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cigarettesmokeandexyracquets  asked:

Nicky Hemmick or Jeremy Knox in 2D?

i’ve never drawn jeremy before and this must be rectified

also why does this quality suck so hard tumblr why do you hate me

send me more characters!!

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I liked this silly doodle a whole lot so I thought I might share.

It isn’t the best, but hey, have this edit.

Clips come from Cucumber

Its a funny show, highly recommend it

in art class, we have to make clay pinch-pots and add something to them like a design or something, and i HATE CLAY.

my art class ruined it for me bc for three years we did bullshit projects and clay is just SO messy and my anxiety goes NUTS and ugh

but bc im a spiteful asshole, i decided that i was going to do literally the hardest thing is could think of JUST TO SHOW CLAY THAT IT’S MY BITCH.

my immediate thought was to do andreil sitting on the ledge of my ashtray-like bowl smoking and being gay

so im doing it. i already have both neil and andrew’s heads done, plus most of neil’s upper half. LET ME TELL YOU: TRYING TO ATTACH A TINY CLAY NOSE TO A TINY CLAY FACE IS THE MOST TIME CONSUMING AND FUCKING HORRIBLE THING EVER

thankfully, my art teachers like me and since im like, the only one in that class who is actually good at art and not just taking it for the credits, they p much let me have free reign and they give me cool supplies:)


ill post pics soon:))

HI OKAY. I MIGHT HAVE LIED. **art school au update**

So, I did it again. I thought this was going to be a little thing, 3k words. Well, I fuckin lied. I’m at 7k right now, likely to go over 8 or 9, maybe even 10 if i go into the part i intended to end this with. 

I have it ended at one part. but I dont know if it’s working and tonight i dont have time to write the last part until around 10pm. 

With that being said, if it doesnt get posted tonight, it most certainly will tomorrow. 

Shout out to my lovely beta @fuzzballsheltiepants for dealing with my inconsistent, last minute ass. You are an angel. I am eternally grateful and immensely sorry for my general pain-in-the-assness.

Andrew to Neil: I hate you

aftg: exists

my brain: don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

me: hey guys did u know that I love andrew minyard

I was too Stressed™ about the fate of my poor boy Neil when I read tfc the first time to notice how fucking hilarious some moments in it actually are. We especially need to appreciate Nicholas Esteban Hemmick as the comedic genius that he is 👏🏽

Here are some of my favourite Nicky moments, feat. a very unamused Aaron and Kevin being a giant exy obsessed jerk.


My “The Foxhole Court” Fanzine is up on my Esty right now! Grab one for you or your friends!! (Makes an awesome holiday present!) All orders include sticker packs with 5 vinyl stickers!

For those of you still curious what Andrew & Aaron would look like in real life, Danny Devito is 5’ even.

Neil: this could be us…

Andrew: *doesn’t blink as a ball woooshes past him, hitting the wall and lighting the goal up*


*Hears someone say “you know, I get it”*

Brain: Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Don’t say it

Me: Being raised as a superstar must be really, really difficult for you. Always a commodity, never a human being, not a single person in your family thinking you’re worth a damn off the court—yeah, sounds rough. Kevin and I talk about your intricate and endless daddy issues all the time. I know it’s not entirely your fault that you are mentally unbalanced and infected with these delusions of grandeur, and I know you’re physically incapable of holding a decent conversation with anyone like every other normal human being can, but I don’t think any of us should have to put up with this much of your bullshit. Pity only gets you so many concessions, and you used yours up about six insults ago. So please, please, just shut the fuck up and leave us alone.

what are y’all’s fave andreil fics you’re currently reading and/or just finished? i need RECS yo

It’s amazing how in the moment Neil knows that Andrew and Renee couldn’t be together bc Andrew is gay he immediately jumps to ask if Andrew and Kevin are together

Nicky: Let me give you some advice, on 10 to another -

Neil: ???? Your jersy number is 8 not 10??? It wouldn’t make sense to have two 10’s on the court at the same time Nicky you know this.

Nicky: ….oh my god

felixjimmy  asked:

My girl Katelyn.


Song: Your Guardian Angel
Artist: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Song: Someone To You
(!!! she just wants to love Aaron bc she DOES LET HER LOVE AARON I LOVE THEM SO MUCH)

Song: Mess is Mine
Artist: Vance Joy
(this is going to be a mushy gushy playlist oops)

Song: You and I
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
(im sorry this is just so cute if Katelyn sang and played ukulele she would sing this to Aaron and somehow convince him to sing it with her)

Song: Marble Floors
Artist: Vian Izak

Song: Sweater Weather
Artist: The Neighbourhood
(she just vibes with this song man)

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what song/s I associate with them!

partyinsidethetardis  asked:

Andrew for the music thingy!


Song: Middle Fingers
Artist: Missio
(very, very Andrew. pls listen.)

Song: Daylily
Artist: Movements
(i think this is a song for the Andrew that exists after the books. please listen. i think everyone deserves to hear this song.)

Song: Cigarette Daydreams
Artist: Cage the Elephant
(i swear to god this song was written for Andrew, although he might not know it.)

Song: Everything is Color
Artist: Through Juniper Vale
(listen to the lyrics. this song screams Andreil.)

Song: Brother
Artist: Kodaline
(these songs are like self explanatory ksdlskdlsf but this is the internalized, lowkey Andrew.)

Song: I Found
Artist: Amber Run

Song: Dear
Artist: Cavetown
(again, this might be more internalized Andrew.)

Song: I Shaped Myself Around You
Artist: Vian Izak
(this is my favorite song. ever. please listen.)

Song: 5AM
Artist: Amber Run

Song: Choke

Song: Fool
Artist: Frankie Cosmos

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what song/s I associate them with!

anonymous asked:



Song: Bird Song
Artist: Through Juniper Vale
(this one is more like Nicky+Eric bUT IT STILL WORKS ITS VERY CUTE)

Song: Lucky
Artist: Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat
(most of these will probs be Nicky+Eric but oh well anyway this song is super adorable)

Song: Drop Everything
Artist: Capital Cities
(i literally love this song SO MUCH and it could apply to like literally anyone for Nicky he loves his friends and team so much ohmygods)

Song: Dancing Queen
Artist: ABBA
(i think it would be an actual crime if i didn’t include this song on this post)

Song: Last Night
Artist: Trilane
(i just really feel like Nicky would blast this song and sing it at the top of his lungs or maybe play it at one of his parties or something I DONT KNOW ITS GIVING ME NICKY VIBES)

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what song/s I associate them with!
Freckles Chapter 3 - Nikotheamazingspoonklepto - All For The Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: All For The Game - Nora Sakavic
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Neil Josten/Aaron Minyard
Characters: Aaron Minyard, Neil Josten, Matt Boyd, Danielle “Dan” Wilds, Nicky Hemmick, Andrew Minyard, Kevin Day, Katelyn (All For The Game)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Strangers to Lovers, Cute, Sweet, Bisexual Aaron?, Demisexual Neil, Big Brother Matt, Shy, Oblivious Neil Josten, no exy, Alternate Universe - No Exy (All For The Game), First Kiss, Boys Kissing, awww, No Incest, Aaron Minyard deserves love, Falling In Love, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

Neil is desperate for a little help in Biology. His new tutor Aaron is desperate for a little sleep. Neil doesn’t quite understand the reason for all of Aaron’s blushes, but it won’t hurt to keep studying him to find out…will it?

jeaneils  asked:

HELLO INTERACTION write me some jerejean headcanons bitch (IF U WANNA IF U WANNA) (ILY BAE)

i cant believe youre asking me to write headcanons about jerejean when i only recently had to stop correcting jean’s name in my head

but if you insist:

  • we all fucking known jean is gonna go the fuck back to his home eventually bc boy misses him some good ass Marseille
  • so after they both go pro and they’re okay, they’re okay, they’re okay because everything’s over and they don’t have to worry they can BREATHE, they go to marseille together
  • jean gets to show jeremy the places that he only vaguely remembers from his childhood and he gets to make new memories that aren’t tainted by moriyama shackles around his wrist
  • the leash is gone and jean is free. and he has the sun travelling with him
  • jeremy’s never been to marseille before, but jean is so so so different here, it’s like all the black and red has finally been sucked from his soul and all that’s left is his tall french bastard boyfriend speaking gentle french and telling him all about these places that he has and hasn’t been 
  • jean also makes jeremy eat all the fuckin french food he can bc guess the fuck what. they’re in marseille and who the fuck cares about pro exy diets when they’re in marseille??!??? not jerejean thnx
  • jean has to do a lot of the talking be jeremy knows minimal french still even tho him and jean are slowly working on his skills. it’s getting there, he swears!
  • but yeah jean does a lot of the talking, which is different bc it’s usually riko pulling the strings but he’s not there and it’s just him and jeremy and people with similar accents to him that speak his mother tongue and there’s no polluting that. 
  • riko tried to take this away from him, but now he has so, so, so much more. 
  • he’s happy. he is. jeremy is happy because jean is happy and jean is happy to see everything that he had taken away from him
  • he never thought that he’d see this. he never thought that he’d get what he’d lost back and to think that he had so much more now…
  • edgy boy needs so happiness in his life let him go to marseille please 

i should say that i do not think abt jerejean often but i did think abt it for u ! bc i dont rly think abt it this is small and kind of shitty but i tried 4 u z :( i did