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and automation. After watching a crowdcast from I ve pulled out a setup that I've done in 2003 using actuators and sensors to emulate human interaction for video satelitte receivers. Way much easier than testing a B777.

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#prototyping and #testing. #potato #guitar playing, but How does it #sound? I need more #practice #knowyourtone #boutiquepedals #preamp #simulator (at Calgary, Alberta)

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so i tried to draw by plopping down some silhouettes first!
it helped out ALOT!

i feel like i can visualize whats going on alot better when i have the whole thing to stare at (i have a hard time sometimes because i get entranced in details lolol)

so the top is what i started with, and the bottom is what ive revised! yay!

hope you like the Okumura boys from Blue Exorcist!


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anonymous asked:

Chris, I failed to meet the standard for my fitness testing and am feeling really really disheartened. I ran all throughout Christmas break and truly thought I had prepared enough. I only have three weeks until I am tested next and if I fail to meet the standard then I will be ineligible for the team I have worked so hard to get on. Any advice?

i know this is such a cliche example but Michael Jordan, considered to be one of the greatest of all time, got cut from multiple team tryouts before finally “making it,” and even then his road to success was full of a lot of “failures.” you didn’t fail!!! this is a stepping stone. learn, grow from it, what can you improve upon? what can you do to make yourself more confident going into this next phase of testing? i would speak to the coach as well :)


testing Medibang and decided to to draw the pearls just to test it out

i think its a pretty good program. might go back to it to draw the dimionds to complete the pice if i care to but i cant garante

i want to draw more then just misfits. dosent mean i wont stop it but i do want to expand my options before i burn out ya know