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New players on campus today ready to start a new academic/athletic journey High level students-athletes who will bring energy to our community. for the parents who have entrusted us with them!

Britt had a busy day today: ride to Tampa, lunch, horses, yoga. Was in a great mood=a good day. Loving these positive trends.

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That moment when you see there is a package for you...and inside there is Astrobright paper and Play-Doh. ❀️ This teacher heart is so full! Thank you for the random act of kindness.

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New! πŸ˜πŸ’‹ The Indiana Low Cut Velvet Dress and the fierce Felicia Jumpsuit with crisscross detail! 🌹 Shop now at bff stylegram ootd

is promoting so here it is!! Hope u enjoy and check out my freshly launched Patreon page for process steps as I pursue my of publishing my first Link is in my bio. ☝️❀

I am BEYOND excited to announce I have decided to complete my Bachelors degree at Jacksonville State University! I am in their Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Offender Rehabilitation Program πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΌ

Stunning day! My family is truly blessed to have these wonderful times together! πŸ™β€οΈπŸŒ΄

Brownies, peanuts and corn chips straight from the Philippines from my clients who just got back from their vacation there! Much appreciated, and thank you for your generosity! -

It's Thankful Thursday - what are you thankful for today? Let's focus on the positves. I'm so thankful for today which is a beautiful day - the sun is shining the temp is just right and I'm healthy to enjoy it. …

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Song: Whine a go go Artist: @wiseman_reggae #reggae #reggaedancehall #music #love #believe #believeinyourself #jamaican #fiestariddim #thankful #humble

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Mental illness

Went on a bad tag, ready to just drown in misery because of my depression and all I got was inspiration and hope and reasons to keep fighting. Thank you.

Thank you to everybody going into bad tags and spreading hope and filling it with positivity. It makes a difference, just know that. It made the biggest difference for my night. Thank you.

I always struggle with my depression at night when it’s dark and I’m alone. Usually social media is really bad for me because the majority of people online are always mean or harsh to me. I’m very sensitive and emotional and I know they don’t mean to but it’s painful.

When depressed you tend to want to indulge and feed the darkness but tonight I was met with all the best of people and it really made my night.

Again, thank you. Thank you for spreading positivity and hope. It matters. You all matter. If you ever wonder if you actually help. You do.


Thought this was pretty #dope to have your #music featured in @unistudios @citywalkla thank you guys!🔥💪 #getwiththis #universalstudios #citywalk #music #love #life #happiness #thankful (at Universal CityWalk)

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Feeling Like 🤪
Music By @erickmorillo
#blessed #thankful #grateful #humble
#8c3 #8c3selfie #letthemusicplay
#awake #alive #well #awakealiveandwell
#8c3v3do #8c3being8c3 #8c3belike #8c3flow #johnnybeingjohnny #8c3piritual #goodday #feelinglike (at Washington Heights, Manhattan)

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Madamo Guid nga Salamat, Amay

Amay madamo guid nga salamat nga naalambot ako sa pangidaron nga 42. Ini ang ika pito nga tuig sang akon nga ikaduha nga kabuhi nga imo guin hatag sa akon.  Madamo guid nga salamat sa tanan nga bugay nga akon naaguman, sa paghatag sa akon sa mga maayo kag mga mapinalangaon nga mga abyan, kay labi sa tanan sa pagamping sa akon nga mga mahal nga mga himata. Madamo guid nga salamat kag ini tanan para sa imo. Sa Dios ang himaya.  

Strangest phrase I’ve said without thinking would be “my hands draw in a different genre”. Second would be “I’m thankful for my hands” purely for the vast variety of confused looks I recieved. Apparently that isn’t something most people say when going around the classroom saying what you’re thankful for.

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as a fellow writer, i felt sad reading your beginning notes at the last chapter and your thank you letter to all the readers. i think your fic was simply amazing and greatly written and it sounded as though you never thought it was good enough until the end. well it was. and i hope someday you can learn to be proud of your own creations too.

… well shit

guess it’s time to cry


Day #154 of 365 Daily Gratitude - Inside Jokes

Thank You

Last night I called you because I was scared I’d lose you after I lied saying I was okay. I wasn’t looking for advice really, I was just looking for you. I love you and I don’t want to hurt you. Ever. I confessed saying I was depressed. And it wasn’t for any reason. Nothing happened that triggered it. But once it was triggered, anything that popped up during the day just sunk me deeper.

Think of it like walking in a jungle and accidentally stepping in quicksand. There was nothing that per se happened for me to step into the quicksand; however, any attempt to get out of the quicksand made me sink deeper and faster. I hate the fact that I can’t do this in my own strength. I hate that I have to seek prayer and attention of those who have experienced more than me to get out of this. I hate that I might have to take medication to be myself.

I called you last night because I was scared I might lose you. And I wanted to say thank you. For not leaving just yet.


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