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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Pink Dried Flower Sphere with Colour changing light up feature Key Chain

Just one more week until we welcome you to our table. Get your tickets for our Thanksgiving Train and enjoy a multiple course gourmet feast—without the cleanup!

Illinois Sysmex associates joined together throughout# November to give back to our local communities in the spirit of . Our food drive collected over 300 lbs of items to support the Fremont Township Food Pantry.

We enjoyed bountiful Thanksgiving festivities at ’s H.O.P.E. Center this year. We are grateful for those who help provide diverse behavioral health services to our community.

We enjoyed bountiful Thanksgiving festivities at our H.O.P.E. Center this year. We are grateful for those who help provide diverse behavioral health services to our community.

SUNDAY 8TH DECEMBER 2019 End of Year Family Thanksgiving with Dr. Isaiah Wealth... @ Gospel Pillars Int'l Church, Plot 11c, Kudirat Abiola Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

SUNDAY 8TH DECEMBER 2019 End of Year Family Thanksgiving with Dr. Isaiah Wealth... @ Gospel Pillars Int'l Church, Plot 11c, Kudirat Abiola Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

Our 1st graders had a blast learning about pilgrims and their journey to America on the Mayflower. The students worked well together to design and redesign their own Mayflowers to get as many pilgrims to America safely as possible!

Book my special with the link in my bio to receive your $40 full face glam. Will be doing a giveaway soon also. Be on the lookout for your chance to win some free goodies 🤩🤩🤩

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SUNDAY 8TH DECEMBER 2019 End of Year Family Thanksgiving with Dr. Isaiah Wealth... @ Gospel Pillars Int'l Church, Plot 11c, Kudirat Abiola Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

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Santa fighting all the holidays




When you appreciate getting gym time for #winterguard rehearsal so you set everything up for the #bandconcert afterwards. THIS IS WHY this team is so special. They go out of their way to lift up those around them, help people even without being asked, and generally work together to bring art to life.
#colorguard #SIG20 #thanksspintronix #appreciationpost #guardlove #thanksgiving (at Liberty Sr. High)

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story time!

so on black friday, i ordered myself a nice dyson because you know, a girl be a full-time working lady and needs an upgrade in life and all i could think of ever since i ordered it was how excited i am to start using it and everything. i even got some extra heads as a special treat (also because they were free). the vacuum and the heads were coming in separate packages from UPS but paranoid jasmine was creeping up every now and then this past week from having heard too many stories about stolen packages.

so when i got a notification about a package being delivered on friday, i was super excited, thinking it was the dyson. i rushed home that night to find in front the apt building door a fedex tag with my apt number on it. so i go up to my apartment to find a small package by my door but no dyson. it was the package for the heads. so immediately i thought “oh. the fedex tag from downstairs is for the dyson.” so the next thing i do is track the fedex id on my phone to see what the next steps were. it said it missed me and was going to try again next business day (saturday).

good thing was i was in all day saturday so there is NO WAY i would miss the package at all! but then i thought to myself “is saturday the next business day or is it monday?” that thought didn’t linger for long because nothing showed up by my door the next day so i assumed it was monday. fast forward to sunday, im sitting at home after a full day outside. i thought to myself “oh i wonder where my package is” as if the status would change on a sunday but i looked up the fedex id anyway. it said the package was delivered. on saturday at 2pm.

the next forty minutes involved me walking back and forth from my laptop to my front door to downstairs by my mailbox to standing outside my apt door wondering to myself “if i was a package, where would i be hiding.” and then the stories about stolen packages came back into my mind and i lost it. my neighbor came out to throw out her trash and i was like “did you see a package by my door?” and she was like “i saw a small one” (the vacuum heads on friday) but then she was like “i don’t order my packages here because i’ve seen signs up of people saying they lost their packages or had theirs stolen.” i then text my roommate, alice that the package was stolen and was basically freaking out at her over text. i then text our super about it (like they can do anything about it…) and even thought about paying for another one because i just REALLY wanted a dyson. i was rummaging through our delivery boxes absentmindedly while going through the situation with alice. i told her about the fedex tag and how it said it delivered yesterday but nothing came for me. but what wasnt clicking was why the heads came through UPS but the dyson was coming through fedex(???) when it all hit me. the fedex tag from downstairs was for my apt but not for me. it was for alice. she was waiting for a package to come in too and she got it on saturday, only it was left by the mailbox. i knew she had a package coming in because she told me she bought a sweater. i had two packages with two separate tracking ids from UPS. one was delivered but one is still in transit.

the entire weekend, i was tracking the wrong package from the wrong carrier.



The holidays have been kind of lonely and sad for me. Haven’t seen my family much. Haven’t talked to or seen my dad at all. Don’t know if I’ll get to spend time with my siblings for Christmas. I miss being younger and it just being the five of us on Christmas morning. (Mom, Dad, brother, sister) I just miss spending time with all of them together.


#EllenDeGeneres ’s Greatest Night of Giveaways is a three-night holiday extravaganza airing from Dec. 10 – 12 at 8 p.m. on NBC. Joined by celebrity friends Jennifer Aniston, Chrissy Teigen, Robert Downey Jr., Justin Timberlake, and more, #Ellen gives out an incredible array of gifts to unsuspecting people who deserve it .
#JenniferAniston #ChrissyTeigen #RobertDowneyJr #JustinTimberlake
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Evening Prayer - 8 Dec 2019

Perhaps my computer’s malfunctions are actually an invitation to turn it off rather than to get frustrated. So that’s what I’m going to do, Gracious One. And then I’m going to turn myself off, too. I need to rest.

I need to rest because it has been a very full day, a day filled with your Spirit whispering words I needed to hear, and I think whispering words others needed to hear, too. I thank you for your Spirit-whispers. I thank you for the interpretive power of your Spirit, making sense of half-formed ideas and poorly constructed sentences. I thank you for the grounding and wholeness your Spirit brings when I calm myself long enough to listen from my stillness. I thank you for your Spirit’s grace-filled love. Amen.

*the houses crowded around a clock*

Clock: *strikes midnight*

Hufflepuff: Thanksgiving is officially over! You know what that means!

Hufflepuff: *pulls out Santa hat*




Ravenclaw: It’s literally a minute after mid-

Hufflepuff: I can’t hear you over the sounds of my sleigh bells, Ravenclaw.



Dear Father, thank You for the great and precious blessings You’ve made available to me to enjoy today. Thank You for loading me daily with all the benefits of life such that I am thoroughly furnished with all I need to live joyfully today. I thank You for Your glory and grace that You’ve bestowed on me to reign in life today and forever. I will praise You O Lord, my wonderful Saviour; with my whole heart will I show forth Your marvelous works and declare Your greatness. I rejoice in You O Lord most high, for You’re the only true and wise God! Thank You for making my life beautiful, and for crowning me with victory and success, all the days of my life. I thank You for the privilege of prayer. In the place of prayer, I can see the bright future You’ve ordained for me. Today, I declare that my day is blessed, and I receive from You the wisdom and grace to deal excellently in all my affairs today. Thank You for giving me the ability to effect positive changes in and around me through earnest, heartfelt, fervent and continued prayers, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
• Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we’ve got something to shout about. Let’s flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
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anonymous asked:

Hey 💜 I am truly grateful for the kind of friendship we share, where we don't have to talk every day to show the other person that we care. That even after weeks of not talking when we finally have a call, we can still make each other laugh and understand each other and hit it off so well. I am grateful to hear you laugh despite what's up right now. I love you loads 💜

It fills me with a serene

Sense of gratitude

That we can pick up

Right where we left off

No matter the time passed

Seemingly none has, whenever

We connect we forget

Any past lapse, filling with

Myriad smiles and laughs

What ease, empathy

Personality relatability

Riding the same wavelength

Common ground flowers fed

Grown from seeds of kindness

Thriving with love

Such a sumptuous garden

Seasonless, always

Beautifully in bloom 

The Climb: Grumpy but Grateful

Man, what a day today has been! I’m stressed. My period starts tomorrow and finals are upon us. As I get through my second to last semester before I graduate with my Masters (!!!), I have to just exude some gratitude in this moment because I’m not feeling it. I’m overeating to cope with the stress. Everything is a bit too tight these days. I’m excited and scared to see what my students are about to bring me this week during finals. I’m watching all my classmates bounce in and out of callbacks because I decided NOT to be in any school productions next semester (with good reason but STILL!) All my friends around me are headed into new chapters of their lives with MAJOR blessings and I’m feeling a tad left behind and I’m just OVER IT. So, not that I got that out my system, it’s time for some gratitude and I thought I’d share. I’m forcing myself to put 10 things out in the world that I’m grateful for because this funk just isn’t cute! I’m supposed to working on a Male Singer Assessment right now that’s due at midnight but I can’t even talk myself into getting started because my brain is all over the place SO, I’m going to do this gratitude exercise, meditate for 10 minutes and then press play on the last episode of the 4th season of Gilmore Girls while I power through this Pedagogy assignment. 

1. Who am I and what is my family that you bless me in this way, Lord? (2 Samuel 7:18 NYLA version) Like a MASTERS at NYU in Voice. Who do I think I am? I am from no man’s land in the middle of the hood in Cleveland and here I am, strutting my oversized stuff in these NYC streets, walking to this world-renowned school everyday, learning how to teach folks out their larynx and stuff. What is my life?

2. I am typing this on a beautiful 15-inch Mac Book pro that I purchased almost 4 years ago that is in beautiful condition. I got the screen fixed for FREE over this past summer and it’s still kicking out assignments and allowing me to live my dreams and helping me teach voice lessons using YouTube tracks because my piano skills are WACK and everything. This has been my dream computer for a WHILE and it’s still everything that I ever thought it would be.

3. Thank you for people who know me and love me and deal with my funk. I left the church that I was visiting today after praise and worship and one of the ministers pulled me to the side and hugged me and prayed with me when she just felt something was OFF. Thanks, Holy Spirit, I needed that! After that, I walked to the train with my friend and was able to vent to her. Went to lunch with a different friend and was able to vent to him. Thanks, Jesus, for those 3 divine appointments that I needed today for my own sanity. 

4. I’m so grateful that I’m not who I used to be and that I would even use this as a platform to host my gratitudes out into the world (because I don’t have social media) and not just throw everything aside and cry and eat and sulk. I am really on a journey to Nyla 3.0 and I see that my practices along the way are manifesting into parts of my character that I really enjoy. Though I have a long way to go, I am so not little Nyla anymore and I really LIKE ME. I like the person who would say, “No! You don’t just get to feel bad all day and NOTHING’S really wrong! Journal it out. Affirm yourself. Find community. Pray! Use the tools that you know, to get you to the place you want to be. 

5. I thank God for a SOUND, RIGHT, STRONG-WILLED mind. As I read back on what I’ve already written, I’m just thankful to be able to spell and construct sound thoughts in sentence format and use noun-verb agreement. There are some who can’t, who never learned and who choose to not know, that find it unnecessary and counter-productive to know effective written communication. They find it even to be endearing to misspell words and have a cryptic language all their own. Though it can be dope to have a language that feels like a secret-handshake through text, I love to write. I’m always and forever grateful for my vocabulary that is lush and limited at the same time.


Okay I know I said 10 but I’m feeling better and I think I want to give myself a reason to come back to let’s stop at 5 for now and I’ll be back tomorrow or probably over the weekend with a finals week update and some more gratitude to through around. 

Peace and love, family.