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That moment when you realize you’re taller than Andrew Minyard and Neil Josten

prompt by anonymous

how about a magically de-aged kidfic where the focus is on Andrew’s or Neil’s childhood traumas? the adult half of the pair (and the rest of the Foxes) take care of the kid and carefully maneuver around boundaries built by fears that are suddenly much fresher in mind, and not so hidden by masks and coping mechanisms. Wymack is probably a figure they are wary of. 
Aaron would be very protective of kid Andrew. Maybe a second idea, but what about Andreil meeting/taking care of their kid-selves?

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Andrew loves his junkie 🥅

Did this super quick sketch to try and work out how I see Andrew, and then spent way more time than intended colouring him in 😂 I’m not totally happy with the way it came out but that’s what I get for speed sketching! Hope you enjoy our smol boy 💕

Edit: apologies for the quality, I haven’t yet worked out which res is best for tumblr 🙄

prompt by anonymous

andreil/jerejean prompt: neil forces andrew to go on a double date with jeremy and jean and he actually has fun

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GUYYYSSSS I MADE ANOTHER ONE!!!! I normally get like 1 or 2 notes on my posts if I’m lucky but my last animation got 48, I almost cried I was so happy! So I thought I might try to make another. I’ve never made animations before so this is my second one ever but I do hope to get better with practise!


You guys are something special

“I am a bad person trying very hard to be a good person”

@ziegenkind maybe i should just retire now

  • andrew messaging katelyn once he finds out she's gone into labour: push the babies out you sket we don't have all day
Feels Like Wasted Youth

In Collaboration with @allforthebee


Neil’s current living situation is … complicated.

Between his roommates’ badass rager parties and his neighbors’ constant barging into his apartment, Neil’s sure he can handle anything junior year throws at him

That is until someone leaves a passive-aggressive noise complaint on his door. Unfortunately for the second floor, Neil has skipped the passive and gone full aggressive.

Or the Neighbors AU featuring post-finals parties, ill-timed fire alarms, and helpful campus squirrels.

chapter one chapter two

Chapter Three is up!

Knock, Knock, Who The Fuck Is Stomping

Fire alarm. All of the collective fucks.

Neil was pissed because of course the alarm would go off on the one night that Dan allowed people into their apartment. He was still tipsy, but he wasn’t so far gone that he didn’t realize the state of their apartment was going to be a problem. The colored lights on the walls filled the room with a red haze that threaded its way through the smoke in the room, highlighting the obscene amount of trash and sticky, spilled liquor on the floor. 90s Hip Hop was blaring on the television and it was just enough to convince Neil that his brain was actually melting.

The crowd around him dissolved into hysterics with Alvarez and her girlfriend at the head of the fucking cuckoo train. One second they were smoking a spliff, the next the fire alarm was going off. Laila squawked and Alvarez hopped up out of her crouch on the floor to run around screaming the lyrics to We Didn’t Start The Fire. Somewhere between screaming the timeline of the Cold War, Neil reached out a hand and snagged them by the backs of their shirts, hauling them towards the door as he yelled, “All right, everyone OUT.”

finish on ao3


“Give your back to me”

The Foxhole Court series summarized in 9 words:

Do you ever think about how Neil Josten has had people die for him and his mom before and that’s normal for him and nothing to be upset about, but the Foxes would willingly die for him and that’s not normal for him so he just decided yup I’m dying for these ones?


for @abramdeath for the aftg summer exchange! prompt was (wacky) summer foods that i ended up merging with a social media!au thing


Andrew Minyard is a HUFFLEPUFF and anyone who says differently is, how you say, wrong

Two days ago AFTG was a somewhat normal fandom and now I just saw us referred to as “the sports posse with the boob shirt”

This is the most effort I’m willing to exert, but here’s my addition to the bandwagon @ziegenkind started


here u go @palmettto ily bitch


i like the way you guys think


u know what, im not even sorry. the more titties the better imo

ft. lipstick!neil because i have a weakness