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@harrietsmithillustration โ€ข - โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข I love seeing the progress my drawing is making. I love hearing peoples reactions to their body as artwork. I love seeing and celebrating โ€ฆ

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Guy took these images of the 66m/ 216โ€™5โ€ with her in last Saturday. Photos by GuyFleury Photography.

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Focus on your USPs and how they relate to the evaluation criteria. DONโ€™T talk about things that arenโ€™t specified and arenโ€™t relevant!!!

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Last night, I had the worst headache. I tried ignoring it so I could watch TV, and hang out with my love a little longer before the day ended. He knew I wasn’t feeling good and gently brought me into our room, and held my head in his hands until I fell asleep.


Are Tenders / Water Shuttles safe?

usually im like .. 100% for getting rid of stereotypes bc i dont want them to define me in any way and sometimes they can b harmful

but bruh

i had a meeting with one of the younger art teachers at school bc i wanted some tips in oils and for like .. the next 6 hours i couldnt stop smiling at all like .. shes so beautiful and soft spoken and kind and graceful and shes got the most tender smile and she likes the same music as me and shes got silky hair and wears oversized jumpers and everytime she talks i swear the earth stops and the trees lean in to hear her gentle words and see the way the sun shines on her even in the rain

just .. on god im literally the most generic hopeless romantic gay art student huh just thinking about her makes me just blush and smile :(


Snorkelling the Grate Barrier reef by Tony
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Day 55, Yorkey’s Knob, Australia: After donning my equipment, it was into the water. Now usually this is a simple job. Today the swell was so strong that sitting on the seating half submerged at the edge of the pontoon to put on flippers was no easy task. As the swell rolled in I rolled off with flippers still in hand. I had a choice. Hold on to the hand rails on the seating or put my flippers on. After ten minutes I managed to hold my breat to get the flippers on. I was ready for the water.