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1981 - 2012 Where Legends are Made - jd

| MÁS COMEDIA A LAS ESTRELLAS , nueva serie de comedia protagonizada por y , estrena el próximo 29 de agosto a las 23:00 horas, por las estrellas, en la barra de comedia .

Coming Soon - Defending The Guilty - See image. Coming Soon - Gold Digger. See image. Many thanks to all our supporting artists who worked on these productions! Source - #2019

Happy Birthday 20 Aug 1992 is a & Her debut film in was She was in lead role along with She participated in beauty pageant & was 2nd runner up & classical dancer too

19th-century Boston. A heated sociopolitical climate. And a woman determined to work in a man's field. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman by Teresa Warfield ➡️

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Jessica Jones

Season 3, “AKA Sorry Face“

Director: Tim Iacofano

DoP: Manuel Billeter


Scary SFX Instrumental “Clockwork Theremin” I had a lot of fun making this! I got an 1980s creepy vibe on this music SFX instrumental. It’s good to stretch your talents and try to do new things. This is called “Clockwork Theremin” #musicscore #composer #musician #clockwork #theremin #creepy #scary #horror #dark #halloween #sound #efx #fx #movie #film #television #hollywood #losangeles #score #cues #october #erie #moshaebeats #yheschler #scifi (at Orlando, Florida)

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Weird old commercials

Does anyone else remember those really weird jack in the box commercials where their mascot was like a regular guy who worked at upper management or something, but his head was literally just the company’s logo as a physical prop the actor wore on his head, and in a series of the ads, jack got into some kind of accident and went into a coma, I don’t really remember what kind, and his co-workers would try to wake him up to no avail. Until eventually a very disrespectful man named Phil, suggested renaming the company to “phil in the box” and this made jack wake up and try to semi-justifiably tried to strangle Phil. because they did this meeting in jacks hospital room apparently. Or maybe they brought jacks comatose body into aconference room at the office, I don’t really remember which. I remember these commercials so clearly. What were they thinking and why don’t they bring those back, instead of having a bunch of horrible actors react to the ingredients dropping on top of eachother until they form a complete sandwich.

tvrundown USA 2019.08.19

Monday, August 19th:

(hour 1):
Beat Shazam (FOX, season 3 finale),
Penn & Teller: Fool Us (theCW),
Bachelor in Paradise (ABC, 2hrs),
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, 2hrs)

(hour 2):
So You Think You Can Dance (FOX),
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (theCW) /
  / I Ship It (theCW, broadcast premiere of season 2),
The Terror (AMC),
Bachelor in Paradise (ABC, contd),
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, contd),
Kids Baking Championship (FOOD, regular timeslot)

(hour 3):
Lodge 49 (AMC, ~68mins),
Grand Hotel (ABC),
The Hills (MTV),
American Dad! (TBS) /
  / Final Space (TBS, reair)

(also new):
Our Boys (HBO, regular timeslot),
Family Restaurant Rivals (FOOD, series premiere),
Final Space ([adultswim], new, latenight)


❄TV COMMERCIAL MUSIC “Winter Bliss”. ❄I wanted something whimsical and happy for this #TVAD #television #ad I think I did a great job capturing the feelings off this video. DM or e-mail me if you need music for your commercial ad, film or tv show. #adagency #tvshows #tvmusic #musicfortv #musicforfilm #film #movie #filmscore #composer #winter #bliss #yheschler #musicsupervisor #imdb (at Orlando, Florida)

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