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(.) "" 2020 = & ""(.) (.) (.) ☀

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Wanaka Tree - Wanaka, New Zealand [3362x4914] [OC] IG: @andyescapes

cuteness... Reminding the Eyes..Cheeks.. Smile.. 💐..

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Rep. Stefanik Blows Apart Schiff’s Impeachment Narrative: No Bribery, No... via It DOESNT get ANY clearer than , final answer! Therefor, since there IS , NOR a , there is 🇺🇸

Niger want peace. no more hatred in Niger than important issues. an opposition will contest his election peacefully. Hama Amadou needs more time to work towards the upcoming election. Africa Amadou @YounoussaAli4@allafrica@BBCAfrica@CNNAfrica

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finna argue for 36 Hours about best album/artist/songwriter and why so and so doesn’t belong in category

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Do you like to visit Haughton Green Playing Field? Come and help the volunteers with a clean up tomorrow after a busy summer. Ring 0161 342 3055 counts

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afoxhound  asked:



u h for what?

Rose and John being great friends? Shouwing affection and support to each other?? I’m my lawn?

I very much hope so

theyre in a cheap, rat infested hotel 3 days after returning to earth. neither of them has said more than 5 words at a time. theyre just. sitting there, wrapped up in eachother. michael’s grace is drained and he’s actually sleeping. adam can’t bring himself to close his eyes. the two are covered in dirt and grime,, but they dont care. the two are still in shock but - they’re with eachother, and theyre alive, so everything will be okay.

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*softly* i hope u have a nice day, sis *hugs*


h ty both

it’s been… ehhh? So far? I woke up late and was legit just out of it until last class (which started at 1. It’s 2:47 now), so I’m not sure how to say how my day’s been hfjfjs


Hannah Brown and her partner Alan Bersten dance contemporary to “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez on the Dancing with the Stars semi-finals


Deep Criminal - Got That Sound