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· 25.08.19


Yesterday evening I was organising my timetable for next semester (it looks pretty busy tbh) and I made some clock templates to keep on my bullet journal so I can organise my day around my lectures (yep that orange color). I also did a larger version for the week to keep on my cork board.

social media kinda template ?  — you don’t need to download any extra fonts because i tried to keep it as simple as possible. you will need to cut out your image but i’ve left mine so you can see the width of the border around it - everything is self explanatory. please do not claim this template as your own. if you have any questions please ask them ! (deviantart)

Charecter template:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Personality traits
  • Physical traits
  • Background
  • Dialect
  • Quirks
  • What they ultimately want
  • What is standing in their way
  • What strenth/power they have
  • What weakness they have
  • What positive or negative ideal they embody
  • What they dread/fear most
  • What’s at stake for them privately and publicly
  • How they mirror the villian or hero
  • What secret they’re hiding
  • Who is their ideal S.O. (if they have one)
  • Thyeir relationship with each member of the cast
  • What do they bring to the table (how do they help reach the story goal, or if they are a villian, how do they hinder it?)
  • Strongest personality trait
  • Most toxic personality trait
Character Profile - Part 1

Summary: This is the general information part of my character profile template, hope this helps anyone just starting out with their own writing.


General Information

Full Name:



Date of Birth:



Place of Birth:

Current Residence:

Social Status:

Economic Status:

Relationship Status:

Sexual Orientation:


VICTORIUS - Patriotic History Trailer AE Template

Trust NPC: Thiji Higuri

Selection:There is Power in Beauty… and I shall put that to the proof.

Job: As a Blissful Master, Thiji has trained secretly in his retirement to go above and beyond the aptitude of most Summoners, inventing his own unique combat style revolving around the utilization of Blissful Aether and the Lady of Bliss, Sri Lakshmi.

Thiji had deduced that with all the primals embodying different traits and aspects that their kits could be a tad more diverse to compliment the Summoner and/or their team as a whole.  As a Blissful Master, the Lakshmi line would specialize in utility in the essence of passive healing and cooldown reduction.  The actions are weaker in potency compared to the Bahamut and Phoenix lines as a counterbalance to the latter’s pure damage, with Chanchala being a good source of burst damage as he can pull it off twice before Demi-Lakshmi dissipates. (Entire kit explained in detail below)

Weapons: Thiji utilizes a “Blissful Grimoire” - a Cantamina Thavnaria augmented through a marriage of his innate Near Eastern alchemy knowledge with that of the Ananta’s magical prowess.  This special tome facilitates the conductivity of blissful aether with ease. While in the Blissful Trance, this grimoire temporarily vanishes, taking on the form of a lotus on which the Mythrite Sultan levitates, and utilizes his hands to cast spells.

AI Behavior: As a former adventurer with almost a half-score winters of experience under his belt, Thiji Higuri is well-accustomed to party etiquette.  Despite his aloof countenance and standoffish nature, Thiji is an avid team player. 

He will ensure that he never charges ahead of the Tank, focuses fire on whomever the Tank designates the largest threat, and utilizes Role-based Actions whenever he senses a dangerous attack.  He will prioritize keeping the Healer safe as they are the backbone behind any functioning party.

He knows well the dichotomy between Limit Breaks, and will only execute his when he sees an opening.  If he is accompanied by a melee DPS, he will forgo using it during a boss battle, but may utilize it during minor pulls in between to help facilitate easier clears.  He is a bit more reserved if a ranged physical DPS is present, allowing them a fair chance at using it before the party sits on the Limit Break meter for too long.

Knowing that anything can go wrong at any time in the heat of battle, he uses Swiftcast sparingly, mostly as a tactical countermeasure to revive fallen allies so the Healer can conserve MP.

For support-based Actions such as Dragon Sight, Thiji will endeavor to maintain the buff for as long as he can without jeopardizing himself, even if he knows he can take a hit.  When idle, he will always be at the back of the party with his arms behind his back.  While in the Blissful Trance, his eyes are closed and his hands are in the Anjali Mudra when idle.

When Chanchala is active, Thiji’s eyes open dramatically and give off an icy blue glow, and bears a more aggressive expression on his face.

As a bonus, special Battle Lines will be said when certain conditions are met (denoted by an asterisk).  While in the Blissful Trance, his tone is softer and more serene.

Battle Lines:

Engaging Enemy - “We move.”

Skill Use 1 (Enkindle) - “Bring unto them the dream…”

Skill Use 2 (Offensive) -[Evil Laughter]

Skill Use 3 (Rare/Cooldown) - “Imbecile!”

*Skill Use 4 (Blissful Trance (Without Demi-Lakshmi)) - [Recites a random line from a Stotra in Thavnairian tongue]

Skill Use 4 (Summon Lakshmi) - “Surrender… to bliss.”

Skill Use 5 (Enkindle Lakshmi) - We shall deliver them from their hatred…”

Assist - “We conquer.”

*When Healer is an Astrologian and he receives the Spear - “The Fury guides my wrath…!

*When Healer is a Scholar and Chain Strategem was executed - “Weakness confirmed.  Strike at once!”

*When Chain Strategem is used 2 - “A mythrite chance…!”

*When a Dancer is present and he is selected as a Dance Partner - “You honor me with this dance.”

 *When selected as a Dance Parter 2 - “Pray do not shame my heritage…”

Limit Break:

Level 1 - “You are becoming an eyesore…”  *After Starshard executes* “… That’s better.”

*Level 2 (Only when an Astrologian is present) - “Watch closely, Astrologians… this is REAL star power!”

Level 3 - “This is getting stupid… I am ending this now.”


Common - “…”

Rare - “So much for finding my Sultana…”


Common - “My thanks.”

Rare - “Our dream may continue… my thanks.”

Blissful Master Mechanics:



*Blissful Arrow: Deals unaspected damage to target with a potency of 80.

*Blissful Maul: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 70 to target and all enemies around it. (Egi Assault)

*Stotra: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 60 to all targets in a 20-yalm radius. (Egi Assault II)

Additional Effect: Restores HP of all allies within a 20-yalm radius over time with a potency of 120.  Duration: 30 seconds. 

*Loving Embrace: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 230 to target and all enemies around it.  Applies Divine Dream to allies.  Executed when master uses Enkindle.
-*Divine Dream: Reduces weaponskill cast time and recast time, spell cast time and recast time, and auto-attack delay of self and nearby party members by 5%.  Stacks with Devotion.  Duration: 30s

*Blissful Trance


Reduces spell casting time by 2.5 seconds while unlocking Blissful Spear, The Pull of Light, and The Pall of Light (replaces Ruin III, Ruin IV & Outburst, respectively).  Duration: 20s

Additional Effect: Resets Tri-Disaster recast timer, changes Tri-Disaster to Alluring Arm, and spells unlocked from Blissful Trance benefit from Tri-Disaster’s Ruination & Further Ruin

Additional Effect: Grants 2 units of Blissful Aether when effect ends.

Chanchala Additional Effect: Blissful Spear is changed to The Hand of Grace, increasing its potency by 50, and causing AoE damage to all enemies around the target with 50% less Potency.

*The Hand of Beauty
Deals unaspected damage to a target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 380 for the first enemy, 10% less for the second, 20% less for the third, 30% less for the fourth, 40% less for the fifth, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.

Additional Effect: Reduces the recast timer of all Abilities for allies in a 30-yalm radius by 10%.

Chanchala Additional Effect: Creates a pool of residual Blissful Aether centered around the target, dealing damage to any enemies and healing any allies who enter. 

Damage Potency: 80

Cure Potency: 130

Can only be executed while in Blissful Trance.  Blissful Trance fades upon execution.

*Enhanced Blissful Trance


Entering Blissful Trance will summon Demi-Lakshmi which executes Vril as it manifests .  Each time you cast a spell on an enemy, Demi-Lakshmi will execute Blissblast.  Cannot enter Blissful Trance unless a pet is summoned.  Current pet will leave the battlefield while Demi-Lakshmi is present, and return once gone.

Blissful Aether Cost: 2.
(※Action changes to Enkindle Lakshmi when executed while Demi-Lakshmi is summoned.)


Provides a damage-nullifying barrier to all allies in a 20-yalm radius equal to 20% of ally’s HP.  Duration: 20 seconds

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 140.  Additional Effect: Allies in a 20-yalm radius are restored for 50% of damage dealt.

Chanchala Additional Effect: The potency for Blissblast is increased by 40.

Will only execute while Demi-Lakshmi is summoned.

*Enkindle Lakshmi
Orders Demi-Lakshmi to execute Chanchala. 

Demi-Lakshmi envelops herself and the caster in vacillating energy, enhancing actions while in the Blissful Trance and increasing the damage dealt by self and the Summoner by 5%, increasing by 5% every 2 seconds until reaching 20%, then decreasing by 50% every 7 seconds thereafter. Duration: 20 seconds

(Credits and thanks to @shadottie and @tsubi-uru for the pictures!)