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Honoured to be hosting author and educator, Kim McCabe in Nottingham. Her seminar: 'Parenting Girls Safely through their Teens' will be held on 28th February at 19:00. Free tickets and event details available through Eventbrite

Our classes War Horse sensory display (work in progress). Children felt the materials used with arms and faces, choose materials with eye movements for choice, moving fingers to grip brushes, fine motor skills & ripping paper.

Happy day. His quote feels inspiring today as much as it did when he said it. It’s a . What are you doing today? We are doing a clothing drive for & in . If you would like to contribute we would pick it up.

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P2 threatens a high school student over confrontation (D-KY) calls for a ban on wearing hats , OR out break confirmed 21 sick your doom for today act accordingly

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Talk Show Topic: How to come out of limitations Points from the discussion 3. Keep declaring God's Word it with faith 4. Be determined 5. Know God's will

Talk Show Topic: How to come out of limitations Points from the discussion. 1. Don't tolerate limitation. 2. You are more than any limitations

Sometimes you just have to threatened lives to get a smile. Whatever it takes, You can smile for this picture or get body slammed 🤷🏾‍♀️ and I got a cute pic of my kids for Kayla’s project!

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Unsteady feet wobbling to the truck door.

Four kids in a three person back seat. 

Two in the front.

Giggles and happiness spread between them.

The sent of alcohol prominent in the air.

Loud music, louder singing.

Trading stories of campfire nights.

Suddenly the world is in slow motion. 

Upside down, tussled bodies.

Shattered glass, shattered bones.

The deafening crunch of metal.

And instantly, the world is black.

A couple of students were on the library, a simple friday afternoon, trying to do some homework or study for the finals. What they didn’t expect, is Jacob Smith on the floor. With all of his cold body covert in blood and a knife on his throat.

All the students on the library are now suspects. Do you wanna find out by who, why and how was Jacob murdered?

first chapter avaible on the 24th of this month.

a new character will be upload everyday till the 24th. u can ask the characters everything you want to (crime or not related).

(hey ! i had this idea, and i wanted to try and make my first sims’ story. It would be angsty, and based on the teenager life. Also, i love romance and drama so probably the story will be 70% romance, 20% talking about their problems and 10% talking about the murder

btw, dont make this flop please, reblog and share this with your friends if you like the idea).