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Next 5 people to DM me will get my dropbox/ bundle half price off xπŸ’‹

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3 AM

When I see you, I see

The mischiveous smile before every suprise.

Unforgettable memories.

When I hear your voice, I hear;

The unexpected “I love you” ’s.

Endless conversations about any and everything.

Your contagious laugh.

All the little things I’ll never forget.

All the little things I’ll have to live without.

I wish I…

I wish I was prettier.

I wish I was slimmer.

I wish I was funnier.

I wish I was more attractive.

I wish I was more popular.

I wish I had less problems.

I wish everything was good.

I wish I would live in one of these typical teen movies or teen series.

I have lots of problems: I gained more than 5kg weight in less than a month. My room is a mess. As well as my documents I have to fill. I haven’t even started to look for a summer job that I really need.

But the biggest problem is that I’m so fucking afraid about what’s gonna happen to my dad and how all of that stuff will be handled, how it will be for him and if he’s even gonna survive this. I know I’ve never said something like that, ‘cause I’m always positive, but I thought of that a few times. I’m sooo fucking afraid of that whole shit. Tomorrow he’s gonna go to the hospital and his therapy for the transplantation will start. Finally. I’m kind of thankful for that as well as afraid ‘bout that. But as I said in my last text: everything’s gonna end good. I’m sure ‘bout that!

So I think tomorrow or the day after I can start to reach for all of my summer-goals. I’m gonna clean up my room and organise some stuff. I’m gonna make a fitness and diet plan. I’m gonna finish my CV and application for some possible summer jobs… I can do this!!

Over summer I will glow up and finally come together with L ;) and I will already live my vintage dream this summer.

Originally posted by whitegrungegirl

Your struggles have been making you, not breaking you.

Sometimes you must go through difficulties, breakups, rejections and painful wounds, which shatter the flattering image you once had of life, in order to gradually discover two powerful truths: 1) Life is not exactly how you think it was. 2) The loss of one wonderful pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true, long-term happiness and well being.