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His Excellency and his wife attended at the premiere of Company's production of "Are We There Yet" which took place at the Scarborough Public Library, on Fri Jan 17 2020.

I attended the newly relaunched Samaritans coffee meetups in .They will appeal to a broad age range inc & sessions on if you have a local coffee shop or venue that is suitable pls get in touch

Sometimes its hard to start a new beginning when things from your past keep repeating in the present. Push through it and fight the negativity to move forward.

Screamcatcher: Web World: Christy J. Breedlove: : The dream catcher has had its fill of nightmares from an ancient and violent past. After a sleepover party, and during one of Jory’s most horrific dream episodes, the dream catcher implodes. ,

‘Don’t call God your shepherd only when you’re broke. He loves you too much to lead you in the paths of destruction.’ - Sarah David, MINE Magazine, 63rd Edition.

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Kory is as important to Dick as his parents and Bruce, Tales of The Teen Titans #44, 1984

‘Kory, it’s so funny. I spent the better part of last year fighting to forget what made me me. I almost alienated everyone, but you stuck by me and I love you for that. I gave up being Robin because that tied me to Batman. But now I become someone new who commemorates all those who made me someone special.’


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~disclaimer: I am atheist and the beliefs held by this character are not my own.  

William Pacheco

 • 15 • straight • Ecuadorian 🇪🇨• Ecuador/Bronx • Taurus ♉
William was born in Ecuador and his family moved to the Bronx when he was 3. His dad is an auto mechanic and his mom works at a clothing store and does other odd jobs around the neighborhood to make ends meet. He was born with a bilateral cleft palate that was left untreated until he was 6. His parents didn’t have the money to get him surgery and prayed that God would fix it until a charitable hospital in the states offered to operate for free. He was overweight as a child because his condition kept him isolated from other kids. He never wanted to go outside and play even after his parents set him up for playdates with a boy from their church named Carlos. When he was 10, his parents spoke to doctors and other parents about what to do with him and they suggested doing things with him to help him boost his confidence. His father started training and playing soccer with him and his mother and older sister upgraded his wardrobe and did his hair. In high school, he was totally transformed and he caught the attention of the athletes and girls at school which made Carlos jealous. 

  • William is a religious conservative. He’s pro-life and believes that even the cruelest of misfortunes in life are somehow “blessings in disguise.”
  • Since his school doesn’t have a soccer team, he opted for basketball and plans on playing soccer in college. 
  • William and Carlos have an ongoing feud with each other because William stopped talking to him after he became popular.

Steph: Hey! I really like your t-shirt. 

William: Thanks. You listen to Disturbed?

Steph: Yeah! They’re one of my favorite bands. Who else do you listen to?

William: Alter Bridge, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold…

Steph: Nice! I love Alter Bridge. Their music got me through some really tough shit in my life. 

William: Oh really?

Steph: Yeah, back in Mexico, my brother would play soccer with these American boys who visited the city every summer and they would trade CDs and he got an Alter Bridge CD. The day my family crossed over the border, I listened to their music on my CD player and it helped calm me down when I got scared. 

William: You must be real spiritual findin’ somethin’ to hold onto during something so scary. 

Steph: Music’s always gotten me through tough times. That’s part of why I started my band.

William: You mad talented. I’ve seen you and your band perform at the Halloween dance. What you have is a gift from God. 

Steph: (laughs shyly) I wouldn’t say that. I’m not that special, I just practiced a lot. My papi doesn’t really want me playing, though. He thinks I’m gonna end up like him. He tried starting a band when he was my age and when I was a kid, him and his band got into trouble with one of the cartels in Guadalajara because my dad found out that the venue he played out was a front for their drug business. 

William: Damn, that must have been hard for all of you. Is that why your family came here?

Steph: Yeah, I was really fucking scared when he told me we had to leave. He didn’t tell me why at the time but I knew why we were leaving. A lot of my friends left to come here too but I never found out what happened to them. But I didn’t wanna think about it so when my papi stopped playing his guitar, I started playing it to keep myself busy. 

William: Can I ask you something?

Steph: What?

William: Do you believe in God?

Steph: I dunno. I mean, me and my family go to church every Sunday but sometimes I think that if there was a god and he was so powerful, he wouldn’t have made me and my family go through what we did and let my papi get deported because some gringos called the cops on him over some bullshit. What kind of god would let shit like that happen? I don’t wanna believe in that god.

William: God never gives us more than we can handle. Yes, your family is going through a tough time but you’re making your way through it. God always tests us because he has a plan for us and if we pass those tests, we’ll reap the benefits of his plan. You ever watch interviews by some of the most famous musicians in the world? They all had their faiths tested. They all had terrible shit happen to them and only the ones who didn’t have true faith in God gave up and struggled the most. You have a God given gift, Estefania. You do. And God’s been testin’ you lately to see if you’re truly worthy of that gift because he knows you’re gonna be famous someday. 

Steph: Are you trying to say that Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain and every other musician who struggled and committed suicided died because they didn’t have faith?

William: Exactly. Suicide is a sin and only people who have real faith have the strength to keep living on through their struggles.

Steph: What does having real faith even mean? 

William: Praying daily, going to church every Sunday, believing that God has your back at all times and never giving up on you. 

Steph: But why does it seem like he gives up on his followers when they start to question him? I mean, people go through terrible shit every day. Parents watch their children die, children watch their parents die, there are famines, all these forest fires are happening, we have a president locking up people like us and separating children from their parents…if God is so powerful, why does he let all these things happen?

William: (laughs) Because he’s testing us. He wants to see how humanity will react to all these things and we’re still fucking shit up. We’re still polluting, we’re still letting sick people die because they can’t afford to go the doctor, we’re still turning our backs on God…that’s why all these things are happening, Estefania. 

Steph: So which is it? Is God this all-powerful being who controls everything or does he just sit back and watch all of this shit happen?

William: You ask a lot of good questions. I like the way you think. You sound like you actually care about what you believe in and not a lot of people do anymore. We should chill sometime. You wanna grab some chilaquiles on Friday? There’s a really good Mexican spot around my house. 

Steph: If they can make chilaquiles as good as my mom…

William: We’ll share a plate and it’s on me. 

Steph: Sounds like a date.

William: Call it whatever you want. 

Steph: (laughs) Ok, um, we should exchange numbers then. 

William: We should.

Estefania and William both pull out their phones and trade numbers. 

Steph: Ok, I gotta go meet up with Carlos and Serena. I’ll text you later?

William: Alright cool. 

Estefania nodded and smiled at him before turning around. 

William: Hey, I gotta a question. 

Steph: Yeah?

William: You and Carlos…you guys aren’t like, really close or nothin,’ right? You’re just like, bandmates or whatever?

Steph: Um, I mean, I guess I consider him to be a friend but we mostly just chill together for the band. Why?

William: Just askin.’ We grew up together and…well, just be careful around him, alright? Something’s wrong with that dude. 

Steph: Yeah, I know he can be stupid sometimes but I’m not going find another drummer like him. 

William: Just sayin,’ you deserve to have good people around you, people who are going to respect you and treat you right. Don’t be surprised if Carlos turns his back on you one day. That’s what he does. 

“Будь благословенна, юность!“

©Аида Чернова

А вы тоже слышите сказки, которые шепчет на ушко этот вечер?

Долгий и утомительный день не пронёсся, как юркий шкодливый мальчишка, а широко расправив свои могучие плечи, как атлант, прошествовал с достоинством вскинув подбородок, смотря куда-то вдаль, за вершины холмов, где краснеет закатное солнце.

Таким был мой сегодняшний день, но каким будет вечер?

Если описанный мною день был зрелым и степенным, то вечер напротив, как ручеёк струится из-под опущенных век, наполняет свои лёгкие прохладой и свободные мысли проскальзывают внутрь. Там, где утром был разумный взрослый человек, вечером это юношеский взрыв. Место куда не попасть взрослым. Они свой путь уже прошли. Им не понять теперь этих чувств. Можно лишь окунуться в ностальгические воспоминания.

Вечер это юноша, вьющиеся небрежные волосы которого треплют потоки теплого ветра. Всё мироздание сейчас действует по его законам. Весь мир для него. Зелёные глаза устремлены в чернеющее небо, где уже проглядываются первые яркие звезды. Он дышит. И лёгкие его переполнены. Холодеющий воздух постепенно наполняется нотками свежести. Он вдыхает вновь. Не надышаться. Не забыть. Лишь бы согреть этот воздух своим горячим сердцем, оно жаждет решительных действий, побед, свершений.

Горячее сердце растёт вместе с темнотой, что окружает. Отчего-то рвётся всё, что было раньше в тебе. Теперь твоя душа пылает, летит песней ввысь. К звездам. Душу уже не поймать, не сложить в ящичек, не упаковать в коробку - она свободна.

Длинные пальцы перебирают гитарные струны, вдохновенно нашептывая слова песен, еле различимо постукивая в такт черным ботинком.

Будь благословенна, юность.