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Evidence Study- Good Crucial for ’ Metabolic Health– A new study that tracked 829 teens for sleep time and quality found that a good night’s sleep seems to be crucial for metabolic health. Access This Study ––>

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Miért várod meg, hogy pofára ejtsen?

Weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark… GO!

I think some of my weirdest bookmarks I’ve had were an uncooked spaghetti noodle, a wrench (it was clean, promise), and I’ve totally used my cats before 😂

To be fair, the cats make themselves bookmarks more than I use them 😸

IG: novelknight

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You with fangs 😩😩

I know! Can you even imagine?!

Me running my sharp fangs along your neck, the pressure causing goosebumps to rise along the path I mark out but soft enough to prevent the draw of blood. My warm breath ghosting along your skin as I pick the perfect spot to mark, red lips kissing the intended area before I do so. Gently stroking the nape of your neck with one hand as you flinch at the initial sting but soon relax as you realise that the pulling sensation of my lips as they latch on to you is more enjoyable than you could have imagined 😏

Why the FUCK don’t I have fangs?!!?!

Take Flight

My second piece for @jilrene bid over at the fantastic @fandomcares !!

Stiles trusts Peter on a warm summer day.

Ao3 Link

“I thought you’d be bigger.”

An angry hiss suddenly fills the air.

“You dick.” Stiles’ glare broke quickly as he started getting dressed, “Thank you, Peter.”

Peter shrugged before asking, “Does this show of trust mean I can finally take you out?”

Stiles, now fully dressed, smiled at the man he’d had a crush on since the early days of constant fear boners, and tense words spit over a table covered in latin filled documents.

“You’re the only one who figured it out, the only one that saw me, the only one that ever actually sees me. No one, except you and my father, knows. You can’t tell anyone, okay?” Stiles anxiously crossed his arms before stepping closer to Peter.

“Do I take that as a yes?” Peter’s eyebrow mocked him from its place, arched enticingly over Peter’s blue, blue eyes.

“Ass.” Stiles huffed before pulling the older man close kissing him gently.

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Do the teens in ya hometown oc have big blow out parties and do the supernatural community attend is there yearly or annual events that folks including supes look forward to?i feel like.halloween would be one of them bc supes get to just be out and about

Oh Halloween is big for supernaturals cause they don’t gotta hide but other than that they don’t throw parties or anything. They do go to parties thrown by humans tho cause usually they can’t tell ya know. Umi & co. like to go to like 3 Halloween parties Alex is frat boy material so. Angie and Maria can’t be bovered to do all tht. Kel isn’t the partying type really. As for supernatural days tht r important full moons r important for not just werewolves but everyone. Um anything to do with the moon tbh. Supernaturals throw festivals for eclipses but they’re in secret. Uhhhh

She had tears in her eyes as she sat packing her bags, trying not to look at the person she was leaving behind. “I’m terrified” she began. “I’m so scared that the second I walk out of here and move away that it will be the last time I see you. I don’t want that.” He sat in silence as she continued, her voice breaking. “What if you meet someone else, what if the distance breaks us? What do I tell people, do I tell them we’re together or do I tell them I’m single? We never put a label on it. How do I know what you’re thinking when you never tell me and how will I ever guess when I can’t read your face? I’m petrified that this is the end, is it?” He took the silence as an opportunity to grab her and kiss her. “I love you” he began. “The distance won’t break us, you’re going to go and have an amazing time and not worry about any of this and I’ll come and visit you at every opportunity, you can come and stay with me and I’ll come to you, this is the best thing to happen to you and you know how much I care for you, I would never hurt you, there is no girl in the world that could ever replace you and I have nothing inside of me that even believes in the slightest that I could ever cheat or be with someone else after getting to know your heart, fuck, I love you, don’t you know that?” They sat on her bedroom floor together holding each other for what felt like forever, wishing that they never had to be apart at all, but knowing that she had to go.

- the situation and conversation I wish we could have but know we never will
Sweater Weather - Sugashark - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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Sweater Weather by Sugashark

“Yoongi being cute in oversized sweater and Jungkook being overly possessive”

Fanfiction Type : Drabble
Rating : Teen
Word Count : 923
Fanfiction Tags : Non AU, Domestic, Jealous Jungkook, Secret Relationship, Fluff, No Smut
Link : Ao3