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PSA for teen girls and young women

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Do you know of any fics that address Kevin’s alcoholism?

I’ve got you!

After Time by RosebudBasilton (G | 6,253 | 1/1)

what if kayleigh showed up out of nowhere – alive after all that time?

the answer is, kevin would cry. a lot.

Restart by ennui_ephemera (T | Incomplete | 13/14)

Neil Josten hated hospitals.

When he was on the run with his mom, they would hide out in warehouses or sketchy motel rooms and stitch themselves back together with a needle and a bottle of whiskey. He didn’t trust hospitals; they were far too open and public for his taste, doctors made it worse with their too-many nosy questions. It was the last thing Neil needed.

But when Neil wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of how he got there and no memory of the past two years of his life, Neil hated it a little bit more.

Let’s pretend, pretend, pretend by kuriositet (T | 3,733 |  1/1)

Before Kevin goes to get his tattoo covered up, he stops by Abby’s place to see Jean.

Kevin & Wymack’s Ultimate Road Trip Playlist by actualkit (T | Incomplete | 14/?)

At the end of the most eventful school year of their lives, Kevin is convinced to go on a road trip with Wymack to California and back.
It’s time to reflect on the very big elephants in the room, all while listening to some great music.