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β€’ Whether done on your own, in a small group, or with your cheer squad, Get Your Spirit On! is sure to lift your spirits and deepen your relationship with God, as well as strengthen the bond with your teammates and friends.

Buenos dΓ­as amores ya disponible Brenda con promocion ΓΊltimo dΓ­as con ustedes ya vamos a despedirnos cn promociΓ³n 😈 as tu cita ya andare en Tlalpan y Zaragoza hoy πŸ“²5531708421

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Do you have someone like this in your life? It’s transformative! What’s one thing they have said/say that impacts your life? .

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Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Driving Mr. Goodman (S6:E21)

Teen sitcom about a young witch coming to terms with her powers, and by this 6th season Sabrina has moved out and gone to college.

In this episode Sabrina decides to teach her friend to drive when they crash into the back of another car; a car that is driven by a giant scary lady played by Former WWF Intercontinental champion Chyna. The D-Generation X original is the main protagonist of the episode but is a comedic villain and does not get involved in any physical altercations in the show.

Featured Wrestler:

  • Chyna as Mary Jo Ponder

Wrestle Rating:

2.5 out of 5 talking cars

Although the series starts funny it has become quite stale by this point. The Ninth Wonder of the World shows a lot of sass and does make this episode appealing especially for wrestling fans.

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So I watched 'How To Train Your Dragon' again and it left me with this desperate need for AFTG dragon AU's. You guys are absolutely amazing, and I was wondering if you could please help me find some more? I've read Spanglebangle's and Nekojita's ones, but are there more out there? Please and thank you (and if there's a tag for it that I missed then my apologies) Did I mention that you guys are amazing? Yes? Who cares, you deserve it a million times over.

here are many

The Foxhole Weyr by cheesyy (T | Incomplete | 4/40)

Neil hasn’t spoken to a dragon since his mother died. He hasn’t ridden one since he and his mother ran away from Moriyama Weyr eight years ago. But now, he’s been Searched by riders from Foxhole Weyr. To Impress a dragon would be very, very dangerous for Neil. It could get him killed. But he’s spent the last eight years running from dragons, despite his longing for one of his own. Maybe it’s time to find something - and someone- worth fighting for.


All for the Game, but with dragons.

from the ashes you crawl by PolzkaDotz (M | Incomplete | 3/?)

Neil, a magical being who was once worshiped as a god, has been running away for too long and he’s tired. He thought by now his father would’ve given up on finding him and getting what Neil’s mother once stole, but so far no such luck.

Without seeing any other option, Neil goes to Fox Security so he can finally travel to where his mortality is buried, so he’ll finally be able to die.


a roadtrip on air/Dragons who are not taxis but sort of are

prologue by carminesunset (M | 2,478 | 1/1)

This fic is actually a bit that I cut from my Dragon!Andrew and Fae!Neil fic. I ended up not finishing it because I found out that the premise was almost identical to another fic 😅 Basically, Andrew is a human cursed to be in Dragon form and forced to stay on a mountain to keep him from seeking help. Neil is half-Fae, half-human and on the run from Riko and his men. (Also his father’s men) He comes across Andrew in his cave.

(AFTG Andreil Bingo Prompt: Nonhuman AU)

/Graphic Depictions of Violence

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