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Gone with the Wind

- You’re so beautiful!

- Stop do that…

- Do what?

- Tell me all these things. It’s not true.

- Tell, what you are beautiful?  I’ll never stop!  It’s absolutely true!

Testing amazing poses by @elliesimsx It’s so inspire me! Thank you bb!


Playing with the #denon controller my boy found an interesting issue that we couldn’t duplicate on any other controller 😅. Hold any roll button and then hit slicer and it freaks out the whole damn thing. Not that anyone would do this ever but it was still funny 😂.

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color lighting tests for Creative Studio Exploration class.

method: using colors on a computer screen as the only source of light to see the effect on a person as a portrait and the surrounding environment.

what I learned: the more white there is in the light, the less intense the color is - yet because of the additional light, the image comes up clearer on this camera with this lens. also, the closer the model is to the light source (computer screen), the clearer the image is.


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Cyanotype testing II


Many hours and quite a few cyanotype coated paper pieces later, I’m still not much wiser. 

The longest exposure time I went for was 26 minutes. I still achieved no image. As I did leave some of my undeveloped papers laying around to dry, they did become much darker and achieved the blue that I was aiming for, I think I’m understanding that I need much longer exposure times for the images to form. I am now waiting about an hour for a few more papers, both with negatives on them, and without, to see if that truly will make a difference. I think I may go to a couple of hours as it’s now an afternoon, and since it is already an overcast day, the solar power is quite week at this time. I will look for dark blue, almost turning grey, before I take the images out for the development. 

The images above are of the 2nd batch of the coated papers I prepared, but no image formed on any of them, all washed out at the first contact with water.