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Eye-controlled technology, “ingestible” robots & more for 2019 & beyond, via :

Retail Technology Gets Smarter: Traditional retail still accounts for 88% of all global retail purchases. In 2019 technology will radically reshape the sector

Employee Engagement Goes High Tech: AI and machine learning can be adopted to streamline human decision in relation to HR functions. Check out GP Bullhound´s Top Tech Predictions 2019:

Trend 2: Apple & Google’s grip on app distribution will noticeably slip, as increasing numbers of developers bypass the App Store & Google Play in favor of their own platforms. Check out 2019:

From 5G to , there's plenty of tech innovations to get excited about in 2019. Head over to our blog for our list of the top 5 predictions & get in touch to let us know yours!

Being the fuel driving the business in future, various companies are now set to invest in .

Video gaming revenues keep rising as gaming becomes ubiquitous for billions of consumers, says at .

Who will drive sports betting, now that it's legal in the US? Millennials and Gen Z. -

The next battlegrounds for ecommerce are product categories that require more consideration before purchase: automotive, furniture, jewelry. Beauty & grocery = current battlegrounds. -

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