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Christmas Teddy Mouse by OrangePion

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In honour of the Countdown to Christmas we have 10% off our Charlie Bear range! 😮⚡ Get adorable friends like Fenella and Faith the Pandas 🐼😍 Use Code: BEARYXMAS2 Shop now:

I have a whole teddy ruxpin collection now xD already 3 tapes and 2 books hope to find more soon tho especially the lullabies cassette

At Teddybearland we have a wonderful Disney range full of characters you know and love... but softer ✨😍 Take home one of your favourites today! 💘 Shop now: Macron..-co-dyles.......Iras..dans..votre..#...

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YG New Girl Group

  • Given the name RubyGirls by fans (as treasure13 was previously known as silverboys)
  • There is a Chinese member who is the visual
  • Age range is 02-04 liners
  • Many ex JYP trainees have joined YG
  • Will be a combination of YG trainees as well as The Black Label Trainees
  • Will debut through season 2 of YG Treasure Box (now unsure because former CEO Yang Hyunsuk has resigned) scheduled for 2020
  • Many well known YG trainees (such as members of pinkpunk and future2ne1) have left YG and opened instagram accounts
  • At the begining of the year all ot team B terminated their contracts with YG
  • Many trainees join after auditioning through DEF dance academy
  • Female voices in winners “ah yeah” were confirmed to be female trainees

And then short after, he rolled over because of course.
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On a side note my puppy slept alone in the living room tonight in his crate. At first I was super anxious he was alone but I slept more than 2 hours and it was great. He also was ok sleeping with the new toys i bought him and I didn’t hear any crying. I’m so proud of his evil ass.

The Gods Must be Crazy by TheFluffiestMarshmallow - E, WIP - Lady Narcissa Malfoy makes Hermione Granger a proposition - save her son, and change the world… - Although what is wrong with Draco Malfoy; and why does Hermione have to marry him to save his life? Dark Magic and Mysterious curses are the least of Hermione’s problems as she prepares to take control of the Wizangamot and infiltrate the inner circles of Pureblood wizards and witches.


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for the german-speaking fellas in here.

Mein Lieblingstrainer. Trainer Ludwig. Der Mann, die Legende. Der Inbegriff von Männlichkeit. Als Teenager haben wir Mädchen ihn angeschmachtet, die Jungs haben ihn beneidet. xD

(Bähmulle ist schwäbisch für Nörgler und Weicheier, Traiblesschorle bedeutet Johannisbeersaftschorle. Gern geschehen.)

edit: ich bewundere Jockels Gleichgültigkeit und Contenance zutiefst.

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Honestly its stupid for Teddy to be afraid of getting a cool upgrade

E rolls his eyes in some annoyance. “It’s not stupid. It’s been eleven years for them since I last saw them. I don’t know what they went through, and there’s enough that could happen that could cause that kind of reaction.” He gives a wayward glance to a picture frame a ways away. The picture was of him and Mona when they were children, and of their mother. “A lot of things.” He then gave out a sigh. “Besides, if they don’t want anything I’m not gonna force it on them.”


I adopted my little ham a year ago today! This one year anniversary is actually a big deal to me, since he was older when I got him there was no guarantee I’d have him this long. But he’s still kicking (lol) and we’ve had the best year together! I never had a rodent or small animal before, and never knew I could love one this much. But he’s the cutest, sweetest little thing and I love being his mommy 🥰❤️❤️

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ur very soft and loving and also a little bit mean but not in a bad way in a “i should not have to put up w peoples shit and so i will not” way its good. i have watched you tear down transphobia and then owo in the next sentence. i love u so much thats how ur perceived

thank u i love u !!! i do do that a lot laksjfjsldk i love u a lot too!!! 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

idk how to word this but from this ask meme laskjdf: Is anybody else obsessed with understanding how others perceive you like… who am I in your lives… what kind of person am I