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FI Silicon Valley Grad, ceres_robotics, was recently featured in an article: NASA opens the floodgates for firms with planetary ambitions -->

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FI Silicon Valley Grad, ceres_robotics, was recently featured in an article: NASA opens the floodgates for firms with planetary ambitions -->

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aboutGOLF launches aG links - The platform for the modern golfer at the 2019 PGA Show 

aboutGOLF, market leader in golf simulator and performance technology, will exhibit at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando – January 23-25, 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center.    

aboutGOLF is excited to release aG Links, the Platform for the Modern Golfer, at the PGA 2019 Merchandise Show. aboutGOLF’s Modern Golfer ranges from the newest novice to the most skilled players on the PGA Tour, providing a challenging and fun experience for anyone.

aboutGOLF is also excited to take part in the PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit prior to the Show on January 20th and 21st alongside the most influential names in coaching and PGA of America Professionals. aboutGOLFs dedication to craftsmanship, ingenuity, and innovation for the modern golfer perfectly aligns with the Teaching & Coaching Summit focus.

The new aG Links platform along with the launch of the new aboutGOLF App (available for IOS and Android), empowers golf enthusiast, providing direct access to their data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With aG, the modern golfer, has the ability to improve their swing and overall accuracy, gain access to exclusive courses, along with best-in-class technology for endless entertainment.

“We’re thrilled to demonstrate our latest technology to PGA Professionals and industry influencers,” says Randall Henry, CGO of aboutGOLF. “I’m confident that once they experience our new aG Links platform, they will be impressed by the changes. We’re shaping the future of indoor golf performance - taking on challenges presented by a new wave of golf enthusiasts, plus making it possible for even the most avid golfers to get instant access to the game they love.”

As an official simulator partner of the PGA TOUR, aboutGOLF is dedicated to innovation and advancements for the golf industry. aboutGOLF’s deep roots as the world’s number one all-time distributor of computer golf simulation software and focus on working with businesses to improve revenue streams and ROI, are differentiators that set aboutGOLF apart in the golf simulator market.

aboutGOLF’s simulators are already popular at many indoor golf centers, golf clubs, resorts, club fitting centers, restaurants, hotels, bars, universities, and private residences. With an upgraded aG Links solution, a traditional simulator is elevated to the next level allowing the modern golfer to truly “be in the game” no matter the location.

Be sure to stop by the aboutGOLF booth #3442 during the PGA 2019 Merchandise Show and download the free aG App to learn more about this new wave of golf.

Today Callaway Golf Company announced its dynamic new Callaway FITS Shaft Analyzer. Callaway FITS is designed to provide the best shaft options for a golfer in just 3-5 swings using the Company’s new Callaway FITS app.

This revolutionary shaft analyzer easily screws into the grip of a driver or 7-iron and is connected via Bluetooth to the Callaway FITS App, which is downloaded onto the fitter’s iPhone or iPad. After each swing, the app receives 4 category data points based on the applied clubhead speed, closure rate, peak acceleration, and tempo. Callaway FITS then assigns a value of 1-5 to each category to create a unique swing signature for that player.
Every shaft in Callaway’s extensive library is given a signature based off the individual weight, flex, kick and torque. The Callaway FITS app then matches up the swing and shaft DNA to recommend the 3 best stock shafts and 5 best aftermarket shafts available for that player. The sensor technology in Callaway FITS was developed by Kinetek Sports, the creators of the ClubHub swing analysis and shot-tracking system that can be used both on the course and on the range.
“We believe that Callaway FITS is the most versatile shaft analyzer in golf,” said Callaway Custom Fitting & Strategic Partnerships Manager, Anthony Newville. “This is an innovative, easy-to-use analyzer system that’s been years in the making. We are confident that it will help to streamline the custom fitting experience, and get golfers fit into the right equipment for their game.”
You can contact or visit an authorized Callaway custom fitting retailer near you to find out how you can get fit using the Callaway FITS shaft analyzer. You can also visit for more info, or submit any questions to

Web RTC Review

I’ve been learning Rarejob for 4 years, and I enjoy using English there with various gadgets.
I used a Windows 8.1 desktop, an iPhone, and an iPad 2012 cellular model when I just started my first lesson.
I remember taking lessons on the way home from work, which was the best way to make it a habit to practice English regularly.
I also took lessons out of home, such as in sightseeing spots, a big park with plum or cherry blossoms, and even in the balcony while watching the full moon or eclipse.

Most online English conversation services in Japan use Skype for one-on-one lessons, but last year, Skype had huge updates a couple of times and some users (including tutors) had issues in conducting lessons.
In summer 2018, Web RTC-based learning system (”Lesson Room”) had been tested among new users who joined later than July, and finally it launched to all users on November 26.

Very luckily, I was given a chance to try “Lesson Room” before its official launch, so I used it with all of my digital appliances and jotted down my review.

“Lesson Room” app is also available on iPhone and Android, but there are a few cautions students should prepare in advance.

(1) A Web-RTC page or app has more complex structures (codes) compared to Skype, which sometimes cause audio or video signal delays
(2) A wired headset is needed when communicating on a Web-RTC page

When users log in “Lesson Room” via their smartphones, it’s really important to check their smartphones have earphone slots.
Most Android phones are compatible with wired headsets, but iPhones later than iPhone 7 don’t have earphone slots.
“Lesson Room” is introduced as a very convenient learning tool on recent Twitter ads, but actually, it’s not as comfortable as expected when being used on smartphones.
The problem is that defects of Web-RTC are not informed to all users.
The more difficult codes a website has, the longer time it takes to show up on a browser.