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Starting the day with celebrations! VB440 has been nominated for 2019 Show Product of the Year ! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

पहला टेस्ट जीतने के मामले में भारत, साउथ अफ्रीका से बेहतर है क्रिकेट टीम

Install on ios 12.1.1 beta 3 jailbreak unc0ver and not crash (rocketbotrap)

The dream we had, where we were his junior assistants—from what we could tell, it was a just a big to see if people reacted. It was purely a reaction-impulse, and the only way out was to be totally indifferent to what he was doing.

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You know, a wonderful thing happened today. I of course got to see the smiling boy again, he smiles every time he sees me, I wonder if it’s because every time I see him I smile.

Anyway, I was taking a test in history. Then I hear a wail. I know that wail anywhere, that’s Smiling Boy. It sounds like a sad wail this time and I want so desperately to help but I can’t. I just think to myself, “it’s either my reputation and grade or helping him. Which is it gonna be?” I decided to stay, I figured Ms. Rosa and the other SE teachers could handle it.

So my teacher, upon hearing him wail says “now’s not the best time Carter” or something to that effect (there’s no one in our class named Carter so it’s safe to assume she meant Smilibg Boy).

Carter. Now he has a proper name. I wonder if he knows mine. Probably not. He probably thinks of me as “the girl who stares at me and smiles.” (Although probably not quite like that, I’m not sure he thinks I’m words, I don’t know much about him, other than that the only expressing he can do verbally seems to be wailing and laughing). Either that or he doesn’t know I exist. Or maybe, just maybe, he enjoys my company.

I don’t know how to approach him so I don’t. Plus we are in different PE classes (same period, different teacher).

He also wears fingerless gloves all the time and I’m not sure why.

He’s the light in my day honestly. I’d love to work with kids like him, that’s why I want to be a Special Ed teacher. I know there will be lots of bad days but I think the good will far outweigh the bad, making it all worth it.

If any special ed teachers have input let me know.

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== Results from ==

98% Switch

93% Rigger

92% Master/Mistress

91% Owner

86% Experimentalist

85% Primal (Hunter)

81% Dominant

73% Sadist

61% Submissive

61% Voyeur

59% Degrader

56% Rope bunny

51% Primal (Prey)

49% Brat tamer

46% Brat

44% Daddy/Mommy

43% Boy/Girl

43% Vanilla

43% Pet

40% Non-monogamist

39% Slave

37% Exhibitionist

33% Masochist

19% Ageplayer

14% Degradee


Solid Slab reinforcement with hole in the slab

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Cyanotype testing II


Many hours and quite a few cyanotype coated paper pieces later, I’m still not much wiser. 

The longest exposure time I went for was 26 minutes. I still achieved no image. As I did leave some of my undeveloped papers laying around to dry, they did become much darker and achieved the blue that I was aiming for, I think I’m understanding that I need much longer exposure times for the images to form. I am now waiting about an hour for a few more papers, both with negatives on them, and without, to see if that truly will make a difference. I think I may go to a couple of hours as it’s now an afternoon, and since it is already an overcast day, the solar power is quite week at this time. I will look for dark blue, almost turning grey, before I take the images out for the development. 

The images above are of the 2nd batch of the coated papers I prepared, but no image formed on any of them, all washed out at the first contact with water. 

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My test is in 1/2 an hour and I'm still nervous but I just studied some more... I wish I had more confidence

Hey there! You got this! Just remember that no matter how you do on the test, you took it, and that’s pretty great.

While taking the test, breathe. Skip any that you’re not sure of and go back at the end. If you get really nervous, doodle on a scrap piece of paper for a minute to calm down.

You can do this! I believe in you! Let us know how it went, and good luck!

-Mod Christa

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