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Multifunctional Screwdriver Ballpoint Pen

I am missing your toy so much that I started searching for sex toys on the internet.💛💙💛

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Runaway Teen Ep.14 - New House, New World, Old Us?! - The Sims 4 Let’s Play

melted ~ by ssstrychnine [4,607 words; T]

“Hey,” comes Steve’s voice, and he’s standing in the doorway, and he’s frowning. He crosses the room in two strides, kneels in front of Bucky in one smooth motion. He picks up Bucky’s hand, a fist, balled up and kneading painfully at his thigh. He hadn’t… he hadn’t noticed. Steve doesn’t say anything, just gently uncurls his fingers from his palm, until his hand is flat and open, pats at it once, stands up. “Clothes off,” he says.

“You’re wet,” says Bucky, through numb lips. He is, his shirt is soaking wet down the front, sticking to his torso.

“Lost a battle with a faucet,” says Steve, grinning ruefully, like he hadn’t known that water might splash if you turn it high enough. It’s enough to make Bucky laugh, a scratched out sound, and Steve’s expression melts into something more relaxed. “C’mon,” he says.