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It’s easy to follow the crowd, it takes courage to stand alone. Maintain those high vibrations, focus on having clarity & perspective..remain fearless & positive always and be grateful and thankful for your life ❤️

I don’t really enjoy getting up at 3am to change a leaking urostomy bag, change sheets and do laundry but I’m thankful I’m able to do it.

Some say FC Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp are the best Team and the best Coach of the year. I say it proudly, is the finest Team and the best Coach of the Century to be part of!

This. Is. Insane! Thank you all for your grate support! And thank you for your services!

Was planning on streaming around 10 AM tomorrow but the stream tonight just got over after a 7 and a half hour session! Thanks for hanging yall! We'll see you tomorrow! Let me wake up then I'll tweet a time

Feeling thankful 💕 . Thank you all for supporting us through this incredible life, and all of the passion, people, and adventures 🙏🙏🙏 .

TODAY is MY Birthday It would be sooooooo amazing if I can get a Birthday hug from you! 🥳

This is a wonderful day. I've never seen it before. - Maya Angelou ~ 🙏

6. I’m thankful for those who have been a huge encouragement in my life over the years and for those who continue to remain joyful whatever comes their way.

Supervisor Fletcher was honored to receive the San Diego Psychological Association’s Legislative Award for his work to improve the County’s behavioral health system.

Adorable Organically grown kids from Almond Blossom Studio kids wear 🙏🏽💕😎👍🏽😘

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I’ve never really known how happy I could be until I stopped focusing on it and just let it happen. Now I can’t stop smiling.

Special Thank You my Angel for this…💕🔥


Who knows what good will come out of this. God works in mysterious ways and this no exception. More pics as I get everything together. I was looking at You Tube to even know how to use such a sophisticated machine. It’ll take a while for me to learn. I’ve always wanted a sewing room but now it’s truly a sewing gallery with an astonishing view and sew much more lol! I did not expect it to be like this. I’m in awe and so thankful.


Bucket list! 🙏🤯
My original song BIONIC just got introduced by @foofighters @daveghrol on Radio Cafe’s Top 10 countdown out of Hollywood California! 🤯 #radio #erichayes #erichayesmusic #top10countdown #radioplay #ontheradio #davegrohl #foofighters #instamusic #instagood #topvoices #brilliantmusicians #thankful #god #likeforlikes #share #repost #love (at Morristown, New Jersey)

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An epic evening at the RAC Arena watching the ​Perth Wildcats​ take on my ​Sydney Kings​. Thank
you to ​John Henry​ for being my plus one and a super big thank you to ​Adam Westerhout​ and ​Full
Court Fitness​ for the FREE tickets. I will say it was a little weird at first not filming a Basketball game for once, but I quickly got into it!

#thankyou #perth #friday #basketball #perthlife #tgif #nba #videos #perthisok #thanks #thankful #ballislife #grateful #instavideo #present #westernaustralia #friyay #tutorial #fridaynight #perthcity #perthigers #perthblogger #igperth #perthgram #bball #sports #perthpop #urbanlistperth #perthtodo #nbl (at RAC Arena)

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Soooo you think YOUR life is #hotmess
Soooo you think that one friend has the #pictureperfect life.

Peer into my window dear friends.

#hotmess #mommy #mommyoftwo #monofgirls #dogmom #crazylife #beautifullife #thankful #grateful #chaos (at Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Sometimes it’s the small - and not so small - things.

It’s been a blah week for Reasons, and I hadn’t had motivation to finish decorating the tree. I got home from work to find Mister had already plugged in the tree (usually I do that), lit my favorite balsam candle (ALWAYS something I do), and had started making noodle bowls for dinner. And later he made cookies from dough he’d bought from a fundraiser.

He knows me so well. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that I can’t figure him out.

I put on my pajamas and the Santa hat, turned on some Boston Pops Christmas music, and put up the Nativity set from my grandparents (I’d set up the small one from my in-laws earlier this week). Then we decorated the rest of the tree.

It’s been a good evening.

Someone was definitely watching over me today as i blacked out while driving and hit the telephone pole… scary to open my eyes and see that i was head on with the telephone pole and to have to call my mom and tell her what had happened… no parent ever wants to hear that news. Glad i had an angel watching over me 🙏🏼

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I’ve been reading a lot of the comments and replies and reblog tags that you guys have left me and I’m so thankful to be supported and loved by you guys! ;;A;; I wish I could respond (on this account and not on my main account), but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I can (or at least i haven’t figure it out yet!). 

But I love you guys lots and lots and thank you for all your support! :D I hope you guys are looking forward to all the stuff I have in store for this month!


_.𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝 for the 𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬
from here on out .🙏🏾😋🤦🏾‍♀️

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Do you ever stop and think about where your life was just a year ago? That’s 365 days folks.

When I was driving back from Thanksgiving, and during my late afternoon run, I found myself lost in thought over this. Part of me can’t even believe how different my life is today.

I have a new job, I moved half way across the country, and I fell in love. They didn’t necessarily happen in that order either. I caught myself today thinking not in a million years would I have thought this year would have looked the way it did, or how it does now.

I can’t even express how blessed and thankful I am for this past year, there has been a lot of adversity to conquer, but it’s strengthened me and made me cultivate myself more. It also makes me appreciate the moment I’m living in right now, and how truly wonderful things are.

And so here today, I woke up in a warm bed next to my best friend who I love, who wished me off to work, to a job I’m super passionate about, to leave it at the end of the day to go run with an able body. Life is truly good.