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Renee Pan, our Managing Director of Brinc China, spent her Sunday supporting Techstars & Startup Weekend event in Guangzhou! 👍 Learn more about Brinc:

We have just confirmed our third Judge for the first ever ! Welcome to the team Kate ! More announcements on judges/speakers to follow soon!

Startups now have their chance to work closely with to develop that could be used for future missions -- and participate in the awesomely named Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator:

Busy day for our teams! Our mentors are continuing to coach them. Working hard in a very busy atmosphere. Thanks to our specialists 🙂

Você estudante, graduado ou trabalha em desenvolvimento/programação, design ou negócios/administração, vem pro SW! Vem com a gente fazer Lages decolar e mostrar pra todo mundo que a gente é "baum home do céu!" 🚀

Senior Account Manager Tikhoze Banda would be glad to use her expertise to help you build the most innovative startups on march 22-24

Register for Techstars Startup Weekend in association with Google for Startups. Test startup ideas, meet potential co-founders and launch your next startup in Delhi! @StartupWeekendDelhi

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Rediscover the potential of your website. A Trading On-Line Voucher from could be a step in the right direction. Apply at: /

Waiting for 's presentation at and this list of startups just catched my attention. Impressive.

Vous avez un , vous êtes tout simplement , vous aimez les belles rencontres constructives 👉 rendez-vous au de ce weekend. 54h pour créer ensemble et libérer la créativité. 🤯🤖

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Tonight we’re hosting a Meet & Greet with accelerator alumni from , , , and moderated by . Stay tuned to our channels to watch what happens LIVE!

Panel session

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Dreamy workplace.

Final - One Credit Card

I’m really looking forward to this space actually eventuating. Coin was fun but is now gone as was the other one, who’s name escapes me.

From Final: “One credit card to rule them all.”

Disclaimer: i co-founded a company that went through the first ever Techstars program and Final has also been through Techstars


Visiting @thisisandela with @TylerScriven #techstars #touroftech #lagos #africa @ingressive

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@tylerscriven ’s last moments in Lagos! @techstars #techstars #techstarsatlanta #techstarsinlagos #touroftech #technology #tech #startup #art #africa #design

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*spoiler alert* #Techstars en una palabra es… (directed by cachorro) (at WeWork Varsovia)

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The Top 6 things @Techstars looks at with #Startups:
@c_o_d_y_s_i_m_m_s of #techstars shares valuable advice as well as his big pet peeve when talking to a #Startup company at #sbf16.
TAG AN #ENTREPRENEUR OR #FOUNDER that needs to hear this! (at CTRL Collective)

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Wow. Hard to believe this is almost 10 years ago. What a great opportunity back then and what an amazing asset it has grown into since! Extremely grateful and appreciative to have been given the opportunity Techstars provides. And its made that little bit sweeter by being in the inaugural class! :D

For tech startups, diversity is important but not necessary for financial success #tech
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Techstars in conjunction with Chase for Business commissioned a Lawless Research survey to find out startup feelings toward diversity.  Nearly 700 founders and executives of tech companies participated, revealing that most of them (72% to be exact) thought “that building diversity in their companies was very or extremely important to them”  Unfortunately only 23% felt that diversity led to financial gain.

According to a 2015 study by McKinssey & Company, companies with more gender and ethnic diversity “are more likely to have financial returns that surpass their industry medians” (15% and 35% respectively). The report goes on to state that “For every 10 percent increase in racial and ethnic diversity on the senior-executive team, earnings before interest and taxes rise 0.8 percent.”

Connecting McKinssey’s findings with startup culture has been an issue, but Techstars is looking to improve current standings.  Over the next four years, Techstars is committed to “doubling the number of women and underrepresented minorities accepted into its accelerator program.”  This is an excellent way to help improve an industry lacking in diversity while expanding the accelerators reach with underrepresented communities.

Changing tech culture is hard, but not impossible, and Techstars is doing their part.

HAAS Alert lets you know when emergency vehicles are near

Filed under: Safety,Infotainment,Smartphone,Technology Real-time info, because sirens can only be so loud.

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A teaser! Can’t wait to introduce you to a Erin, #femalefounder from #techstars! One of my fave sit Downs. #StartupLife
#ThatTechGirl is #LibertyMadison
#Oprah of #SiliconValley #StartupLife for the #Millennial #Technology for #Millennials #spitfireapp #devlife #stanford #mit #Millennial #entrepreneurlife (at Osha Thai Restaurant San Francisco)

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How I walk down the street of #sf to meet up & interview a brilliant #femalefounder. What song is this? Can’t wait to introduce you to the young lady changing the #fittech game!! Ummm can we say #mit and #stanford mixed with hotness!
#techstars #LifeofLiberty #blasian #calilife #Oprah of #SiliconValley #techblogger #techtvhost #tvhost #Millennial #Technology

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