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Why should you choose World Text? 🤔 One of the many reasons is the 'Communicator Pro'. This is a totally free web application to manage SMS campaigns, contacts, opt-in / out and inbound SMS. No Programming needed!

As if things simply could NOT get any better, I received a , while walking "Coco" around today, that was gifting each of their a lovely ! 🍩 I Went With The ! !

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divorced kid culture is:

*what do you want for christmas*

*do you want to come over for Christmas*

*listen i don’t do much for you*

*i know i’ve been a bad [parent] but*

*drunk rambling*

*wanna come on a marathon with me*

*it’s your dad did your mum not tell you it do you want me to prove it*

*Well she told me so come on tell me whats up sorry rather hear it from u then talk to your mum at least u will hopefully tell me the truth no bull just how u feeling i know it be easyier for u to do it like this at least thats one thing we share lmao xxxxx*

*Look little un i dont know what to say to u or how to help u just know i love u no matter what i am a not great dad at keeping in contact bugger your aunty carol n Maria and lisa got to nag me to ring your gran who does miss u amd your sis to big time and so do your aunt’s as well*

I really wanna say thank you for all these wonderful messages I got this week. I probably won’t be replying to them bc I really want to keep them in my inbox and read whenever I feel bad again. But I really appreciate them! It’s wonderful to know that I have some great people following me that care, enough to send me an encouraging message and make me feel a little better. Thank you ♡

One of the funniest part of being asexual is reading your zodiac and seeing all the details about what type of people/traits you find sexually attractive and what type of sexual partner you are and looking at the camera right in the office bc none of this applies to you lol

Yoichi: Oh no kimizuki caught a cold

Yuu: *gasp* But he’s the ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO COOK!!!

Shinoa: *stares at yuu* What was that

Mika: Uh I do

Everyone: Really?

Mika: *cooks delicious meal*

Yuu: How do you know to cook akane was always the one to cook when we were kids

*Flash back*

Krul: Mika I’m gonna teach you how to be boyfriend material. Lesson number one learn how to cook then-

Mika: Why cook through?

Krul: Do you really think yuu is gonna know how to cook.

Mika: Point taking continue

*Flash back end*

Mika: Uh w-well I always knew how to cook I just never had to since akane did all the cooking

Yuu: Oh make sense.

People must be rude af to call centre agents as soon as they hear an accent, particularly an Indian one. Like I got a call today from our call centre where this Indian dude was like “she’s yelling, she won’t take it from me, she wants to speak to a manager or supervisor” so I was like oh great, but at least I can give her over to my supervisor…

She gets on the phone and before I send her to my supervisor right away I just say “so I can get this done for you right now, I’ll do it myself” and she doesn’t sound HAPPY but she’s definitely not super angry or rude to me. She’s just like “okay I’ve been having a hard time with this since this morning” and that was basically it. No supervisor or anything needed. Got it done, didn’t get another call from her that night.

Like that happens too often for it to be a coincidence. And when I used to be an actual call centre agent, I would straight up have people say stuff like “thank god someone American” and I’d be like mhmmm… (joke’s on them because I’m Canadian but I SOUND American). But hey as long as I didn’t sound “foreign”. 🙄

Stoicism is an altruistic philosophy

You participate in a society by your existence. Then participate in its life through your actions—all your actions. Any action not directed toward a social end (directly or indirectly) is a disturbance to your life, an obstacle to wholeness, a source of dissension. Like the man in the Assembly—a faction to himself, always out of step with the majority.

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.23

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is a dumb question but- what’s a drabble?

no worries, it isn’t a dumb question! It’s kinda like a very short fanfic, almost? You give me a character(s) and a scenario and I’ll write it! Here is a couple of examples


 ~Mod Hope (Pancake Cookie Shift)