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Inspired; shawncoss

far from finished, but a character in an even more intimate scene... ;) actually involved some elements I actually like as well.. , and ^-^'

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This took what feels like forever, but its an idea I've had for a bit.

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“Mater Suffocata - Smotherhood” - 2018

Acrylic on canvas board, 46x33cm.

Even though it’s a few months old already it remains one of my most ambitious pieces so far. Not perfect but I learned a lot in the process. Being an art geek I’ll always go back to chiaroscuro and religious imagery to tell stories, hopefully with my own twist.

anonymous asked:

Apologies for the lack of tentacles recently, we should be back on track now. - with love from the Tentacle Fairy x x x

1/3 - When would he see his pirate again? Kraken-san wondered and moped, moving through the waters around Storybrooke with very little energy. Being parted from his beloved for so long worried him, was he in danger? Did he need help? Thankfully, his concerns were put to rest when the hull of a very familiar vessel made its way through the waves above him. He was back!

2/3 - The kraken wasted no time in flinging himself at the side of the ship, climbing up with his tentacles and whisking his precious human off the deck and into the choppy seas around them. As he held him close and began to probe him, his human made noises of encouragement, grabbing and hitting at the tentacles in a way that Kraken-san knew as him being eager for what would happen next. He stripped him and entered him quickly, delighted that they were joined once more.

3/3 - Their encounter was quick, for there were others waiting for his human aboard the ship, but it was exactly what Kraken-san needed to give him a boost of energy. With his beloved full and sticky with his secretions, he returned him to the deck and swam away, waving a tentacle above the waves in a friendly goodbye.

Oh, Kraken-san… Never change, my beautifully oblivious darling!!!

And Tentacle Fairy, thank you so much for this precious gift of tentacled joy for us all to enjoy this weekend!!! We love you!!! <3

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How would I go about seducing a sea monster? I'm a very shy little lesbian and just want some tentacled love.(//∇//)

Hello there, love. Do you live by the sea? This quest isn’t the easiest if you live away from the deep blue.

I’ll start with some tips and go to applications later:

  • As we all know, the sea and all in it has a deep connection to the moon. Monsters usually also have a connection to the moon, and sea monsters are no exception. A lusty hunt for monsters from the deeps should always be conducted at full moon for best results.
  • In the journals I’ve read, all the women who’ve had sexual encounters with tentacled monsters (as this is the kind of sea monster you desire having sex with) were all wearing white night gowns. It seems that wet, white night gowns are quite attractive to the tentacled gals from the deeps!
  • Sightings are always connected to sea magic.
  • The sea at full moon can be very cold, be prepared! My tip: hunt on a warm summer night.

Sea magic doesn’t have to be complicated, and will drastically increase your chances. Find a nice, pink seashell. Make a necklace out of it. Play a sad tune on a flute on the beach. Keep a bottle of beach sand at home.

Recommended methods for finding the desired tentacle love:

First one involved a rowboat for one, so if you’re a good swimmer and have a rowboat you can use, read this, as it is slighly more effective than the next methods. Learn a moon song from a book at your local library. Row out to sea at full moon, wearing only a white night gown. Light three candles. One at the bow and two at the stern, as far apart each other as possible. Sing or play (with a flute) the moon song you learned for maximum 30 minutes. If you can see a monster during this time, keep playing until it approaches your boat. When the tentacles start creeping on board, finish your song. Relax and let her take care of you. She should be careful enough for you to stay in the boat the entire time.

Method two is entirerly boat-less, but is also much wetter! You don’t want to be filled with sea water, so for this method, you should use internal condoms. All holes in the nethers (just in case). Similar to the first recommended method, you should learn a moon song from a book at your local library. On a full moon, in a white night gown, play or sing (on a flute) the moon song and slowly step into the sea. Stop when your knees are under water, and keep playing for maximum 45 minutes. If you see a monster coming closer, keep up the song until you feel it’s tentacles brushing against you. At this point, end your song and lie down with your feet touching the waves. She should start loving you soon, just enjoy yourself. You might get dragged a bit underwater if she likes it rough, but she is aware of your need for oxygen!

Whatever you do, if the monster tells you to take a swim before any loving: don’t. That’s not a potential lover, that’s a guaranteed predator. Swimming after loving is fine, it’s basically pillow talk!

Good luck, dear. Sincerely,

The Night Queen


Some footage of the jellyfish in action..and, i think we’ll be doing a blacklight underwater swim in the next day or two, including instructions on how to recreate your own black light pool (or jacuzzi) at home, so keep following #jellyfish #mermaidsarereal #mermaidart #siren #underthesea #mermaidhair #sirens #mermaidtail #mermaidtails #bioluminescence #mermaidvibes #sirena #aquariuz #aquariuzdesigns #aquariuzfabrictails #mermazing #merlife #bluemermaidtail #purplemermaidtail #tentacles #glowinthedarkmermaids #stingingtentacles (at Aquariuz)

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