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in the U.S. and diversification of the corporate landscape will be two areas of focus in 2019, predicts General Counsel,

Our expects 2019 to bring a focus on the importance of verification and validation

In 2019, the skills gap will still be top of mind, but new needs will emerge, says . Do you agree?

Chatbots will become more sophisticated as business seek to automate their customer experience processes.

Full house for their 2019 surprising statistics 88% of purchases are made physically circa 25 trillion versus 3 trillion on line

For me probably the most important trend to live up 2 in “the end of the boy’s club” pushing for in tech has got 2b one of the important focus for all of us involved in tech. We r looking to support more more 2do!

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Thoughts from on the diversification of the app market . Is the dominance of the Apple & Google app stores under threat?

Driverless car technology will stall as we determine how to address safety concerns.

The one and only of the has put in her predictions for 2019! There's a lot of good advice and plenty of pop culture laughs, so go take a read...

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How virtual assistants are driving business value, writes This was one of our for 2019. Right on track:

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