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ok ngl tiwwchnt really slapped on tour

so call it what you want really makes me emo because it reminds me of how my boyfriend is literally the best person I’ve ever met and how he sees the best in me and 🥺


rosexbloom replied to your post

“rosexbloom replied to your post “my brain went and shut off and i…”

are the candies like … the things that give daily platinum?

  • The Runway (GCash and Gold ones at least) can give a bit of gcash depending on how high you place (you can view the breakdown of rewards under each theme)
  • Also I goofed, the catwalk doesn’t give gcash BUT it does give out a bigger amount of plat compared to the runway, the app is go gaia it’s probably the easiest way to farm for plat/gold if you just keep voting (it’s a SUPER buggy app a lot doesnt work and it crashes a LOT but it pays well)
  • The banners are on the bulletin board on the front gaia page like this one