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“You will go on to do great things.” (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “Venting to Gray about how you feel like you aren’t going anywhere in your life atm and you just don’t feel like you’re being productive at all but he’s being so sweet and reassuring you about all your doubts”


“Ugh, why can’t I fucking get this right.” You sighed as you got yet another question wrong on your exam review. You’d been studying for hours, yet you couldn’t seem to grasp the concepts you were learning in class. After a while of forced studying and feel bad for yourself, you heard your front door open and saw Grayson come in.

“Hey baby. What are you doing here?” You asked as he walked over to you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“We agreed on me coming over this weekend.” He said as he sat on the edge of your bed.

“We did?”

“Yeah, earlier this week. Since I couldn’t come over last weekend.” He explained.

“Oh, right. Yeah, I remember.” You sighed, turning your attention back to your review. “Sorry, I’ve been out of it for the past couple of days. I failed an assignment the other day, and it’s kinda thrown me off.”

“No worries. You looked super stressed, though. C'mon, take a break from studying for a while. Let’s go get something to eat.” He said, taking your hand in his. You nodded and followed him out to his car and he drove the two of you to a nearby restaurant.

After your food was delivered, you suddenly no longer had an appetite, so you sat there just pushing your food around on your plate.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Grayson asked, a worried look on his face. You just shook your head, wanting to avoid any and all conversation about how you were feeling.

“Nothing, I don’t really wanna bother you with it.” You said, your eyes locked on your plate. Grayson moved over to your side of the booth and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“It’s not gonna bore me. Talk to me, I wanna help you get through whatever is bothering you.” He said, hugging you tight. You looked up at him and forced a smile.

“I don’t know, I’ve just been so stressed out about school, and failing that assignment has really thrown me off. I haven’t been fully understanding everything we’ve been learning in my classes, and I just feel like I’m gonna continue to fail, I’m never gonna get my degree, and nothing is ever going to work out the way I want it to.” You explained, beginning to cry. You began going on and on about how you felt you were never going to amount to anything, and how you were gonna end up working a minimum-wage, dead end job, and be buried in loan debt.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t talk like that. I understand being upset about a failed assignment, but all this "I’m never gonna amount to anything” talk is way out of line. I know you better than that, and you should know yourself. You’re so smart, and you’re so dedicated, and I know for a fact that whatever life throws at you, you will tackle it with no problem.“ He said. He placed his hand under your chin and lifted your head to meet your eyes. "Whenever you graduate, with honors and as the valedictorian in your class, you will go on to do great things. I know that for a fact.”

“Okay, now you’re expecting too much from me.” You laughed, resting your head on his shoulder.

“No I’m not. I know you can do it. And when you do, I’ll be there at your graduation ceremony, and I’ll be the first one to say I told you so.” He laughed, resting his head on yours.

You finished eating, and once you got home, you were too tired to do anymore studying, so you and Grayson got ready for bed.

The rest of the weekend, Grayson spent the time helping you study and you actually felt more prepared than usual when it was time to take your exam.

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mob!grayson coming home to a note threatening him and his girl and his girl is crying bc she got home first and read it and is scared absolutely shitless

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” It wasn’t eveyday that Grayson walked into his home with his fiance in tears and judging by the mascara stains against the reddened cheeks shown she’s been at it for a while.

“I can’t do this gray. I-i can’t live my life looking over my shoulder.”

“Hey hey baby relax.” His fingers twitch at the idea of comforting her through tears but the white paper in front of her caught his attention. In seconds he was taking in every word scribbled on the paper and just like that it was crumbled in his hands. Despite the anger boiling deep inside his chest fueling his head hot he pressed kiss against her cheek. “You know i would never ever let anything happen to you.”

“Its not only me Grayson.” It’s hard to form sentences with the growing lump in her throat. Hands shaking with fear reach for his in an attempt of warmth. Some type of warmth to comfort this cold feeling inside her chest. “You are going to get yourself killed. This person is going to kill you.”

“Peach please stop you’re making yourself sick.” He wanted to tell her how he recieved these threats daily, that this letter was nothing but a scare tactic but that would only increase her worry and at this point he couldn’t stand to see her shaking with fear any longer.

“Everything will be okay.” With a kiss against her forehead he scoops her up from the stool. With a bath together filled with soap and touch, a way to comfort her along with brushing her hair and laying her to bed he subdued her fear for now. His eyes met the sleeping beauty who laid next to him, eyes taking in her. Very carefully he rises from the bed pressing a kiss to her forehead and slipping out the front door not before telling one of his guys to stay and protect her.

He had some businesses to attend to and it was towards that man who wrote that not that made his angel so upset.

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Moonlight. (4) natural instincts.

warning: before reading this book you must understand it is fictional, and the twins are both werewolves and have animal like personalities. also this is a Grayson x reader x ethan story :)

|| series masterlist. (i cannot link it atm but if you do to my tumblr and type in moonlight it will appear)

Ethan couldn’t help as his body filled with desire, it practically oozed from his pores. On the other hand Y/N was terrified of the yellow irises that looked her up in down in desire. It was natural extinct to need for her, to desire her.

Suddenly in seconds she was crushed between the wall and his body. His skin hot with desire as her finger tips meet the arm of his skim extinictly. The moment his hardness pressed against her stomach her hands met with his chest with an attempt to push him away but it was no use as he stood tall like a brick wall.

His lips found the scent of grayson along her neck pressing into the delicate skin. His wolf was suppressed inside but growled internally at the scent of his brother along her skin. His soft lips pressed against the softness of skin, the most valuable part of her whole body. Despite being dangerously close to her jugular he wished nothing but to feel her skin, to get rid of Gray’s scent. Despite the close proximity, too close for her comfort, goosebumps of pleasure ran up skin. A shiever sinking into pores causing bumps to appear rapidly against skin. “Ethan stop!”

All extinct had taken over Ethan at this point his wolf had completely taken over, ready to take what is his. His lips met hers with desperation as she pushed him away again. “Why won’t you kiss me my queen?”

“She said stop brother.” Grayson basically roars as he weakily climbs to his feet, teeth snarling at his brother.

Ethan gently let’s her down without a thought of her protection first. In minutes his teeth were bared to his brother, in stance mode ready to attack at any given time. Despite being weakened Grayson stands his ground, head held high. An alpha never backs up from a challenge.

In the exact moment Y/N realized this is what would happen. The two males destined for the role of alpha fighting over the female they claimed was theres. No matter the circumstances she would always be the reason for the brothers fighting, who was she to tare to brothers who have been binded since birth?

“What will you do brother? As from my sight you can barely stand let alone fight me.” Ethan snarls as Grayson continues to hold his ground. Ethan’s eyes were still yellow indicating his wolf was still in charge.

This change was hard for the twins of the moon. Not only did it take a toll on their bodies from breaking every bone in their body to controlling the extra testosterone that was admitted with their mate being around.

“Stop already!” Y/n’s voice raising with annoyance at the constant bickering of them. Grayson immediately stood down when an order came from his other half. Ethan’s wild on the other hand snarled, wanting her to back down. Ethan was the alpha, not her and he demanded respect. Grayson pushed Y/n behind him in attempt of attacking his brother but he was to slow as Ethan dodged it, sinking his teeth into his neck pulling a patch of skin from it.

Blood pumped profusely from the wound, sliding down his neck and onto the tanned skin of his muscular chest. In a split second she took stance on front of ethan. “What is wrong with you?!”

Ethan was internally fighting himself trying to suppress the wolf back into his mind. Grayson’s touch, his hand wrapping around hers brought the feeling that scared her so much. These men in front of her are complete strangers but give her fulfillment like no other.

“I’m sorry.” Ethan apologizes quickly to his brother which is clearly accepted as he nods. Ethan’s unsure eyes meet hers with fear of her hating him. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Sometimes he still has a hold on me.”

This was true. He had spent decades being trapped in the back of his wolf form, he was still conscious all those years just not in control. Y/n nods unsurely as Ethan sighs. His heart was heavy with her unsureness but he chose not to push it any further.

Hours have passed and the twins grow worried of her quietness. She says nothing, only sits at the small table that was crafted by Grayson’s own hands. What was more worried some was she didn’t bother with the food placed in front of her or the generous cup of water. The white wall seemed to speak to her since it was the only thing her eyes have met.

They decided it was best for Grayson to approach her. Ethan was worried he would only upset her more then she currently was despite how much the muscles in his body burned and twitched at the thought of comforting her along with allowing grayson to touch her instead.

“Why haven’t you eaten my half?” Grayson’s voice was soft as he sunk to his knees in front of her showing his most vulnerable state. With grayson’s experience when dealing with upset she-wolves it was ideal to show weakness. Depsite how much she wanted to look away the pull to this male was strong, his shoulder’s rounded with muscles along with his thick arms shaped by the ‘moon goddess’ herself. Without second thought her eyes meet the tanned skin of his neck, right at the base of where neck and shoulders meet. For some odd reason she felt the need to touch it. Her lips tingle with the thought of kissing it often like how Grayson and Ethan did to her.

“I am not hungry.” It came out colder then expected causing Grayson to sigh loudly. Despite how much it stung he didn’t like the uneasy feeling that filled his stomach from her. Both twins felt the affect of her mood making them both equally sad as her.

“You haven’t eaten since yesterday. Please eat love.” Grayson couldn’t help but reach to feel her skin and the moment he does she backs away from his touch no matter how much it hurt to do so.

“I am not your love!” She exclaims loudly as the back of chair falls to the ground as she stands her ground. To the wolves buried inside these men they growled, showing their dominance, wanting to show her that disrespect wasn’t tolerated. “Do not touch me. This is ridiculous. This claim you two think you have on me scares me! Just because we are connected in some weird ass moon way doesn’t mean you can keep me here! I have friends and family. I need to go home.”

“Your home is where we are.” Ethan finally speaks with poison, anger radiating from his skin. Grayson’s eyes meet his brother with challenge knowing that he was having trouble containing his wolf side.

“I don’t even know you!” Ethan’s growl is animalistic as it vibrates his chest. His wolf no longer tolerating the disrespect she was showing. Grayson understood, he was completely in control of his wolf but knew the situation his brother faced is difficult.

“She is scared Ethan. She was raised wrong, not the true way.” Grayson tries to tame the beast with a soft tone. Y/n scoffs at the words trying to push past gray only to be stopped by the roughness of his hand.

“It is true. You belong with us. You can’t deny what you have seen, what we showed you. No matter what you believe your faith has been chosen for you.” Grayson argues not allowing her to finish her path to the door.

“You are a luna. Despite those humans supressing your wolf in you. She is there. A natural born leader and provider.” Ethan says, “you will help guide our pack.”

“What pack? Last time i checked it was only you two assholes!” Her words laced with venom as Grayson moves from his spot only to left the back of the chair with ease back into its proper spot. “Sit down. And we will not guide, we will stay here.”

Ethan’s attention is now on his brother. “We will go.”

Grayson had promised himself to stay calm towards her but his brother was another story as he flips his lips to reveal the sharpened fangs. “We will stay. We will not go back to that life!”

“You wish to defy the queen that made us? She specifically told us what to do Grayson. You heard her, you felt her power. How stupid are you?” Once again the brothers were facing each other. The room reeked of dominace and anger. Despite her lack of wolf she could smell the musty air of the room.

“Do I get a say about any of this?!”

“No!” The twins growled together and Grayson’s hand came down on the table angrily. “Now eat before we make you.”

It had been two quiet for Ethan’s liking as time passed. Ethan as well as Y/N were concentrated on the books in front of them while Grayson had made himself a bath. His aching muscles that still buzzed with anger from some time ago finally relaxed as the water massaged his skin. By this time the wound on his neck was completely healed other then the small print of his brother’s teeth. The soft yawn had caught both of their attention, snapping their heads in the way of the direction it came from.

Despite the words said earlier and his angry Ethan’s soft voice broke the silence. “Come sleep love.”

Even though she was still mad the invitation of sleeping on the soft furs where Ethan sat was the best idea of the day. Gray was distracting as he rose from the water, his nudity the least of his concerns as he mets her eyes with a smirk. He wanted to tell her to look, that this body was crafted for her and her only. The pattle of her feet against the wood floor was music to Ethan’s ears as he anticipated the warmth of her skin.

Ethan finally puts the book to rest watching as she quickly sits next to him. “I’m covered in goop.”

Ethan couldn’t help but crack a smile as he looks at Gray who was already a step ahead of him as he used his bath water to wet the rag. The cold water pressed against her face made her hiss away from Grayson’s touch. “It’s freezing!”

Grayson replaced the patch of coldness with his warm lips sending a small shock down her skin. Ethan had now began to rub the other side of her body. It was nice for the both of them. Being providers, taking care of their queen.

As soon as she was clean Grayson had returned with her shirt slipping it over her head.

“I’m sorry for my hostile behaviour, for yelling at you.” Even though gray had said the words Ethan presses his lips against her shoulder in an apology.

The candle was blown out from Ethan’s lips making the room fall dark. Once again she spent the night squished between the two men. It felt so right to touch their skin, smell their scent but she still felt rash about this and was wishing she was home.

“Anyone would incredibly lucky to date you.” (Ethan)

Based off the song Singles you Up by Jordan Davis


If he ever singles you up, if he’s ever stupid enough
I’ma be the first one calling you baby


Ethan’s POV

I was out at a bar one evening, just unwinding after a hectic week, when I heard a familiar voice as the music cut out. I looked down the bar and saw an old friend of mine, (Y/N). We met in college and became super close, enough to still see each other every once in a while. I’d had a crush on her for a while, but once she started seeing another guy that we knew, Michael, who she was at the bar with, I knew that I had to push those feelings aside, no matter how badly I wished that she would be mine.

She turned my direction and I saw her eyes widened as soon as she saw me.

“Ethan!” She cheered as she walked over to me. I gave her a smile as I got up to greet her, all my feelings coming back as we hugged.

“(Y/N), hey. How have you been? It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other.” I sighed.

“I’ve been good. Work’s been keeping me busy, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. How are you doing?” She asked.

“Busy too, but I like to be kept busy. I like being productive.” I smiled. We sat there for a while, talking and catching up, telling each other things that have happened since the last time we spoke, which, at this point, had been almost two months.

“White wine? That’s not your usual.” I said as I listened to her order another drink.

“I can’t hang anymore like I used to in college. This is my second glass, and I’ll probably just switch to water or something.” She laughed.

“I don’t believe that at all. Whenever you post pictures on your girls nights, you always have a cocktail glass in your hand.”

“I don’t drink like that when I’m with Michael. I’m always the designated driver when the two of us go out. When I’m out with my girls, we order ubers.”

“He’s never the designated driver?” I asked, and she shook her head. “That’s not fair. You should be able to have fun anytime you’re out.”

I looked over at Michael who was downing another beer, laughing with the guys he was with. Personal biases aside, I’ve always thought that (Y/N) could do so much better than him. Michael and I were never close, but I never really felt like a friendship was there between us. And now that he was with (Y/N), I really didn’t want to try to be his friend.

(Y/N) and I spent hours talking, and it felt just like old times, retelling stories and reminiscing, and talking about new things. And in all that time, not once did Michael come up to us. Him and (Y/N) barely spoke to each other the entire time we were talking, nor did it really seem like they were worried about each other.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” She asked abruptly.

“Uh, not at the moment, no.” I sighed. “Like I said, I’ve just been super busy.”

“That’s no reason to keep you from seeing someone.”

“Well, if I’m being honest, I’ve had this thing, I guess, for someone that I know. But there’s no way she’d ever wanna be with me.” I stared down at my glass as I spoke, not wanting to look at (Y/N).

“Oh yeah? Tell me about her.” She said, sounding way too eager.

“Well,” I began, not really knowing what to tell her without being too specific, “we’ve been friends for a long time and we’ve always been super close. She’s great, really. She’s so funny, she’s driven, and she’s so so beautiful. But, she’s with someone else, who I think is a complete jackass, but I don’t want to come between them. She seems happy with him, and I’m happy for her, but I just wish someday she’d see that she’d be so much happier with me than him. I hate how jealous that sounds, but I really do hope that one day she’d see me and think, ‘wow, I can’t believe I ever thought of being with someone other than you.’”

“That doesn’t sound jealous. It sounds desperate, but not jealous.” She teased.

“Desperate is my middle name.” I laughed.

“Ethan, listen to me,” she began. I turned to her and she placed her hands on my cheeks. “You are a complete catch. You’re so handsome, and you’re so sweet and loving, and anyone would incredibly lucky to date you. I hope that whoever this girl is, she realizes that.” She said.

“Apparently she already does, because she is you.” I thought to myself. I just forced a smile and looked up at her, no longer knowing what to say.

“It’ll probably be sooner than you think.” She said with a smile.

“Let’s hope.” I sighed, sitting up and finishing my drink. Just then, Michael stumbled over to us and leaned against (Y/N).

“Hey hon, you remember Ethan, right?” (Y/N) said to him.

“Yeah, what’s up man? How have you been?” He slurred, barely holding his eyes open. We exchanged a quick hello before he began whining, saying he was ready to go home.

“Alright, let’s get you to the car and we’ll go home.” (Y/N) said as she stood up. She turned to me and smiled. “Ethan, it was so good seeing you. We’ve gotta see each other again soon.” She said as we hugged.

“Yes, I agree. Let’s hope our schedules agree as well.” I laughed.

“And don’t give up on that girl. She’ll come around.” She said, patting me on the back. She pressed a quick kiss to my cheek before she began to walk off. I watched as her and Michael walked out of the bar and I found myself beginning to follow them out to the parking lot.

“Hey, one more thing before you leave.” I said to (Y/N) after she helped Michael into the car.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“If he ever is crazy enough to break up with you, give me a call.” I said quietly, pressing a kiss to her cheek. She stared up at me as she began to piece together the puzzle.

“I will.” She said with a smile.

I watched as they drove off, giving (Y/N) a small wave before she got too far. I walked to my car and let out a sigh of relief. I was glad I finally told her how I felt, but I hoped that things would change soon.

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Okay so I saw where you reblogged some writing prompt quotes. Just wondering if I can get some sort of imagine where the reader is dating Grayson and he uses the line “Does it look like I give a fuck?” Thanks much love

#1: “Does it look like I give a fuck?”

Dating Grayson was an absolute dream. He was everything you’d ever wanted in a guy. He was kind, generous, and he never failed to make you laugh. You were completely smitten with him, and when you were with him, you felt like you were on top of the world.

No one is perfect, though, and Grayson certainly came with a lot. Nine million devoted, loving fans, to be exactly. Most of the time, they were absolutely lovely. There were a lot of people who were happy for Grayson because he had you. There were fan accounts made for your relationship, and even some made for you. You were adored by many of them.

But there were fans who did not hesitate to vocalize their disdain for you. You took away the possibility of Grayson being with them. Though you could class them as delusional, you couldn’t deny that you knew what it felt like to obsess over a celebrity. To convince yourself you were in love with them. To swear you were meant to be with them. But, your empathy didn’t make it hurt any less when insults and death wishes were hurled at you on a daily basis.

At first, you scoffed at them. Even make jokes referencing them. Once, Grayson told you he was busy and couldn’t come over, so you texted him back saying “is it because my toes are too big? 🥺”

And yes, that was an actual criticism.

But after months of being told the same things over and over — you weren’t fit enough for Grayson, you weren’t funny enough for Grayson, you weren’t pretty enough for Grayson — you felt your mind turning against you and convincing yourself they were true.

On a particularly mentally draining day, you were curled up in your bed, scrolling through a twitter thread of the most viscous comments you’d ever seen directed at yourself, or anyone for that matter. You knew it was only going to make matters worse, but you were spiraling, and you couldn’t stop.

You felt yourself sniffling, feeling your breaths get shorter, and knew the tears were coming. You felt strong waves of emotion crashing over you, and as the tears started falling, you opened your texts and sent Grayson a message without thinking.

Grayson’s phone vibrated with a text, and seeing your name light up his phone made him smile. But when he read your frantic text, his heart nearly stopped beating.

baby 💞: i can’t do this anymore im sorry

He felt his palms begin to sweat and his heart clenched in his chest. He thought back to every word he’d spoken to you in the last week, trying to remember if he did anything wrong. He texted you back quickly, already standing to grab his keys and make his way over to you.

gray 🧸: be right there

His text made you start crying harder, not wanting him to see you so weak. But at the same time, you wanted nothing more than to be held. You didn’t move from your spot, crying softly into your pillow.

You heard the quick rapts of Grayson’s knuckled on the front door of your apartment, and slowly made your way out of your safe, comfortable bed, opening the door and looking up at your boyfriend through blurry, tear filled eyes.

He stepped into your apartment, closing the door softly behind himself before wrapping his arms around you. You melted into his embrace, wanting to absorb his warmth and bask in the feeling of security he gave you. But your insecurities were creeping up on you again, and with a quiet sob, you pushed him away, stepping further into your aparment to put some distance between the two of you.

“Baby, what’s wrong? What did I do?” Grayson asked you, walking slightly closer, sadness laced in his voice.

“Nothing, you didn’t do anything,” you sighed, trying to stop the tears that kept coming, making in hard to speak.

“What happened, then?”

You bit your quivering lip, bringing your fingers up to your face to cover it. “They don’t like me,” you said, your voice high pitched through your tears.

“Who?” he asked desperately, wanting to know how to fix it. He’d kill anyone responsible for hurting you.

“Your fans,” you said, your voice shaky. His heart dropped down through his body, quivering with a strong ache. His fans were everything to him — he loved them so much. They were the reason he could do what he loved. And it broke his heart to watch them hurt you.

With his shoulders slack with the weight of the world, he walked over to you, closing the gap. He wrapped his arms around you again, resting his cheek against the top of your head. “That’s not true, baby. It’s not true. They love you,” he tried to assure you.

“They think I’m too ugly for you,” you protested, every hateful comment running through your head at a million miles an hour, permanently etched into your memory.

“You’re so beautiful, (Y/N), don’t say that.”

“They don’t want you to be with me!” Though you were clutching him to you, you felt torn, wanting to run from him and just be alone. Because you felt like you didn’t deserve him.

“Does it look like I give a fuck?” Grayson asked, his voice stern. He hated hearing you say these things. He hated that the people that meant the most to him were doing this to you.

Caught off gaurd, you looked up at him, meeting his strong gaze. “You’re my girl. You’re the girl who has the number one place in my heart. We have something special together. I love you.”

Your heart swelled, feeling the pain alleviate from your chest. He continued, “My fans are important to me. They make everything possible for me. But some of them are crazy.”

You giggled, and he was happy to hear the sound after hearing you cry. He kissed the top of your forehead, and continued. “I’m sorry they’re making you doubt yourself. I wish I could make them stop. I would be devastated if they drove you away from me.”

You felt like crying again, but this time because you’d really almost given up. You reached up, and Grayson brought his lips down to yours. You kissed him sweetly, whispering “I love you” into his mouth. The two of you stayed there for a moment, as lost in each other as you usually were.

He spent the rest of the night with you, cuddling in your bed, watching your favorite sitcom and eating some take out. He took a picture of the two of you holding hands, with you lovingly curled up against him, posting it to his instagram and twitter, captioned my favorite girl. He knew it was adding fuel to a fire, but he would do anything to show you how much he loved you, and how much he wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

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omg #38 with college!e/frat!e

#38: Be prepared to add a cute emoji next to my name because you’re gonna love me.

It was a dreary afternoon in the middle of the Spring semester of 2019. The lecture hall was filled with students of varying degrees and GPAs, this being a core class. HIST 102, Western Heritage, classically assigned by damn near every university in America.

Being such a high demand class, it was held in a huge lecture hall; the kind with two movie theater-esque screens and a surround sound system which the professor spoke over. It was relatively quiet in the lecture hall, as it was fifteen minutes into class and the professor was an older man with a soft voice.

The quiet was disrupted by none other than frat god Ethan Dolan. He opened the creaky door, not bothering to soften the blow of it slamming shut behind him. He paused at the top, surveying the several ascending rows. To anyone else, he was looking for an open seat. But you knew better. He was looking for an open seat next to you, specifically.

And much to your dismay, there would always be one. See, Ethan had made it clear to everyone who had ears that there had better always be an open seat on either your left or right side for him to claim. Which was not only embarrasing, it was annoying. He’d decided you were to be his conquest. Originally, you were only supposed to be his conquest of the week. But when you rejected him, it became of the month; an honorary title.

But even then, you rejected him once again, not having any desire to be just another fuck to a slimy frat boy like him.

The more you rejected him, the more he wanted you. He’d never force himself on to you, but he was absolutely determined to earn you. You and everyone else thought this was just Ethan trying to get a good lay, but it was so much more than that to him.

You kept him on his toes, you made him work. He’d never had to pursue a girl for this long in his life. He wasn’t even sure if he was guaranteed to get you in the end — but as long as you kept running, he’d keep chasing.

He smirked as he found the top of your head, moving quickly as you turned your attention from the slides and the lecture to your notes to jot down information. He noisily plopped his bag down next to you, which would have startled you if you weren’t used to it. Ethan had a tendency to make an entrance.

He sat down beside you, the chair the kind that was stationary but could rotate at a 180° angle, and he oriented his body so it was directed towards you. It took everything inside you not to sigh at him. You decided to just try to focus on the lecture and the notes.

“You should text me those notes,” he whispered, his smirk ever-present.

There he goes again.

Besides being on the biggest mission on campus to fuck you, he was adamant about getting your number. He’d tried to find it through other people, through Facebook even, but came back empty handed. It drove him insane that he couldn’t drive you insane at all hours of the day. He had to wait until this one stupid class he had with you three times a week to hear from you.

“I’m not giving you my number,” you whispered back, your voice monotone.

“Aww c’mon, I need those notes.”

“Then maybe,” you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm, “try getting here on time and taking some of your own.”

He feigned being hurt, placing a hand over his heart dramatically. You fought a smile. Even as much as you couldn’t stand the kid, he knew how to make you laugh. But you hated giving him the satisfaction.

“Why would I do that when I have you?” he asked, leaning in closer to you.

“Because you don’t have me,” you snorted, rolling your eyes.

You cursed softly as your professor switched slides before you could get the definition for feudalism, glaring at Ethan. He was always making you lose focus long enough to miss a word or concept that you’d be angry at yourself for not getting later.

With a shit eating grin, he chuckled at your clear frustration. He pulled out a mechanical pencil from his pocket, seemingly the only thing he brought, and ejected some of the led. He proceeded to rest his head on one of his arms while he started doodling on the corner of your page.

An invasive thought struck you: this was cute. And Ethan tended to do little things like this; intimate actions that made him feel like a close friend, made you feel comfortable and at ease with him. It made it hard to keep pushing him away.

But of course, he was still Ethan, and he drew dicks on the corner of your paper. You sighed, looking at the fallic sketches exhaustedly. Your eyes travelled up to meet his, and his boyish, childish grin made you crack — you giggled. His eyes lit up when he made you laugh, and he even felt a little blush on his cheeks.

He continued doodling, his little sketches stretching along the header of your notes. He started drawing turtles and even put them on a little beach with a sun over in the corner. You weren’t even mad that you were distracted from the lecture as you watched him pull his bottom lip between his teeth in concentration.

He looked up from his drawings to see you staring at him, a blush spreading over your face while a smirk spread across his. He just chuckled, focusing again on his doodle. Just as he was finishing up, the professor called an end to the lecture. You started to gather your stuff up, putting it into your bag. Ethan picked up his extremely light bag, proceeding to follow you out of the lecture hall and into the hallway of the building.

You watched him warily, as he usually didn’t follow you out of your class with him. He caught you off guard, smiling softly. “I really want your number,” he said.

“I want an iced coffee,” you told him, already walking towards Starbucks.

“Tell you what. If I buy you an iced coffee, you give me your number.”

You thought about it for a moment, eyeing him cautiously and mulling over the consequences of giving him your number. You had to admit, he was starting to grow on you. He was cute, he was funny, and he seemed to be pretty interested in you.

You sighed, an irrepressible smile taking over your features. “Fine.”

The biggest, giddiest smile danced across his face. “Really?” he asked, hopeful you weren’t just getting his hopes up.

Yes, Dolan, really. You better not make me regret it.”

“Be prepared to put a cute emoji next to my name because you’re gonna love me,” he promised, wiggling his eyebrows.

Later that evening, Ethan was practically blowing up your phone. The second you texted him, he was texting you back. He’d even managed to get your snapchat from you, and had worked his way up to your number one best friend on the app in less than twelve hours.

so, what did you put as my emojis?

You smirked, shaking your head. You replied,

🐢🍆, for defacing my notes

When he saw them, he tossed his head back in laughter. He watched as the little dots appeared, waiting to see what you would say.

what are my emojis?

He looked at your contact, which was just the first letter of your name and a red heart, a blush spreading over his cheeks. He lied,

🍑, i think you know why

You sighed, but still felt a weird sense of flattery. But you had to keep him in his place, so you said,

goodnight, turtle penis

He chuckled, and decided to have a little inside joke to himself,

night ❤️

The Dolan Triplets → G. D / E.D

Requested by Anon: could u do one where the reader is the twins’ sister. like she’s their triplet??? and kinda just fluff when they do videos with u and u live with them in LA so ur always with them and stuff and theyre protective and just kind of fluffy?

a/n: this is the first, and last, sibling type of stuff I will ever make tbh ajsjskdkjd


Being a part of the ‘Dolan Triplets’ let you in on a lot. Even though you weren’t a youtuber like your brothers were, or a social media influencer even, you still managed to get tons of followers and fans everywhere. The fans loved you. You were iconic.

Ethan being 20 minutes older than you and Grayson always gave him an excuse to boss you around. He was your 'older brother’. But for some reason, Ethan could easily be the laziest one out of all of you, leaving you and Grayson to do the most chores and what not. It had always been like that. Even back in New Jersey, you and Grayson had always done the most together. That being said, being around Grayson more than anyone else allowed for many, many arguments and discussions to be made. But, of course, you loved your brothers nonetheless.

“Shut up, you’re so annoying!” you yelled at Grayson where the two of you sat on the couch.

“You shut up! You’re just jealous.” he replied harshly, being as cocky as ever.

“No I’m not. I just don’t get the whole Gucci/Balenciaga thing.” you shrugged, furrowing your eyebrows and pulling a weird face at him.

Grayson got up from the couch and threw his hands in the air. “How can you not like that?! Where’s your fasion sense?” he replied in confusion.

You sat upright and looked him dead in the eyes. “You look ridiculous, Gray. Nobody thinks you’re cool.”

Your other brother came storming into the livingroom.“Alright, enough! We seriously need to start filming.” Ethan announced, trying to play his role as the older brother shutting your little argument up.

As you stood up from the couch Grayson lightly shoved you and pulled a face, causing you to crash right back down to the couch. “Gray! Stop!” you yelled, frustrated over his physique.

He ran off to the hallway, but you quickly fought your way past Ethan and caught up with Grayson. You kicked your foot out in front of him causing him to stumble over your feet before bumping into the wall. “Ow!” he groaned as he hit the wall, face first.

You stuck out your tongue and pulled a funny face. “Suck on that, loser!” you mocked, picking up your pace as you raced to the recording room.

Ethan set everything up for your filming session. The bright ringlight surrounded their big camera that was placed on top of the tripod.

Ethan sat down on the purple couch while Grayson stood by the camera, focusing it and preparing the mic.

“Y/N, are you ready yet?” Ethan shouted at you standing in another room.

“Coming! Just gotta fix my makeup!” you replied before finishing up your makeup and checking yourself out in the mirror.

“Let’s just start without her.” Grayson shrugged.

“Yeah, she’s probably gonna take for ever.” Ethan laughed in return.

“1..2..3..” Grayson said softly. “We’re back! And today we have a special guest…” the boys said in unison before stretching out an arm to introduce you to the camera after you finally finished fixing yourself up.

Aiming for the little space between Ethan and Grayson, you crashed your butt down between them, causing them to let out a synchronized groan at your weight.

“Y/N!” you cheered, looking at the camera.

Grayson pushed your leg off his knee before continuing with the video. “Yes. And today we’re doing the sibling tag slash challenge.”

“We know how much you’ve missed Y/N so we finally brought her back to our channel, just to please you guys.” Ethan continued from where Grayson left off.

The video included tons of questions their viewers had sent in on twitter, as well as some dares and challenges you had to do as triplets.

After the video finished you all headed for the kitchen to get some food. “Why can’t we just order something? Ever heard of Post Mates?” Ethan groaned while Grayson looked through the cupboard, looking for something to make for dinner.

“Bro, why would we order food when I literally went grocery shopping yesterday?” Grayson scoffed.

“Yo, what do you want?” Ethan cocked his head as he poked you, trying to turn your attention away from your phone and towards them.

“Uhm… I don’t know. I don’t really care.” you shrugged as you glued your eyes back at your phone.

“Come on. You have to eat something before you leave.” Grayson chimed in.

He was making a good point. Airplane food was never delicious, and besides, you weren’t in the mood to pay for overprized food anyways.

“Make us some pasta or something.” Ethan demanded.

Grayson looked at him in annoyance, eyebrows furrowed as he narrowed his eyes. “Why do I always have to cook?” he questioned as he threw his hands in the air.

“Cuz you’re my bitch.” Ethan joked.

“No, I’m not.” Grayson shook his head, kissing his teeth.

“Yeah, you are.” you and Ethan said in unison before you turned to eachother and laughed.

You finished eating whatever pasta dish Grayson made for everybody and crashed down on the couch in the livingroom.

“What are you doing? You can’t lounge aroune like that. You’re gonna miss your flight. Go pack.” Grayson said as he shooed you off down the hall way. “Go.” he demanded.

You finally finished packing all your stuff. It took longer than expected since all of your stuff were spread out everywhere as you had totally made yourself at home when they told you to.

Your muscular brothers carried you luggage to the car while you strutted behind them, not caring to help. Why would you? They had way bigger muscles than you had. It only seemed fair.

Grayson started the car and drove off towards the airport. It was going to be good finally getting back home. Back to your house, back to your own bed. Of course, staying with Ethan and Grayson, meeting all their friends, was very fun. You loved L.A., but let’s be honest here - living with your brothers for over a month easily got exhausting with all the arguments and masculinity that followed with.

i cant be the only one playing through imagines in my head when im going to sleep 😫😫😫😫😫

Tour Guide { 𝔤.𝔡. }

Request: (Y/N) is an exchange student studying politics, and has come to LA as part of the program. She’s looking around for a cute restaurant to eat at, but is having some technical difficulties. She runs into the Dolan twins, with whom she is familiar with but not a dedicated fan, and decides to ask them for help. She can’t help but notice how her and Grayson seem to hit it off, and maybe he’s noticed too. 


A/N: hello gorgeous babies, I am spoiling yall today with a second fic ! requested by the super sweet @aquasunflow

Warnings: none, just some sweet (Y/N) & Grayson interactions :)

The sun shone brightly in the stark, blue sky. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, and the sounds of waves crashing and people talking were all around you. The heat was intense, and surprisingly, the air was so different here than from home. 

You were in Los Angeles, doing an exchange program while you studied politics. It was such a great opportunity for you to get out and learn about foreign politics while actually being in a foreign country. Plus, America had such bold, intense politics; maybe that’s what made the air so different here. Who knows. 

You took in all the sights around you, your eyes hungry for the scenery. You’d only seen this place in pictures. It seemed so glorious in all of its photographs, and you were eager to capture that glory and bring it home with you. You realized, with a low grumble coming from your stomach, that your eyes weren’t the only hungry things. You looked around you, the boardwalk you were on absolutely cluttered with people, vendors, and restaurants. 

You decided you would pull up your Yelp app, to see where you could go. You had no idea what was good, who could be trusted, and you definitely didn’t want to get ripped off by anyone. You were adjusting to the idea of tipping, and had to get used to being ready to tip on top of your meal price. Sure, you wanted to respect the customs, but it was so strange to you. Why pay someone for doing their job? Whatever, you thought. America was weird. 

You scrolled through the Yelp app for a moment before it crashed suddenly. You let out a frustrated breath, opening the app once again. It loaded for a while, buffered, looked like it was almost ready, aaand — crashed again. You sighed  louder this time, rolling your eyes. The feelings of annoyance and stress seeped into your chest as you looked around you, your eyebrows knitted in slight worry. 

You didn’t like feeling like you didn’t know what you were doing; it was already so much to be alone in such an unfamiliar place. You looked around, all the unfamiliar places, sounds, smells, and faces getting to you. You walked over to an empty bench, sitting down and taking a deep breath as you considered what you should do next. 

Although the thought was certainly unnerving, you figured it would be best to ask a local. You heard so many things about Americans and their feelings about immigrants, no matter where they came from. They wouldn’t care that you were here for education; they would hear your accent and make up their minds. Maybe it was a problem that you already made up your mind about Americans, but you didn’t have time to think about that. You were getting hungrier. 

With a deep breath, you looked around to see who looked the friendliest. Him? No, too white. Her? No, she had too many kids. That couple? No, they were speaking a language you didn’t understand. You considered running over to them to give them a fist bump for being foreign like you, but then, you realized that was presumptuous of you. America didn’t even have an official language, they could be Americans. 

Your eyes scanned the crowds still, your nerves eating at you. Your eyes passed over two brunets, hard to miss because of their towering statures. Then, you did a double take — you knew them. You thought for a brief moment about where you had seen them. 

Then, the one with the dangly earring laughed, and it was so familiar. YouTube! They made videos, the twins, what were their names? 

Ah yes, Ethan and Grayson Dolan. You watched a few videos of theirs, acquainted with their work but not immersed in it. You decided they would be the best guys for the job, as they knew the LA area well, and seemed friendly enough from their videos. Better to ask them than a complete stranger. 

You stood and walked over to them, jogging a little to match their strides before they could walk away. “Excuse me,” you said politely, your accent present in your speech. 

They turned to you and smiled, and you were taken aback by how gorgeous they were in person. “Hi,” they greeted you simultaneously. 

“Hi,” you said back, your voice cheery. “You’re the Dolan twins, right?” 

“Yeah, that’s us,” the taller twin answered, his smile bright. “I’m Grayson.” 

“I’m Ethan,” the shorter twin answered, his smile matching his brothers. 

“It’s so nice to meet you, my name is (Y/N),” you told them, their smiles so infectious you couldn’t help but return them. 

“Would you like a picture, (Y/N)?” Grayson offered, already moving towards you to stand with you. 

“No, actually, I came to ask for a different favor,” you told him, which surprised him a bit. 

He tilted his head to you curiously. “What’s up?” 

“I’m not from America, not sure if you could tell,” you giggled, jokingly referencing your accent. They chuckled and nodded, waiting for you to go on. “I’m pretty hungry, but I don’t know what’s good around here, and I also don’t want to get ripped off. I’m also a little lost on tipping,” you admitted, blushing lightly as you told them of your worries. 

Ethan looked at Grayson, almost for permission, and Grayson gave a slight nod at him. He looked back at you as his smile spread across his face again. “You’re in luck, we’re heading over to get some brunch now,” he told you, clapping his hands together with enthusiasm. 

Your heart leapt, both with gratitude and anxiety. “Oh, I couldn’t impose, I’d feel so intrusive,” you said, your hand falling over your heart at how kind they were to offer. 

“No, please, we insist,” Ethan said, taking your hand gently to lead you in the direction they were heading before letting it fall beside you. 

You fell in step with them, feeling the butterflies take flight in your stomach. “You guys really don’t have to do this,” you tried again, truly not wanting to be a bother. 

“No, we don’t, but we want to! It’ll be our pleasure to show you the best of what LA has to offer,” Grayson told you, his voice laced with sincerity. Your heart did a little back flip at the way his eyes were so soft on you. 

You sighed, “Okay, fine, I appreciate this beyond words. But I’m going to let you guys eat in peace when we get there.” 

Grayson shook his head and let out a little laugh. “Sure, (Y/N),” he chuckled. You could hear in his voice that he was not convinced. 

“So, where are you from?” Grayson asked, changing the subject. 

You told him, and he politely asked about your hometown, despite him likely not knowing where it was. He was American, after all. But you told him anyway, and he even asked how different it was here. 

“It’s pretty different,” you told him. “But some things are oddly familiar. I feel like it’s just the human nature in all of us. Even though you and I don’t come from the same place, we do come from the same earth, and bleed the same blood, and breathe the same air. I take some comfort in knowing that, because despite our differences, we’re still the same.” 

He looked at you with something different in his eyes, and a new smile played on his features. His gaze had changed, as though the sun was hitting you differently now, and he was seeing you for the first time. You felt your cheeks warm under his gaze. “I like that,” he said simply, the corners of his mouth just slightly upturned. 

“So, what are you here in LA for?” Ethan asked this time. You looked up at him as he addressed you, and you didn’t miss the look he gave his brother. It was this knowing look, like he was onto something. 

You brushed it off, thinking maybe it was some weird twin thing. Instead, you answered his question, telling him about the program, and how you were studying politics. You described how it was so great to see the things you had studied first hand, and how it broadened your perspective so much to just be here. 

“When did you know you wanted to study politics?” Grayson asked. You noticed that his arm brushed against yours softly, and the small touch caused little goosebumps rise across the skin there. 

Man, this guy was having an affect on you. You’d only just met him. But he was so sweet, and seemed so invested in what you had to say that it made your heart warm. You had to check yourself mentally, telling yourself he was probably this invested in any fan he had a chance to talk to. He was just that nice of a guy. 

You explained where your passion for politics came from; all the times older relatives told you what they thought was right and wrong in the world, and how you began to question that. How you’d argue with everyone about everything. How not knowing your stance on a policy, foreign or not, made you antsy. How you spent so many days and nights reading about great political leaders and their amazing impact on the world. And, most of all, how you wanted to be a part of that. 

Again, he had this look. Impressed, you decided. He was impressed with you. You couldn’t help but feel your ego swell. 

“We’re here,” Ethan informed you, nodding to the establishment to his left. You looked at it, taking in all the details. 

It had a brick exterior, all painted black. In contrast, the trimming running along the roof was white, and the awnings that extended from it were a deep fuchsia. In white script, the restaurant’s name stood out against the black paint. There were beautiful windows, each with a set of decorative yellow curtains. There were flower boxes with flowers of different hues of blue, and all the colors seemed to blend and clash at the same time, making your eyes race back and forth from color to color. 

“It’s beautiful,” you decided, smiling up at Grayson. You were surprised to find him already looking at you. 

“Yeah,” he agreed, but you had a small feeling he wasn’t talking about the restaurant. You smiled up at him. 

“Seriously, thank you so much for showing me this place,” you told them, ready to turn away and sit on your own. “You guys are the greatest.” 

“Sure thing, (Y/N),” Grayson said, but there was this glint in his eyes that warned you that you could walk away, but he would absolutely be following you. You smiled in spite of yourself and hoped, deep in your heart, that they would follow you. 

You walked inside, telling a waitress that you needed only a table for one. She gathered a menu and silverware for you, leading you to a seat by the a window, looking right out onto the ocean. You ordered a coffee, your gaze returning to the waves, immersed in the different places they crashed, and the colors they generated. 

Your attention was diverted when you heard a chair scrape from next to you. You turned your head, not at all surprised to find Grayson sitting there with a playful grin on his face. “This seat taken?” he asked, looking around. 

You laughed, putting your chin on your hand, supported by your elbow on the table. “Now it is,” you answered, your tone light. Flirty, even. 

Grayson laughed back, a light, quick sound that made your heart swell. “Listen, I really am happy to have company, but wouldn’t you like to eat in peace?” you asked, still insecure that your presence was only bothersome to the twins. 

“(Y/N),” Ethan sighed as he sat across from you, “we’re happy to have company, too.” He gave you a reassuring smile, his eyes warm enough to convince you. You smiled in return, taking a sip of your coffee as you tried to contain your happiness. 

The waitress came to collect your orders, a bit confused as she found 3 of you instead of 1. “I can’t get rid of them,” you joked, feigning an exasperated look. 

“Don’t know why you’d want to,” she joked back, winking flirtily at the two men. They chuckled politely, but you could see the way they lightly cringed. 

When she walked away, you asked, “Are women in America always so direct?” 

They laughed at your question, looking around to make sure she wouldn’t hear. You all immersed yourselves in a conversation about cultural differences between your culture and theirs. It was all so interesting, and even quite funny, for you to hear about. However, you found something else much more interesting than the conversation at hand. 

Grayson’s eyes were constantly trained on you, listening to you with rapt attention, as if he were trying to memorize every detail about you. His eyes never left yours, and whenever your eyes would trail over to his, you would be promised his eye contact. 

Grayson took a moment to excuse himself to the bathroom. As he walked away, Ethan turned to you with a eyebrow quirked. 

“So,” he started. “Are you gonna see Gray again?” 

You looked at him as your eyes widened. “What?” 

“Come on,” he said, dramatically dragging out his vowels. Americans did that a lot, you noticed. “He totally likes you. He’s only ever this wrapped up in someone who he’s into. And I can tell you like him, too.” 

You blushed heavily, playing with a strand of your hair. “Is it that obvious?” 

Ethan tipped his head back with a laugh. “Yeah, (Y/N), you can barely keep your eyes off him. And he definitely can’t keep his eyes off you.” 

You giggled softly at the prospect, playing with your fingers in your lap as excitement fluttered in your heart. Grayson was returning now, and the food was arriving. You accepted your meal, and the twins waited for you to taste the food before eating theirs.

You took a small bite, your eyes closing as the food landed on your tongue. You sighed, opening your eyes and giving the boys a dramatic show of how good the food was. They laughed, digging into their food as well.

The three of you carried conversation as the meal continued, and you found yourself feeling comfortable. They were so nice, and the way they kept you company and showed you to this great restaurant made you feel warm. You felt accepted, like you belonged. You barely felt like you were away from home at all.

The meal was over, and the check was delivered. Grayson immediately went to pay it, and your eyes widened. “No, I can’t let you pay for my meal, too,” you said, trying to get him to stop.

“Hmm, yes, you can,” he laughed it off, his eyes twinkling at you again. You held his eye contact, meaning to tell him that no, you insist, but you just couldn’t. Not when he made you melt under his gaze like that.

You sighed defeatedly, feeling the guilt but also the gratitude in your chest. You realized your time with them was likely coming to an end, as you had to return to your apartment to study and get a few things done. You all gathered your belongings, making your way outside.

“Are you planning on doing anything else today?” Grayson asked as you walked away from the restaurant. 

You gave him a little sigh, “Yes, I have to get back to my apartment to study, unfortunately.” 

Grayson nodded, looking a bit disappointed. You smiled softly at him, and it was your turn for your eyes to twinkle at him. “Can I give you my number? You know, in case I need anymore help,” you asked, your smile now coy.

He smiled back, and you saw the way Ethan shook his head at the two of you from the corner of your eye. “Yeah, that’d be great,” he said, handing you his phone with the contacts list pulled up.

You typed your number in, double and triple checking that it was the right digits. You hugged them both, maybe lingering in Grayson’s embrace for a bit too long. You made your way back to your apartment, a smile never leaving your face.


You were wrapped up in a light blanket to combat the feeling of the air conditioner in your room, sitting with one leg bent sideways and the other extended before you on your bed. You had a book in your lap, a highlighter in your hand, and a pen tucked away between your lips.

It was getting pretty late, and you hadn’t moved from your spot since you’d returned home. As if on cue, your phone dinged, signaling a text had come through. You looked over at it, and a giddy smile formed itself on your face.

(Unknown Number): hey, any chance you’re hungry again?

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head cannon for how ethan would be with having a tall girlfriend

  •   Meeting you through his sister being one of her good friends from college. Ethan was in love with you the moment he met you.
  • Ethan never knew until that day, how much legs would turn him on, he absolute loved you being tall 
  • okay but baby boy never knew he had a kink for long, beautiful legs. he would find himself looking at legs specificity but never seemed to get him all flushed and hard as yours did
  •  What made it even harder for him, was finding out that you were staying for the summer with Cameron and everymorning for breakfast you would walk out of Cam’s room in the tinest pair of shorts he’s ever seen
  •  he found it hard to concentrate on anything but you, his eyes were always on you, stealing any little looks he can without wanting to look like a creep
  •  l one time, he was up all night playing fortnite and missed his favorite part of the day, the morning, he groaned not being able to see you this morning
  • Later that day while him and gray were filming you smiled at them now on the porch, waist wrapped in a jean skirt, mid thigh leaving the rest of your legs completely exposed to him
  •  “Oh great! I’m never going to be able to focus now. Y/N has a skirt on!” He was talking to himself, but Gray answered anyways, “Okay?”
  • “You don’t understand gray , her legs are so distracting!.” “You’re a freak.” Ethan just sighs, wiping his forehead in frustration
  • but once you two started dating, you felt insecure being a little taller then or close to height as Ethan, thinking he’d mind it. “What do you think,?”
  •  “I think you should wear heels with it.” Ethan answered, wondering why you were only looking for flats for your night out.
  • “I don’t want to.” You mumble, not meeting his eyes. In seconds Ethan’s face was in front of yours, you had no choice to look at him, “why?”
  •  “I don’t want people to make fun of me for being taller then you.” ethan’s face was filled with confusion, why would you care about something so stupid?
  •  “What? I don’t care what anyone thinks. You look so good in heels.”
  • “I’m so tall, (almost) taller then my boyfriend. I hate it.”
  • he didn’t understand why you were so insecure about it all he knew it EVERYONE stared at you anyways
  •   “What pumpkin? Everyone knows it too, you’re so sexy, everyone will be looking at you, especially your legs.”


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Summary: an anon demanded this so here ya go mob!gray went to london for a few months to expand his business what he didn’t expect was falling in love and decides to bring her back with him despite her not knowing about his mob ways. ok im half asleep sorry for the misakes

Even though going to london was a choice of his own will,  he expected to find business, but what he least expected to find, of course was something that never existed in his life before, never had he fallen in love, and honestly never thought he would. With the London office set up, he knew he’d need an assistant with all the work, and began interviewing immediately.

What wasn’t expected was for this long haired beauty, knocking softly on his door. He was sunned at first, he’s never seen a woman as beautiful as this one, and knew other men would agree as well. He took in her features that day, a rosy button nose from the chilly london weather, beautiful colored eyes he’s never seen before, plump heart shaped lips covered in a ruby red, the jacket she wore, tied snuggly around her waist, showing off how those beautiful curves, and that imagine will forever be burned into his memories and  on top of all that after the interview he found out just how smart she really was.

“What are you doing Gray?” He was suddenly caught of guard, looking over at the beauty in front of him, long curls extending past her breast. That’s one thing he loved, running his hands through the soft strands as she would melt into him.

“Just thinking of the first time I saw you.” she smile softly, looking at the light of her phone. Taking her hand in his, pressing a soft kisses against it. “And how I knew I was a gonner the moment I met you.

“You’re too sweet.”

“I should’ve known though, pretty girls always are out of it.” Rolling your eyes, taking your hand back.

Currently they were both loosing their minds, that airplane ride was normal to gay, plus she had never been on a plane and felt kinda queasy about it. Gray was fine, just getting a little anxious as his foot tapped against the carpet repetitively, his hands twitching aching for something to touch.

Gray’s breath suddenly increased catching her attention quickly, eyes of vision following to a man who looked about his age, eyes heavily set on her. “Keep looking you dickhead, see what happens.”

Gray knew how lucky he was to have someone as beautiful and smart as her, and it bothered him when other men realized it too. “Gray!” Her hand pushing his arm, “Stop acting like an animal and be respectful!”

“Trust me darling where were going is anything but respectful.”

Gray stayed up all hours of the night with her, small pillow conversations of what life was like back home. Not even an hour later they were finally of the plane, and she couldn’t help but notice all the stairs and men respectfully nodding at him

“Why is everyone staring?”

“These men have never seen a woman as gorgeous as you peach.” Quickly her cheeks lit with heat, as Gray chuckled, pressing a small kiss to her knuckles despite the lie that burned his throat even though she was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.

Gray always told you just how beautiful she is, it seemed almost constant, but somehow blush still happened. Gray sighs, he hasn’t been completely honest with her, sure he never lied to her, but never told her that exact truth.

The man she knew was Grayson Dolan, owner of one of the biggest Cargo Offshoring around.  Of course he was sacred, he was scared that this would blow up in his face. He couldn’t ignore it though it was time to come home, to get back to his men.

“This is beautiful.” she mumbles, taking in the elegance of mansion in front of her. Gray pushed the door open with a smile, the familiar memories burning against his skull, it grew even wider at the sight of his twin brother almost tackling him to the ground.

“YOu’re never allowed to leave again!!” Ethan exclaims, the stories he would share with Gray later would explain why, he always was his brother’s second hand man when it came to the gang, but these months left him in charge, and he hated it more than anything.

“ look who it is!” Finn exclaims, stopping at the sudden sight of her. A small whistle leaves his lips, “The pictures Gray showed me have nothing on you.”

“Alright, fuck off.” Gray knew this was going to happen, he knew that at every chance his brother got they would flirt and tease him as much as he could. “What I’m just saying you’re lucky.”

He smiles, his hand wrapping around hers in a handshake. “Y/N Right?”

“Yes.” She smiles sweetly, obviously knowing that he was his twin brother Ethan. “Ethan right?”

“Yes I’m this big hunk’s brother.” She chuckles, unbutton her jackets buttons as Gray stands behind her hovering it over her shoulders as she takes her arms out. He presses a soft kiss against her neck, “Ignore him, he’s an asshole.”

“Rude.” E mumbled rolling his eyes. Y/N’s eyes widen at the beauty of the house, obviously professionally decorated with the post expensive splashes of gold, and white. “Mom’s coming soon.”

“Welcome home baby.” The dimpled smile against his handsome face, the rough stubble burned her skin as he pressed a soft kiss against her lips. 

“It’s beautiful gray.” It was amazing, beyond what she was expecting, of course he stayed at the most beautiful condo he could find while in London but this blew her completely away.

Suddenly the room was greeted with excited blue eyes, jumping into the arms of her son. “Gray i missed you so much! You’re never allowed to leave that long ever again.”

He chuckles arms wrapping tightly around his mother, “I missed you too ma.”

“And look at you, gray you told me she was was gorgeous but oh my.” Her arms now wrapped around her in a bone crushing hug, “You’re father had a meeting he’ll be here soon, he is so proud of you dolly.”

Hours passed by minutes enjoying each other’s company, his mother loving his girlfriend even more. Gray knew she would, he truly did get lucky with Y/N, but couldn’t help but feel a small flutter in his chest from being with her for so long and not telling her the truth. It was sudden when four men walked through the door without knocking, panting for air as they explained there was a problem. Gray and Ethan stood in seconds, pressing a kiss against her temple.

It was strange just to watch him leave, and leaving someone in the room with them. Actually demanding him to stay. The yelling in other room could just be heard, it was unlike Gray to just leave without a word and especially for this long, making an uneasy feeling wash over her.

“Stop fucking looking at her.” Grayson’s mother was gone by now saying she was going to call their father, Grayson’s jaw was locked as the man quickly apologized eyes not meeting any of them, he nods as they all leave the room.

“Every fucking time I leave you somewhere this happens.” Gray’s voice was raspy from all the yelling. “You’re too pretty for your own good.”

“I have to say something doesn’t seem right to me Gray too many secrets, why is everyone listening to you?” It was no surprise to him that she caught on being one of the smartest people he’s ever knew, but played it off anyways, trying to not get caught up in a web of lies.

“Nothing is going on babygirl. Ready to see our room?” Gray was too quick to avoid the question. There was no point in fighting with Gray, he was stubborn and a very strong headed person, and when he wanted her to know, she would know. With a sigh, getting up from the stool, she decided argue about it tonight, but tomorrow that’s another story.

Grayson: E, I screwed up big time.

Ethan: Bub, given your daily life experiences, you’re going to have to be more specific.

You: *watching the news* Some idiot tried to fight a squid at the aquarium.

Dolan: *covered in ink* Maybe the squid was being a dick.

Do y'all ship Emma & The Dolan Twins? If yes then with who? Ethan or Grayson?

Only Have Eyes For You - Pt.2 [G.D]

SUMMARY: His dads insane, his mothers a disheartened wreck, his brother is a major junkie, and his bad boy facade is driving him mad. All the girls desire the secretive boy, but he only has eyes for her.

Words: 2.2k

Warnings: sorry a lot of depressing shit and smut I guess. possible triggers? also this is my first fanfic so get ready for some punctuation mistakes!

[Y/n’s POV]

I checked the clock that was plastered to the front of the class and above Mr.White’s desk.

It read ‘8:30pm’.

Thank god detention was almost over. All these years of being in the education system, and I’ve never been in this room once. It was definitely more foul-smelling then I had imagined. There was so much hype about how exhilarating detention was, how the people here were always fun to mess around with. I thought at least Maverick would be hear, since he’s usually here alongside Dolan. He always winks at me when I pass him on my way to 2nd period.

Maverick Duval, the very attractive, super tough guy, that happens to be the captain of the football team, and has his very own cool kid posse, like guys like him do in the movies. No one would dare touch him, unless you wanted your legs to be seen crawling back to the other half of your body; no one except stupid head over there in the corner, and his even more stupid brother, Ethan Dolan, AKA; ex captain of the football team and might I add, the biggest badass known to man, no one messes with him either. Everyone says Ethan takes after his dad, Randy.

I don’t talk to E, nor have I seen his dad, so I’m not gonna make any assumptions. Maverick and the twins are always at each other’s throats. I kinda wanted to see how they’d all be locked in a room with one another for 5 hours. I’d bet one of them would have had the others heads by now.

There’s no one in here but Mr. Mysterious and my groggy colleague. It was kind of a let down.

Definitely no breakfast club.

Rachel fell asleep around 2 hours ago and was currently lying on the collection of drool forming on my desk. Grayson has been humming non stop looking like he was having the time of his life, sitting there in his seat tapping his two fingers over top the table over and over again. Countless songs by Weezer, Arctic Monkeys and surprisingly, New Kids on the Block were heard coming from his mouth.

I’d never thought he’d be the type to listen to New Kids on the Block.

Like ever.

[Grayson’s POV]

God I hate when Mr.Whites late. The clock at the front of the class read '9:28pm’. The guy was a track star back in the 90’s, and now, he’s slow as fuck. I guess when Ethan whipped a shot put ball at him in 7th grade, he really messed the hell out of his knee. He was a cripple for the rest of that year, resulting in him accumulating a massive hatred for us Dolan’s, getting pent up inside him ever since.

Rachel and y/n were presently passed out beside one another, no doubt getting over their major hangovers. Mr. White better hurry the fuck up, or the past will soon replay itself. I was scared.

I had seemed to subconsciously shed a tear, “Shit.” I say under my breath, knowing that y/n was only sleeping lighting. I pat the tear away with the sleeve of my red sweater. I was really scared.

Scared of what they would think of me when I coward in the corner whilst my dad comes bashing through the class room doors, asking why the hell I wasn’t out yet. 'You’re wasting my fucking time.’ I bet he’d say, while gripping me around my neck as tight as he could, most liking turning my face a disturbing shade of blue. He’s traumatized the fuck outta me ever since I was a kid. He had some brutal strength, and doesn’t hesitate to hurt me in front of my friends. I don’t know why’d he hesitate around girls, it would just show them how much of a pussy I really am.

He’s not my dad though, he’s my step dad. You know, one of those stereotypical step parents you see on TV, that you would think to have had some time in prison by now. I’m really, not exaggerating. My mom met him at a strip club, shortly after my dad died in a freak car accident when I was 4. He probably won her over by buying her a drink or complimenting her figure or some stupid shit like that.

She was so stupid, worst mistake of her life. Me and Ethan despised him the first day we met the guy; the way he would drunkenly stagger my mom to the doorway after a long night at who knows were. The way he would make these disgusting remarks about my mom, that she would just brush off later like it was nothing. The way he touched me and Ethan. It started out small first, but now hitting us is in his daily routine. She was so utterly depressed and desperate and needed a distraction from the pain, I guess that distraction was my dick head dad.

I don’t like calling him dad.

[Y/n’s POV]

I awoke with a loud bang coming from the opposite side of the door. I was dazed and confused, since the last thing I remember was staring at the clock, making sure I didn’t end up catching any z’s, but clearly I was out cold.

Oh shit the clock. 9:36pm I read, after rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Grayson was awake, and he looked petrified. Another bang struck the door, and it reverberated throughout the room.

I gazed over at Grayson, and with every thump, his eyes closed tight, and his body shook in terror. A man’s deep voice was heard from the flip-side of the door, and quite frankly, it didn’t sound pleasant. “Grayson!” The man yelled. Grayson looked at me. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks were drenched.

“Y/n what’s going on?!” Rachel said, wide eyed. She awoke from her sleep clearly as confused and scared as I was. Her knees curled up to her chin. “Is Mr.White trying to get in?!”

I peered over at Grayson and found myself staring at what looked to be the body of a petrified 5 year old, cowardly shielding himself with his hands. I’ve never seen him like this, it was scary.

He looked back at me, he was breathing heavily. Rachel was too busy worrying about who was at the door rather than to notice Grayson.

“Gray! Are you in there? Let me in!” The man’s voice boomed behind the closed door. Grayson immediately unwrapped his arms from his legs, and quickly wiped away the tears falling from his puffy, red eyes. He staggered his way up to the door sniffling and occasionally dabbing his nose with the back of his wet hand. He twisted the handle, and behind the door, was no other then his quit pale looking twin. I let out a sigh of relief.

Ethan rushed in the room, “What the hell? You were supposed to be out of this place 45 minutes ago! I was worried dude.” He raised his hands up over his figure, leaned forward and shook his head. “Your fucking lucky dad didn’t-” he paused and slapped his hands down to his sides. “Who’s the pretty lady?” He asked pointing in my direction. “I’ve been in here how many times? And I haven’t seen your gorgeous face once.” He smiled and rested his thumbs in the loops of his jeans.

Grayson looked my way and rolled his eyes. “The 'pretty lady’ has a name E.” He cleared his throat. “And that is?” Ethan said, licking his lips. He turned his head so his ear was all I could see. I reply to his question with my name and cross my arms. I look over to see Rachel with raised eyebrows and a lollipop she probably found at the bottom of her bag, wedged in between her lips.

“Wow nice to see you too Ethan. Nothing to say about my pretty face?” She said walking closer. Ethan looked down and smiled. He let out a scoff. “Hi Rachel. I’ve seen you enough times to know that your face is pretty.” He laughed, and she copied. Ethan looked back my way after the chuckles stopped and the silence in the room got bigger. “Well y/n, it was nice to meet you, but me and Gray gotta head out. And you guys should too, it’s getting dark out there.” He jerked his head to the door.

We all jumped when Mr.White came crashing in to the room. He had a briefcase in hand and colourful papers were flying out of it everywhere. He let out a loud sigh and rubbed his eyebrows together. “Sorry, the traffic was insane.” We all stood there waiting on someone to say something. “Well?” His Eyes darted between the each of us. “You can go know!” He waved his hand towards the door and chuckled.

I didn’t hesitate to move my feet towards the exit fast, I had no idea what had just went down. Rachel quickly speed up to get beside me. “Bye guys! See you next time.” She yelled looking back. I heard two faint 'good byes’ in the distance, and half of a witty remark made by one of the brothers, but I didn’t stop to find out what the rest was, I was just happy to be out of that contested room.

We made it to the parking lot and unlocked Rachel’s burgundy Mercedes. I was thinking about asking her about Grayson’s little episode that happened earlier, but I assumed she didn’t see it since she definitely would have questioned me about it all ready. I’ll just keep it to myself.

[Grayson’s POV]

'Shit.’ I thought. “Shit.” I said. Ethan turned his head and questioned me. “What?” He turned the sharp corner slowly in my Ford Bronco. Our stupid old man crashed Ethan’s car last week, so I let him use my ride.

“Ah, nothing.” I said looking over my shoulder and out the window. It wasn’t actually nothing. Ethan took a hand off the wheel, grabbed my face, and jerked my head left so it was facing him. He squinted his eyes and stared at me hard. He slammed the breaks and grunted.

“Dude what the hell?!” I said bracing myself with the side of my door. “Why are your eyes red and swollen.” He said sternly and monotone. He wouldn’t break the gaze between us until I spoke up. “You were crying, weren’t you.” He took in a sharp breath. “You were fucking crying!” He banged his hands against the wheel. “Ethan.” I gulped.

He whipped his head back and rested it on the back of his seat. “Grayson who saw.” He clenched his eyes shut. This is what I was afraid of. How did he always know what I was thinking when I haven’t even said anything yet? “Only Y/n.” I hesitated. “Only y/n? You mean the girl you just met and know nothing about?” He gave me a shocked and disappointed look. “Shit Gray, she could end up telling the whole school!”

I clenched my jaw and gritted my teeth. “What? What happens if people find out? Am I not aloud to be scared?! You were fucking banging on the door like a maniac!” I snapped. “I thought you were dad.” A single tear slipped from my eye. He looked at me with sympathy. “Grayson. I just don’t want anything to happen to you. You know Maverick and his goons are friggin insane.” He paused and shook his head. “They’ll start a fight with you about anything and everything.” I nodded my head in agreement, well knowing his statement was very true. “I just want to cry like a normal person.” I said low, not breaking contact with the dark road ahead of us.

The car was unbearably silent for a few minutes after that. “Gray?” He broke the awkwardness. I hummed softly, signalling he could ask his question. “Can you stay with Y/n?” He shot me a look then quickly shifted his eyes back to the road. I was confused. “Do what?” He sighed, “Gray, if you don’t stay with her for the next couple of days, she might as-well think telling the whole school about your little incident is the given thing to do.”

I rolled my eyes. He was right, I didn’t know this girl. I had no idea what her intentions might be. Who knows what she might do with the information. I nodded my head. “Gray, I just-” he stuttered. “You just don’t want me to get hurt.” I finished his sentence. I watched as he rested his cheek in his hand. “C'mon, it won’t be that hard.” He made sure to emphasized the 'that’. He shot me a grin.

“What do you mean?” I responded. “I mean, you were looking at that girl like she was your dinner.”

“Was not.”

“Was too.” He shot back, lightly punching me in my arm. I guess I was, Y/n was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ve kinda had a thing for her since 5th grade. I want to get to know her.

Midnight Knight - Ethan Dolan

Summary: A knight in a shining armor dressed in casual t-shirt and jeans carrying a skateboard.

Word count: 1.2k+

Warning: none?

I should have listened to my mom when she told me to go home earlier. It was darker than the usual nights. However the scene was still beautiful. There were lights coming from the lamp post and occasionally the lights from the car.

During the day, the streets would be filled with so many different people. It’s always busy, crowded and colorful. Right now, it’s just me and couple of strangers wandering around the street at night. It was quiet and somewhat peaceful.

Everything felt nice, the cool breeze grazed upon my cheeks once in a while, the sound of my boots echoing with each steps I took. The only thing that’s bothering me right now is the reeking smell of alcohol and suffocating smell of unfinished burning cigars.

I was scrolling through my emails when I bumped into someone. He was riding a skateboard and we accidentally bumped each other. I guess it was hard enough when he toppled down from his skateboard. “I-I’m so s-sorry, I didn’t meant to bump you there.” As I offer a hand to help him up.

He looked at my hand and scoffed, “Yeah, right.”

As he was standing up I asked incredulously, “Excuse me?”

“You bumped into me purposely!” He accused while picking up his skateboard.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see a neon sign saying ‘BEWARE THE GREAT WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS SKATING RIGHT NOW.” I mocked him. I was about leave when he grabbed my arm and said “Don’t go there, it’s a dangerous neighborhood at night.”

I glared at him and he took his hands off. As always, I’m stubborn. I did the exact opposite of what he said. I marched straight ahead and I could literally hear him sighed and picture him shaking his head.

I mean what could go worse, right? Especially after meeting this obnoxious stranger.

I was walking with my phone in my hand when I saw three figures. The bulky guys were walking…no… they were staggering. They were cackling awfully loud and their smirk was far too creepy not to notice.

I cleared my throat trying to ease the tension that rose around my shoulders. I looked straight ahead trying to ignore them. However when one of them whistled and shouted, “Hot stuffs, wanna get some tonight?” I mentally cringed and shuddered, choosing to ignore and walk straight.

From the side of my eyes, I could see them walking closer and closer. My pace was getting faster and somehow faltered when a warm arm was wrapped around my shoulder. I tensed and looked up and I saw a guy. The same annoying stranger, “Hey baby, I’m sorry I got held up.” His voice was loud and clear enough for the other three men to hear. My eyebrows knitted together and I was about to push him aside when he whispered, “Just go along with it.” I nodded feeling somehow safe on his arms rather than those three drunkards.

We were walking straight ahead together. “When stuffs like this happens, you should held your head high and walk strong.” I nodded my head. When the three men disappeared, I looked up and said “Thank you.” The guy looked down and let go of his arm and just nodded. “Sure.”

“I’m Ethan, by the way.” He held his hand out. I looked at his hand unsure, why was he being civil with me right now? When moments ago he was being a jerk.

“U-uh, I’m Y/n.” I shook his hand hesitantly. I smiled at him as a sign of gratitude for what he did earlier. He nodded his head and I was about to walk again when his voice halted me, “Wanna have an adventure with me?”

I turned around and raised my eyebrows, “I bumped into you purposely and I apologized but you ignored my apology.” I said.

He was about to cut me but I continued “And because you miraculously acted as my knight in a shining armor just few minutes ago. You want me to go have an adventure with you.”

“Okay…okay… I’m sorry I acted like a jerk. It was wrong of me. I was just having a bad day and I took it on you. I felt guilty and I followed you to apologize but I saw you in trouble so I wanna help.” He said sincerely. His brown with green glittered eyes stared at me.

I took a deep breath and looked at him, “Is my knight in a shining armor secretly a sweetheart?”

He smiled and just nodded his head cheekily which made you laughed. It was my nature to forgive people easily anyways.

“So, am I forgiven?” He asked quietly. I smiled and nodded my head, “Yeah, everyone has a bad day and you somehow acted as my knight, so… of course.”

“So, about the adventure?” He asked getting closer with each steps he took forward. I held my hand out, a sign for him to stop and he did. “What’s in it for me?” I asked playfully.

“You get to share an unforgettable experience with a hot looking stranger.” He smirked.

“A hot looking stranger?” I scrunched up my nose and squinted my eyes playfully at him. He glared and laughed, “Hey, are you saying that I’m unattractive?”

I held my hands up and shook my head, “I didn’t say anything.” He walked closer and pointed a finger at me and said “But you implied it though.”

“Is that so?” I cocked my head to the side, pretending as if I was thinking hard. “Stop mocking me already.” He fake pouted.

I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing and said, “Make me.” With these words uttered from my mouth, his pout turned into his smirk. “Is this an invitation for me to make out with you?” He said teasingly.

“Shut up!” I laughed trying to hide the blush the crept on to my cheeks.

“Make me.” He said in a girlish voice, teasing me. “You’re being ridiculous.” I said laughing walking backwards. Without even realizing my back was pressed on the wall and his body was so close against mine.

“Oh really?” He asked as he rested his arms across my face. I took a deep breath and nodded avoiding his gaze. I could feel his body heat radiating from his black t-shirt. He put his finger under my chin and lifted my eyes to meet his.

“Baby girl, are you scared?” He whispered.

I pursed my lips and shook my head. “Prove it.” His hot breath fanned around my exposed neck. I put my hand on his chest to create enough distance for me to breathe and think. He looked down on my hands on his chest and smirked. When his eyes found mine, I was already staring at him.

“It’s one in the morning. I’m tired and frankly I don’t even know who you are and it’s not like we’re gonna meet each other after today.” I reasoned with him.

He looked down and clenched his jaw. “Let’s set up another day then.” He looked up with one of his eyebrows raised.

“We’re going to meet each other again?” I asked with my eyes wide opened.

“Wanna bet?” He smirked.


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Stargaze | e.d |

Originally posted by mizar113

Summary: You and Ethan go on a late night drive after a date until you both stop and stargaze enjoying each other’s company 

Word Count: 1.6K

A/N: Tysm for the support ❤️ I’m pretty new to the tumblr fandom (not to tumblr nor the twins, just new to making a fan account) and I don’t regret it one bit, everyone’s so nice. Please feel free to send in any kind of requests or feedback bc it’d help a lot or just message if you wanna be friends :) 

I highly recommend listening to “breathe.scream.dream” by Denitia and Sene & “Energy” by Iman Omari while reading.

I knew from behind the scenes how much the boys needed a break from youtube in order to find inspiration, time to find what they needed to be passionate about.

Ever since the break it always put a smile on my face seeing them become more encouraged and finding new activities that helped them with their creativity, whilst a lot of the break consisted of Ethan playing Fortnight. During the break I visited occasionally, wanting to keep myself somewhat busy for I didn’t want to be in the way of their own personal ventures.

Their break was over and they went back to editing videos they were truly satisfied with. Whenever it’d be a full day of editing, Ethan would call wanting me to come over. Even though there wouldn’t be a whole lot of conversation and we’d do our own individual work, being in each other’s presence was comforting. Whenever he’d take me to expensive dinners, or offer to do anything extravagant, as much as I appreciated it, I always suggested having smaller dates, like just staying in, or going to out to breakfast at a local restaurant. Not just because I’d feel guilty whenever I wouldn’t be able to pay for myself since he’d never let me, but I always enjoyed the little moments the most.

It was another day of editing for them and Ethan had asked if I would come over so we could hang out ignoring the fact it was already 9 p.m and that it would be dark in no longer than a half hour. I agreed and on the way there, I stopped to get some food because I knew that once he started on a project he was passionate about, he wouldn’t take a single break until he felt satisfied with the progress he made. 

I walked in, greeted by Grayson and made my way to Ethan’s room. When I entered, leaning on the door frame, I found him with his back towards me stretching. His arms extended up over his head standing out of his chair yawning. On his screen was a video he was in the middle of finishing up and turned around to the sound of me shaking a bag of In-N-Out. Healthiest choice of food? No. Worth it? Probably, too late, already bought it.

After eating and having a small conversation about how our days went, we decided on getting some fresh air outside, or well, maybe not “fresh” air, but whatever polluted air that was in L.A, and drive to Hollywood Boulevard to go for a walk and admire the night lights.

When we arrived, he took my hand in his, our steps in sync as we walked down the sidewalk passing cars in traffic. I’d occasionally bump my shoulder against his, chuckling whenever he would make a joke about pranking Grayson or his plans of getting him back for the videos he’d take of him on snapchat or insta, also listening to all the future plans they’d had for their channel and more.

He looked at me with such happiness in his eyes whenever he would talk about it that he’d have a small glint in them that was accentuated by the lights around us. He’d sometimes stop in his tracks just to shake my arm excitedly when he came up with more plans whether it was for youtube or merch.  

I talked about my own ambitions as well and he showed the same curiosity and interest occasionally nodding, asking questions, stealing a couple glances, and a few “yeah”s and “uh-huh”s noticing the way he’d slightly tilt his head grinning whenever I would excitedly ramble on and on. I saw the way he smiled down, quirking an eyebrow as I rushed through my words just to get my thoughts out.

By the time we were walking back to the car, we decided to go for a late night drive before heading back. I turned on the bluetooth, connecting the car to my phone and started to play music.

I only see one thing

In this world that I need

No war coming from me

Just want the love’s chemistry

Good vibes and inner-key

Is all I feel surrounding

If it’s not on your level

Then why don’t you just let it be” 

The car was filled with a pleasant silence, soft tunes playing in the background. I rested my arm on the center console, leaning my head on my hand. I looked up to Ethan with a wandering gaze noticing his focus on the road, the messy bed he didn’t bother to fix since he’d woken up, and his chest slowly rising and falling, relaxed. 

He briefly turned towards me, catching my stare and cocked an eyebrow with a face of amusement. I gave small, delighted grin before reaching up with my other hand to cup his face, squishing his cheeks. I leaned in to kiss his cheek before letting out a small chuckle. He shook his head, eyes returning to the road and took my hand interlocking it with his. 

Halfway through the car ride, we were met with dead traffic. While I had my playlist on shuffle, letting the soft music continue playing throughout the car, did I not fucking intend for “Fire Burning” by Sean freaking Kingston to play. I let out a sigh before looking over to Ethan who already met my gaze with a knowing expression, the corners of his mouth upturning.

“Ethan no.” shaking my head. I took my hand from his to cover my face as he started to scream out the lyrics.


I shook my head while trying to keep my laughter in, moments later failing and chose to join in. Performing with dramatic ass hand movements as the cars right next to us looked at us probably wanting to flee the country. As the traffic went forward, another few throwback songs followed with the lyrics being shouted. Probably the wrong lyrics, but no fucks were given, and including the most cringe ass dance moves that thankfully neither one of us decided to film.

I leaned back in my seat catching my breath, my face becoming flushed. The music stopped and all that could be heard was our soft, out of breath giggling that went on, until I realized I had no idea where we were headed.

Out the window was nearly pitch black, only thing illuminating was the bright stars and moonlight that shone.

“Where are we going?” I questioned. “Just wait, you’ll see”

I sighed pouting. I crossed my legs together while tapping a slight beat, leaning my head against the window admiring the sky. 

Several minutes had passed that felt like forever until I noticed that he pulled over onto the side of a road that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I looked at him questioningly and as he got out of his car, motioning me to follow.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and exited, watching him walk to the back of the car, grabbing a blanket. He wrapped it around himself and climbed to get on top of his car. He scooted and patted the spot next to him for me to sit, extending his arms out inviting me to join him in the warmth. I gripped his arm as he helped me up, wrapping me in his arms both around the blanket.

The stars were scattered across my line of vision and beyond, its brightness glowing through the contrasting dark, gloomy sky. Both mesmerized, Ethan with his arm around me drew small circles on the back of my hand. I closed my eyes resting my head against him, my nose pressed against his cheek, smiling. 

“It’s so beautiful” I muttered against him looking up.

“I know I am, you don’t have to mention it” I pretended to give him an annoyed look, slapping his arm softly.

Moments passed as he yawned, groaning when he slowly laid his head on my lap facing up at me. My first instinct was to run my fingers through his hair, chuckling as he started to make funny faces. 

I did my best to carefully lay my back down on the top of the car, not the most comfortable thing to the lie-down on, but it didn’t matter. I lied with my hands on the back of my head and Ethan scooted up to me, doing the same. Breaking the silence, he just started to talk about life, continuing a conversation we were having over FaceTime a few days prior. We always had deep conversations late at night whenever the both of us couldn’t sleep, relating to our own personal experiences and struggles. 

“I don’t get it. Wouldn’t it take the same amount of effort to be kind to people as it is to throw hate around?”

“Not everyone’s as considerate and as you guys, Ethan. That’s their problem, can’t force people to understand something when they don’t want to listen.”

I moved closer to him, digging my head into the crook of his neck with my hand on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, my leg on top of his. Still listening, the sound of his warm voice caught me in a trance causing my eyes to droop and sigh contentedly. Minutes had passed and I noticed the sound of his voice had stopped. I shook his chest slightly to wake him up, signaling we should head back.

It was moments like this that I cherished the most. Not necessarily needing or wanting anything, but just having quality time that had no price tag. There was no materialistic gift or expensive vacation spot that could be any more memorable than the way we were now.

Acai Bowl | g.d |

Summary: You’d just left an early work shift stopping by an acai bowl place, and instead of just quickly getting what you wanted and leaving, you were stopped by Grayson Dolan.

Word Count: 1.3K

A/N: This is my very first imagine on here and wrote this is one sitting. It’d be cool to have feedback and hope you like it! :)

After being asked to come into work for an early shift on my day off, I reluctantly agreed because I knew I could use the extra cash and got done a few hours later, I drove in the direction where I knew I would be able to grab a quick acai bowl at Berry Bowl before I’d meet up with a couple friends to do whatever friends and shit do.When I pulled into the parking lot I groaned since I could tell by the huge amount of cars, yet very little parking space that it’d be packed. I got out of my car yawning and made my way into Berry Bowl.

I sighed as I entered, not surprised that there seemed to be a lot more people than the times I’ve went here. Then again, I would usually come here a bit later in the day during my 30 minute lunch break. In my peripheral I noticed all the different types of people in the shop: the usual lovey dovey couples, the so called “foodies” taking their aesthetically pleasing pictures, and just some average joe’s minding their own business.

 I made my over to the long line of people as the door behind me swung shut. I stood tall on my toes, trying to see the menu options among the tall crowd, but soon gave up, and pulled out my phone to check my social media’s, avoiding social interaction (lmao).

Scrolling through my phone in line caused me to space out everyone else, only occasionally looking up and noticing the people in front of me when the line would move ahead and I was finally inching closer to the cashier.

Looking up at the menu, I decided to order a their daily special that consisted of banana and strawberry slices, chocolate drizzle, shredded coconut and granola toppings. Big Nut.

After making my way over to the pick up area, waiting a couple more minutes, a server handed me my order, greeting me a nice day.

As I walked to the door, I continued to look down at my phone, putting in the address of the place my friends had wanted to meet up at on the GPS. What I probably should’ve looked out for instead is the person I slammed into, almost dropping my probably over priced acai bowl in the process.

The guy grabbed onto my forearm, holding me steady as I stumbled.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed.

I glanced up at him for the first time and saw a startled face with a bit of concern. 

“No don’t worry, I was on my phone and I wasn’t…” 

He cocked his head slightly with wonder as his eyebrows raised. He still held onto my arm, but his grip softening.

His wandering eyes looked into mine, suddenly making me feel a bit self conscious and causing me to turn away and avoid eye contact.

“It’s uh, it’s fine. It was my fault, don’t worry about it.” I quickly tried to scurry away to the door as my cheeks were heating up. His fingers glided off my skin as I left his grasp and hurried to the exit.

“Wait?” I heard as the door closed after me. My heart pounded as I stopped in my tracks, about to unlock my car, and turned to see him follow me outside. He came and stood in front of me in silence.

“Yes?” Out in the open, getting a better look at him, I could tell he was a lot more attractive than what I thought. His hazel brown eyes were the first thing I was drawn to as the sun shone brightly onto them, not being able to look away. Second of course being that jawline because god damn boy. I sat my bowl at a table nearby and gave a slight smile waiting for his reply.

He blinked and shook his head of uncertainty “I don’t really know…something just told me I had to stop you…” he trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing his brows slightly.

I frowned  a little and tilted my head amusingly “Oh…so should I go then?” I asked rhetorically, starting to turning away. I’d managed to take one step before a strong hand on my shoulder stopped me in my tracks, turning me around, his body a lot closer than was before.

“No, that’s-that’s not what I meant” he muttered. He pinched his fingers to the top of the bridge of his nose closing his eyes, his other hand still holding me still.

He opened his eyes as I nodded slowly, interested in what he had to say.

He seemed a lost for words and just shrugged “My name’s Grayson”. A smile soon appeared on his face as I smiled back.

He held out his hand for me to shake, raising an eyebrow “And you are..?” a small smirk forming. 

“Y/N” I took his hand carefully, holding back a giggle, but the smile remaining as my heart began to race.

“I’m gonna be honest right now,” softly biting his bottom lip briefly in thought. “I don’t know anything other than your name, but for some reason I don’t want you to leave” I may have looked a bit surprised since his face had turned a slight shade of pink through his tanned complexion 

I stared at him for a moment and then started to search through my clutch. He leaned slightly learned forward, curious to see what I was looking for. A few moments later my hand retreated a pen, taking his wrist as I began to write my number across the back of his hand

When I was done, I let go and popped the pen putting it back into the opening. He inspected the number then smirked at me.

“You know I didn’t ask for this right?” he questioned, suddenly over-confident. He crossed his arms, grinning arrogantly. My smile dropped immediately.

“Just forget it, you don’t have to call then” I rolled my eyes, grabbing my acai bowl, turning away to walk towards my car. He ran around till he was in front of me, holding both of my arms keeping me still. 

“Wait, I’m sorry I was kidding, Y/N…I’ll text you?” he dipped his head in a sort of apologetic way, running his hand through his fluffy brown hair. I just gave a slight nod, not returning a smile. He frowned a bit before gliding his hands down my arm, leaning forward to give my hand a small kiss.

The feeling of his lips remained as he looked up smiling against my hand and left, walking back inside. I turned to him as he slipped through the door, looking back to grin at me as I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks.

Unlocking the car door, sitting my acai bowl in the cup holder, I started my car and began to pull out of the driveway. As I put the car into reverse, I looked into the shop for him. When I found him he saw and smirked causing me to bang my head on the steering wheel of embarrassment. 

Wanting to prevent anymore humiliation, I quickly put the address of the meet up on my phone and drove there quickly. When I arrived to the food court of the mall my friends had wanted to hang out at, of course me being the last one there, I threw away my empty bowl and collapsed to a seat next to them. 

“What happened with you?” the 3 of them turned to me, wondering where the hell I was and why I was late. I rolled my eyes and waved them off, shaking my head signaling that I’d tell them later. About a few minutes into shopping, standing in line for a fitting room, I hear my phone go off. I was greeted with a simple picture of a half eaten acai bowl that was the same one from what I’d ordered along with a number I didn’t recognize and grinned.

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