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I don’t get this “hello” meme but I don’t like it. I’m not repeating it the right way.

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Cuddle hcs with tfa Blurr please?

- It’s really hard to get Blurr to sit still long enough to get cuddles, but when you do he insists on having blankets because he’s not used to the coolness that settles when he stays still for too long

- He’s surprisingly comfortable to cuddle with, when you’re chest to chest or if you’re the little spoon. Otherwise his shoulders are way too spiky

- He will talk almost the whole time, only going quiet if you’re speaking or if he realizes you’re asleep.

- Even if you’re asleep he might continue talking, but much quieter and only to himself

- If you’re human, he usually lets you lay on his chassis with his hand over your back protectively

- If you’re Cybertronian, he likes to keep a hold on you anyways, and will trace your armor with a surprising slowness, especially if he’s trying to lull you into a recharge

optimus---prime  asked:

Can I get headcanons on my bois trying to cheer up their human s/o? ( Bumble Bee, Blurr and Poly-Jettwins)


  • Bumblebee wouldn’t notice right away that you’re upset so Sari or another bot would have to tell him that you’re upset. Once he’s told, he’ll be right by your side.
  • His first idea at cheering you up is to try and make you smile and laugh. He’ll creak a lot of one liners and jokes around you hoping you’d at least crack a smile.
  • He’d also have you play video games with him and let you win, though you always know he’s letting you. He’ll give you excessive praise and compliments, hoping it’ll make you feel better.
  • If none of those work, he’ll go to Sari for help or ask for advice from Prowl if he’s really desperate. He’ll sit down with you and let you know that he’s there for you.


  • Because of his job, Blurr knows almost immediately when you’re upset. You can’t hide your sadness from him, it’s almost like a 6th sense of his.
  • He’s a surprising a great listener so you can vent to him for hours and he won’t even complain. He’ll even offer some advice if you want some.
  • He’ll let you sit in his cab and drive you around the back roads of Detroit. He’s fine with you wanting to ride in silence or wanting to strike up a conversation.
  • If you need time to yourself, he’ll respect your boundaries and leave you alone. He’ll occasionally check in on you to see if you’re okay.

Poly Jettwins:

  • Jetfire and Jetstorm wouldn’t immediately realize that you’re upset but once they do, they’ll try to come up with a to make you happy again.
  • Eventually they settle on a divide and conquer plan. Jetstorm will come up and cuddle with you while Jetfire tries and make you smile and laugh.
  • They’re also take you out flying in their altmodes. If you don’t have a weak stomach, they’ll do some tricks and flips in the air.
  • If all else fails, they’ll form Safeguard and cuddle you. They’ll let you vent about your problems and what’s been troubling you, even if they don’t understand exactly what you’re talking about sometimes.

Idk I think the reason I disliked Episode VII so much was that it felt like nothing mattered, nothing in any of the previous movies or TV shows or tie-in novels or anything really meant anything in the grand scheme of things because here we are, everything’s exactly the same except that somehow it’s worse.

And I do think there’s a way to tell the story of always having to keep back the same enemy, always trying to stop hate and fear and autocrats, as long as you show that the lives lived are worth it. But there wasn’t a real sense of improvement, peace, stability, or freedom in the galaxy either, and for a franchise that is supposed to be about hope, it makes it very hard to see what the point is.

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Headcanons of what kinds of attributes the TFA ‘bots (+Jazz if you could?) would find attractive in someone?

Optimus Prime

- Maturity is a big thing for him, but it’s also important for you to know when to take a breather

- Good sense of humor, because you need to be able to let loose

- Confidence, to help him when he doesn’t have any

- Calm / Relaxed personality, because he doesn’t need someone high strung and overly anxious, since it’ll bleed over to him


- Maturity is important for him too because he’s too old for someone who is too toddler-like

- Intelligence, someone who he can talk to as an equal without explaining every other thing

- Patience, because he isn’t the most patient mech himself and if you want to get along with him you’ll need a lot of patience

- Kindness, something he is still learning how to express. So he sees someone who is kind to everyone, who helps wherever they can, and he admires the trait and hopes that spending time with you will help him learn to be more like you

- Optimism is also important to remind him that it isn’t all gloom and doom all the time. You’d remind him to enjoy the smaller things in life


- Great sense of humor, to go with his own of course!

- Wit, to be able to keep up with him and poke fun at each other

- Enthusiasm since you would need it to be able to keep up

- Realistic, because he knows that sometimes he needs someone to hold him by the metaphorical shirt collar and talk him through something before he goes making a mess

- Patience, since he can be a hand full for anyone, and the closer you are, the more attention from you he’ll want


- Creativity, be it artistic or having creative solutions to problems

- Intelligence, so he has an equal to talk to, even if you’re smart in a field other than space bridge technology. He loves to learn, and typically smart people like to learn too. You learn from each other

- Kind-hearted, just like him. He would not do well with someone who doesn’t care about others

- Enthusiasm, because he likes people who are bright and happy


- Calmness, because he couldn’t handle someone with boundless energy

- Patience, so someone who can meditate with him or at least let him meditate while quietly doing their own thing is nice

- Playful, because while it doesn’t happen often, he likes to joke around with people with playful jabs (i.e., when he told Bumblebee (with a cute lil’ smirk his obnoxious attitude was his greatest strength when dealing with Blitzwing)

- Strength, physically and emotionally. Someone who can take care of themselves so he isn’t having to dote over them


- Go-with-the-Flow personality, since he’s pretty good at that too

- Music lover, because he wants to have at least that shared interest

- Kind hearted, because he’s dealt with Sentinel Prime so much that it’s refreshing to be around people who care about others

- Independent, since he can’t really take care of someone at all times. But it’s important they be able to ask for help if they need it too

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could i get a match up? ;w; either tfa or tfp would b swell! im a punk lesbian demigirl, im nice but i really refuse to take any shit from ppl djfklgj im a little opinionated when it comes to my interests, not bothered what ppl think of me, and im super into fashion and music!

I match you with…


Originally posted by siorca

She loves that you don’t let people walk all over you and that you have no problem asserting yourself when you believe in something. She also admires that you don’t let others get to you either. She finds your niceness somewhat refreshing compared to what she’s normally around. She usually likes the music you end up playing and takes intrest in the punk fashion because she thinks it looks cool.

Other possible matches: Red Alert, Slipstream, Strika

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Is it alright if I share a random headcanon with you? I HC that TFA Ratchet absolutely 'Hate' watches. Like the news or a show maybe Bumblebee likes. He'll sit there stewing and complaining and critizing, but he doesn't change the channel. His enjoyment is based absolutely on how much he hates and rags on it.

I am all for hearing everyone else’s headcanons! And I agree, he is totally the kind to hate watch something. He’ll complain about the science, the acting, the plot, absolutely anything. It’s his main source of entertainment, and if he gets to rile up Bumblebee in the process, win/win!