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Earthly Desires Chapter 11 is now up on AO3!

Red-hot pain shot up from Dean’s abdomen, beating into his ribcage as he ran.

He gritted his teeth, imagining his poor little parasites hanging onto him for dear life as they were shaken around, feeling guilty but helpless.

Castiel was already behind the driver’s seat of the Impala, tapping his fingers idly on the edge of the leather-covered steering wheel as he waited for Dean, his eyes nonchalantly resting upon the horizon. He turned his head sharply as Dean exited the gas station, as if he could sense Dean’s approach—but then perhaps he could, Dean reasoned. He had said that he could feel his bond with Dean when he was fleeing from NASA before.

Dean jerked open the Impala door, slamming it behind him much more roughly than he would ever usually have treated Baby.


“What—” Castiel started to ask, his foot already on the accelerator before Dean even had his lap belt done up.

“Someone saw us—police, FBI, somebody. They saw us in Lordsburg; it’s all over the news. We have to hurry and get out of the state, off the main highways.”



Dean thought that he would never see Castiel again. So, when his alien love turned up on his doorstep after his return from Mars, he was ecstatic.
Castiel has a lot of questions to answer, but they have other problems to deal with, too. It turns out that hiding an alien in your apartment—especially when you work for NASA—is a very dangerous idea.

A sequel to Personal Space.

Finished fic, serial posting every Monday.


Alien Cas, Smart Dean, Government Conspiracy, Tentacles, Eggpreg… there’s violence ahead, so please do pay attention to the AO3 tags.