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officially launched in tonight with awesome support from and many many more! Great to see industry, university and teachers mingling with common purpose! Collaboration will make this work 🤗

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It is a HELLO from Team Intellect SEEC from Las Vegas at . Catch us there, till the 6th of December. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

What’s it like managing ? Joe DeHaai, business development leader for consulting at , discusses with :

to the release of the Gen-Z Core Specification 1.0 last year, which enables providers and developers to begin the development of products enabling Gen-Z solutions

During our event, our partners from Mitel presented our MiContact Center Business solution integrated with Google AI that helps deliver productivity tools that enable agents and supervisors to make infor...

Hackers pulled off an elaborate man-in-the-middle campaign to rip off an Israeli startup by intercepting a wire transfer from a Chinese venture-capital firm intended for the new business.

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The AI Eye: Best Western Selects AWS (NasdaqGS: AMZN) Portfolio for Innovation and Nuance (NasdaqGS: NUAN) Announces AI Improvements to Radiology Reporting Solution



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تست محصول هیجان‌انگیز جدید که فروشش در ایران به‌زودی قراره شروع بشه!! 😍 منتظر خبرهای بعدی ما باشین ✌
لیزر بازی (حکاکی لیزری) با بازوی رباتیکی جذااااااب 😍
پ.ن: این عینک دودی نیس! عینک مخصوص محافظت از این نوع اشعه لیزره 😎

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Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8c and 7c processors will power cheaper ARM laptops

Qualcomm has had big ambitions for ARM-powered Windows laptops for years. At its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit, the chipmaker revealed its biggest play yet: the Snapdragon 8c and the Snapdragon 7c, two new processors that are designed to create a new lineup of ARM chips for Windows laptops.

The 8c is positioned as a replacement for the Snapdragon 850 processor, Qualcomm’s second-generation Windows ARM chip. The 7c is an entirely new entry-level product that’s meant to compete with budget Windows laptops on the low end of the hardware spectrum. Last year’s 8cx isn’t going anywhere; it’ll remain a top-of-the-line flagship option for those who want the absolute best performance.

On the spec side, Qualcomm says that the 8c will offer up to…

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The Amazing New Technologies In Motorcycle Helmets: As you ride around town on your motorcycle, you see street names,
turn-by-turn directions, and what’s happening behind you (360) - all without
looking down or turning your head. That’s because the info is popping up
on your helmet’s visor.
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American Citizen Arrested After Giving Talk On Cryptocurrency In North Korea

American Citizen Arrested After Giving Talk On Cryptocurrency In North Korea
A U.S. citizen was arrested after giving a talk on cryptocurrency in North Korea. NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly talks with Jason Brett of Forbes about the arrest and U.S. concerns about cryptocurrency.

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