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Bruce says it is a motherfucking Christmas movie! Buy the coolest Die Hard tee now!!

Well this is just great....I just found my handprint image being used by to sell shirts, hoodies, stickers and mugs.They never asked and are claiming that it supports the artist. Its copyrighted and I'm contacting my lawyer!

Hey everyone! Remember when the amazing won Inktober?! Well, tomorrow she is going to be taking over our Instagram ()! Make sure to tune in to catch all things ghoul! We can't wait! πŸ–€

Hollidays and sales are coming πŸ˜€ Thats why I want to remind you about my store. I have several prints ready for sale and there are a wide rande of goods. So its very easy to find what you like😊 πŸ‘‰

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Reposting @yoyomonsterph: What is success to you? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Drop a comment below and share what you think is true success? Photo recommended by

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الموقع الي ابيع فيه تصاميمي

حذفوا حسابي للمره الثانيه

كان باقي بس 5 ايام وينتصف الشهر ويعطوني مستحقاتي من المبيعات الي هي نسبه بسيطه من سعر التصميم

طبعا يحذفون بدون تحذير ولا سبب واذا راسلتهم ما يردون

والارباح طبعا يلهفونها

اول مره اتحمس لأرباحي خاصتاً في البلاك فرايدي ارتفعت كثير وكنت متحمسه لها وفالاخير حذفوا كل شي !! لو مثلاً ابفتح حساب ثاني ابعيد رفع كل شي مره ثانيه .. كل تصميم لحاله

قسم بالله مقهوره مره احس انهم متعمدين

قعدت اشرشحهم في التويتر مافي بيدي حيله ثانيه حسبي الله عليهم

مره ضايق صدري على حسابي جد اكتأبت جداً

ارسلت لهم ايميل اتمنى يرجعون حسابي يا رب


🎥 Deathscythe | Drawing | Timelapse
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Okay, my TeePublic account just got deleted without a single thought. According to them I violated the terms and conditions. Uhm…. I joined because of your Fan Art program!!! I already read about how things like this seem to happen a lot, but I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong.

I contacted the person who contacted me first. But I am very disappointed in TeePublic.

Hmm, I got an interesting email from TeePublic (A sister site of RedBubble). They have a new Fanart program going on. They partnered up with rightholders to allow artists on TeePublic to create fan art with the opportunity for official licensing.

I made some art for We Bare Bears a while back and that’s how they found me, saying they loved the design. Now I’m new to these sites, but I have heard from them. Does anyone have some experience with these sites? If so, please chat with me! I am interested, but also a bit wary. If this is all the real deal, then that’s really flattering, but I don’t want to be fooled.