Michael Griffin, America’s Escape Hero & 2-Time Winner of TV’s World Magic Awards shows the World’s fastest escape from rope ever during a performance of his one-man show “50 Shades Of Great” at the ten-fifty eight event center in Sandusky, OH during a sold-out show in February 2018.

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Gentle arms wrap around the taller magician from behind. She just wants to say hello c:

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 -Leaning back into her arms, Arcana let out a tired groan. Tournament where always the WORST every duel, Yugi somehow got either Plumb Boy or himself out on the field, or worse, BOTH of them! Constantly having to come out and put on a ‘calm’ and ‘controlled’ persona was a chore in it’s own right. Luckily- they’d hit a break, letting him sit down and (somewhat) rest before they where called out again.

 - Scale of one to Death- how mad do you think Yugi would be if i just- didn’t show up? Or just- hopped into Kaiba’s deck at the last moment? At least he doesn’t call the same monsters out every single cocking duel.   He said as he crossed his arms over his chest, putting one leg over the other as he did so.

 - I mean- Would that be tacky?