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Broadcom is Silver Partner for Swiss Testing Day 2020! ๐Ÿ˜€ is a global technology leader in semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Meet them on March 18!

ALERT - are you a Senior able to undertake daily ticket testing on portal, and much more? Great opportunity ~

Bildungsurlaub mit trendig! ๐Ÿง  Dein Training in Berlin und Brandenburg wird als anerkannt. Folgende Kurse warten auf Dich: Certified Foundation Level, Extensions, Advanced Level.

O GREat estรก selecionando Estagiรกrio em Testes. Informaรงรตes: Envie seu currรญculo e histรณrico acadรชmico para atรฉ 31/01

Amazon Prime Android App Dashboard has same recommendation in the two rows, and might have forgotten to test or it's an issue with

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Gummy Vitamin C Slices by Rainbow Light


These Gummy Vitamin C Slices by Rainbow Light are delicious. They have a slight tangy and orange like taste to them. Their texture is soft and chewy. They have a citrusy scent to them. The ingredients’ list is very short and I can recognize all the ingredients. This product does not contain any harmful chemicals. These gummies are easy to take too. These gummies can be taken by anyone ages 4 and up. The requirement is that one can take between 1 to 3 gummies per day. Vitamin C is a great ingredient to take during cold weather or when seasons are changing to prevent getting sick. The packaging is simple, cute and looks sustainable. I’d definitely recommend these vitamin C gummies to everyone. #ad #Freesample

Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum


This Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum works effectively on my skin. I have a dry skin and so it quickly gets absorbed into my skin. Just make sure to massage it fast because your dry skin will absorb it and you would have to use even more than necessary. The packaging is easy to dispose off from. This is a transparent liquid texture serum. I liked it overall because it didn’t give me any side effects. I just don’t like the scent of it. It has a weird scent to it. But for functionality, I’d recommend it. #ad #Freesample

Oil My Goodness Chamomile Geranium Essential Oil

This Oil My Goodness Chamomile Geranium Essential Oil Shower Gel by Oilogic is amazing for my skin. This shower gel is very unique unlike some other shower gels that I have used previously. It is deeply cleansing and lightly moisturizing. In fact, I felt my skin to be gentle and moisturized even until a day after using this product. This product didn’t make my skin feel itchy like some other shower products do. I used this product several times during showers. It is soft on my skin and effectively cleanses it too. I like that a little goes a long way. I found three pumps on my shower sponge to be enough to clean my entire body. The scent is nice too. It has a little citrus like and slight mud like scent to it. The packaging is convenient and seems sustainable. I’d definitely recommend this shower gel to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

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만능 재료 시험기 : Universal Testing Machine

Barilla Creamy Ricotta and Argula Pesto

I love this Barilla Creamy Ricotta and Arugula Pesto because it tastes amazing. It has a rich and creamy texture to it. It is flavorful and has a nice scent to it. I like that I can use it multiple ways and it completely coated the pasta too. I can indulge in it because it is healthy and tasty at the same time. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone. I receive a free sample from PINCHme. All opinions are my own. #ad #FreeSample

Chlorphen -12 extended allergy tablet

I tried this when I started to feel like I’m about to catch the cold. I also had a sore throat and so I took this Chlorphen -12 allergy tablet. I was surprised that it felt like automatically starting to work from the moment that I swallowed it. I am not a fan of tablets because they don’t taste very appealing to me. But what I loved about these tablets is that they actually have a sweet coating and they’re easy to take too. They’re definitely effective for me so I’d recommend them to everyone. I received a free sample from PINCHme. All opinions are 100% my own. #ad #FreeSample


I was playing around with the splatter brush today- this was honestly just a REALLY messy tester w/ my yan girl.

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