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Google finds that teens use voice search more than grownups

Want to do what all the cool kids do? Talk to your smartphone, apparently. Google has commissioned a study showing that American teens are considerably more likely to use voice search on their devices than adults. About 55 percent of the 18-and-under crowd uses Cortana, Google Voice Search or Siri more than once a day, while 41 percent of grownups do the same. That number climbs to an even higher 75 percent for teens glued to their phones 11-plus hours a day. Younger users aren’t worried about social stigmas, either – they’re far more likely to use voice commands when friends are around (57 percent versus 24 percent). About 45 percent of adults, meanwhile, are self-conscious about their geekiness when they speak to their devices.

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Researchers teach a computer to predict teen binge drinkers

Intervention during someone’s teenage years is frequently the key to preventing alcohol abuse in adult life. It’s good to know, then, that a group of scientists has found a way to predict that abuse at an early age using computer modeling. The approach teaches the computer how to spot a likely teen binge drinker by weighing 40-plus biological and social factors that include brain structure, any enabling genes, past events and personality traits. If a 13-year-old is already smoking because of an addictive personality or family influences, for instance, it’s more likely that this child will pick up a dangerous drinking habit a few years later.

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Verizon team-up will create a mobile video service for teens

Apparently, Verizon doesn’t believe its go90 video service is hip enough. It just bought a minority stake in AwesomenessTV, and plans to work with the DreamWorks-owned firm to create a “premium” short-form mobile video service as part of go90. Verizon isn’t saying what the content will entail, but it isn’t shy about who it’s targeting – the carrier likes that AwesomenessTV caters to “Gen Z and millennials” (read: teens and twentysomethings), and it wants in on the action. The project doesn’t have a launch date, but it’ll unsurprisingly be exclusive to Verizon’s US-based platforms.

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Episode 1 I THE EVERYTHING DREAM I Eco Fiction Adventure Series

Phoebe Comes home from a year at college and discovers mysteries of her past. She dreams of a magical being who tells her that “Everything is at Stake!.”

Deep in the marrow of her bones Phoebe feels that all her hopes are in danger of being lost. A powerful gem called dreamstone appears at the heart of the mystery.

Я открываю проект. Все мы люди со своими проблемами, кто-то прячет их под улыбкой, кто-то выражает свои эмоции, кто-то запирается в туалете и смывает размазанную слезами тушь. Этот проект о девушках, разных и непохожих, объединённых одним словом- ПРОБЛЕМЫ. Наша планета-планета любви и каждый кому нужна помощь должен ее получить. Делитесь своими историями и проблемами, я всегда готова помочь каждой и каждому. Делайте эту планету лучше каждый день пока вы живы ✨

Does anybody else hate how in tv shows, even the realistic ones, all the teens have. Their own cars and can drive???

Meanwhile my 18 year old ass doesn’t want to face the crowd at the secretary of state lmao