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Merci pour pour ce joli cadeau 😍 J’adore le flacon 💄et l’odeur de ce parfum

My new contact lenses arrived today! Thanks to for all the gifts! Four lens cases, one of them with two tweezers and a Hello Kitty box, a free try contact lense and instructions!

Bonjour 🙂 Nouvelle sélection avec ☺️ Un grand merci, mon mari est ravi 🤩🤩 🌺Toute premiere sélection avec vous 🌺 D'autres personnes aussi ?

L'eterno gioco del gatto e del topo negli attacchi mirati. Scopri se la tua azienda è pronta per una violazione su larga scala

Una vez más, me presto a reflexionar de sobremanera la nota de un examen . ¿Puede un predecir con exactitud, a través de una valoración "objetiva" el resultado de un buen profesional? En sabemos que no. M cuanti para invest cuali. ¿Error de instrumentación?

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Selenium test measures the amount of selenium in the serum/plasma. Selenium is an essential trace element with important functions throughout the body. This is ordered when a person has suspected selenium or Read More:

학자들의 날개에 깃털을 더했고 우아한 이들에게 두 배의 위엄을 부여했네. /Shakespeare Sonnet 78中, William Shakespeare  

Queda menos de un mes para y los usuarios esperan que las marcas organicen promos para celebrar este día. Así que ¡no decepciones a tus followers y crea un divertido de San Valentín con sorteo final! →

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C-Series Vocab Lists 1-5 Test

LIST 01 

a. In the mornings, before school Mum would wake up early to 

__________________ lunch for me. (prepare) 

b. What are the chances of being able to ____________what a goldfish princess is saying.  (understand) 

c. Because i’m a student, I survive on __________ eats. (cheap)

d. I am _____________ eating a delicious meal. Please do not disturb. (in the middle of) 

e. I’m not sleeping. I just want to __________ my eyes. (rest)

f. Happy ______ Year! (new)

g. ________ through a supernatural bathhouse at midnight. (run) 

h. Everytime I look at the stars I ___________ happiness. (wish for) 

i. Watching a movie, allows you to escape to _____________ lands you never knew existed. (far away)

j. I would love to ____________ to Seoul one day. (travel) 


a. _____! You surprised me! (Ah!) 

b. I always forget to ___________ my library books. (return)

c. ________ my hand and don’t let go. (hold) 

d. There is _______ one mouthful left. Take a bite! (only)

e. I keep making the same mistake. ______ and _______. (again) 

f. He was knocked down ______ his opponent. (by) 

g. You look thirsty mr. cat, you ___________ drink some water. (should) 

h. Anywhere you go, I will ___________ you. (follow after) 

i. I like to _______ chopsticks to eat. (use) 

j. The film shot a beautiful __________. (scene) 

k. I eat ramen ______the sake of convenience. (for/because) 

l. Let me know ________ you’re coming or not. (if) 

m. You should always make your ________your priority. (self) 

n. Now i’ve grown up. I don’t _________ you anymore. (need) 

o. You’ve only arrived _______, don’t leave yet! (just now) 

p. The race has __________! Why aren’t you running?! (begin) 

LIST 03 

a. Can you ________ a loaf of bread from the shelf? (take)

b. Lately, the weather has gotten ________ colder! (even more) 

c. We saw a film, ____________ we walked home. (and then) 

d. She’s almost the __________ height as you! (same as) 

e. Q: Can I borrow your pen? A: __________! (of course!) 

f. I __________the truth. Please _________me. (believe/trust) 

g. Cool right! What do you __________of it? (think/reckon) 

h. I don’t _______________ what you mean? (understand) 

i. It rained for three days _____________. (straight/continuously) 

j. My bed takes up too much ___________ in my room. (area/place) 

k. Are you sure?! Will you ____________ be there on Sunday? (definitely) 

l. We __________the city, for the countryside. (to leave) 

m. He is smart and __________ he is handsome! (furthermore) 

o. Do you prefer eggs ________ bacon? (or) 

p. Last week I __________ out some letters. (to send) 

q. You ____________study hard to get into University. (have to) 

r. You __________those chess pieces in the wrong order. (to place) 

s. Oh sorry can you pay, I didn’t _________any money. (to bring) 

LIST 04 

a. I ate a sunny side up _____________ for breakfast.  (chicken egg) 

b. After school I used to ______________ (soccer) 

c. Ms Wang Lao Shi is in the ____________(classroom) 

d. Which _________ is the train station? Left or Right? (way)

e. _________ he lived in New York for many years, he still speaks with a Tokyo accent. (even though) 

f. Singing or ___________, he is good at both (dancing) 

g. Oops, I forgot to _________ my socks in the laundry. (wash) 

h. Let me ___________ you to the owner of this bathhouse. (introduce)

i. Why is Huaze Lei so __________ all the time? (tired) 

j. This English ________ is so boring. (lesson) 

k. The stars are out, Good _________! (night/evening) 

l. Ugh, I _____________ university again next Monday. (start) 

m. Red pandas are very rare ______________ we should protect them. (therefore) 

o. I was once a _____________, immature and naive. (child) 

p. Sorry I must have called you by ____________. (mistake) 

q. We have dinner at the dinner_____________. (table) 

r. Here, take a seat in this __________. (chair) 

s. I need to go to the ______________ to buy some food. 

LIST 05 

a. _________________ to keep up appearances, they disguised themselves. (in order to) 

b. Sunflowers turn ____________ the sun. (towards) 

c. Stop standing and take a ___________. (seat)

d. Isn’t that style a bit ________ fashioned? (old)

e. This tiger seal belongs to the cat __________. (kind/type) 

f. Neither of us wanted to say the words ____________. (first) 

g. Seol’s here, do you know where the _____________ are? (others)

h. Are you prepared for the ________________ exams? (final) 

i. Hurry up, we could _____________ catch up with them yet! (maybe) 

j. I am amnesia, I don’t ______________ anything. (to remember) 

k. It’s done. The past is the ________. (past) 

l. Don’t _____________. Be happy. (to worry) 

m. I am Mrs. Wu, ___________ known as Ms. Ying. Before I married. (formerly) 

o. I own one ________ long pet arbok. (mw. for long objects/things)

p. I think my hair is too short, I want to ____________ it out. (to grow) 

q. How do you know catbus?! What a small ____________. (world) 

r. I can tell by his aura, he seems like a very _____________ man. (important) 

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