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Appreciative of the fact that friends and neighbors around the country have been reaching out, showing , and standing in . Thank you for keeping going strong.

This is Cincinnati Just had a conversation with a local soccer legend who never thought he would see this day It is here It is now Embrace it and enjoy every moment Philippians 4:4

Earlier this month I was awarded my 5th consecutive β€œSutton Masters Platinum Award” awarded to the top 1% of Sutton agents in the country! Thanks to all my family, clients and friends for the continued support and referrals!

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Good morning Alicia ! πŸ’• Thank you so much ! Have a wonderful day my beautiful friend ! Wishing you a very happy Monday filled with many blessings . πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŒ·πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ 🌸

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Happy St. Patrick’s day!

It’s not even my birthday yet. I am so grateful for all the times people have spent with me so far and all the kind words I’ve been receiving pretty much all week long. I feel unlovable and like trash at the moment. I feel like I haven’t been a great sister, daughter, friend, leader, worker and classmate. It’s a constant feeling of “I don’t deserve all this love” that I feel guilty of the kindness people have been giving me. I’m in awe that people would still want to spend time and/or money on me and people would check in to ask how I’m doing. This low season of my life when I have nothing to give and offer people has shown who really cares about me. I’m blown away by the number of people who do and the ways people have been telling me that I have influenced their life. I was more keen on making a positive influence with every encounter before but I’ve been feeling so low and broken that this hasn’t been my focus lately. I have forgotten who I am and I feel lost within myself. People telling me the influence I made and what they appreciate about me has been incredibly healing and directing me back to the truth. 

I’m struggling to accept love and be loved.

a sigh of relief..

The past two years my mind has been a complete fog. I already have a business but I’ve been really wanting to start some new avenues on top of Rebel Love for multiple strings of income.

I’ve been terrified to branch out - fear of failure and rejection. Only a few friends have purchased Rebel Love, all our success is thanks to the US market. I am worried of not getting the support from my friends and family expanding my career.

I’ve been in such a creative block, it has brought me to tears and long weeks trapped in my bed.


Tonight I feel like I had a break through, I’m going to finally push myself out into the world. I’m still overwhelmed with fear but I need to do this for myself I need to be the person I’ve been craving to be for so long.

Designing womens wear is such a passion for me - I live and breath fashion. I have little to no education but I won’t let that stop me.

I’m glad the weight of my depression has released me this past week. A change of medication, quitting marijuana and alcohol has really done justice in my life.

I finally feel happy for ounce.

I hope these feelings continue and my road to recovery and success is a triumph.

Thank You to everyone who has supported and believed in me.

Thank You

Just wanted to send a thank you message to everyone who has liked, commented, and reblogged my translations and other posts. Knowing that there are people who want to read them gives me more energy to work on these then you may realize. I get immense joy from reading reblog tags too, and I’ve read them all. And to those with questions in their tags, they’ll be (mostly) answered when I eventually release the pilot.

Hope that you have a good day/night!

Make Me Feel Lucky

I don’t know if it’d call myself lucky,

With how much that’s happened.

Barely escaped getting T-boned,

From a car running a red light.

To my car breaking down on a bridge,

On the busy interstate.

To falling from a height,

Leaving my thigh black and blue,

And fracturing my elbow.

Someone is definitely watching out for me,

I wouldn’t trade this minor injury,

For something worse.

I’ll count my blessings,

Before I count the curse.

I know I tend to get hurt and bruise easy,

But that won’t stop me.

Cause you’re still in my life,

Which helps a lot,

I’ll be alright as long as you’re with me.

You make me feel lucky.


Indeed it was a blessed day!
Always being #Grateful #Thankful for the opportunity to enjoy this journey called LIFE.
Be sure to smile more, complain less
Remember that it starts with our MINDSET #mistermetaphysical #GetRightorGetLeft #legday
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To all of you who followed me today, ya’ll have warmed my heart. If I somehow missed you and didn’t follow you, let me know! If you know of any other writeblrs I should be following, reblog and @ them for me! I’m excited to run this new blog and be apart of this community. If anyone else catches this post, reblog so I know to follow you too! The more WIPs on my radar, the better. 

Thank ya and cheers to a great start!


I’ve been doing a gratitude list every night before I sleep and it’s really helped me recognize how thankful I am. I write out about 4-5 things - any things - that I appreciated throughout/looking back on my day.

It feels like a great loa type exercise because after the first night of my gratitude entry, the next morning I was so energized. And then I had skipped a few days and didn’t feel as great as I had.

Also, when I write out the things I’m grateful to have experienced throughout the day, I really let my body feel the awesome graciousness of it. Like how cool that I manifested this - whatever it is!

It can be literally anything too!! I could be grateful for hardwood floors, or a really cool/fun pencil that I like to use. All that matters is the gratitude and realization of everything having the opportunity to be perceived as wonderful if I let it.

Have you ever tried any loa exercises like this? Or had your own gratitude journal? How did your life change - if it did? ✨💕😊🌈🦋💫❤️🎉💐😌

Excited to hear your stories, Del. ✨😊🌊