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I will not dwell on the things I cannot change.
—  Coping statement

THE TECHNIQUES - “You Don’t Care”

I don’t know how else to describe these men’s vocals other than heavenly. Such a beautiful and heartfelt song.

anonymous asked:

This may sound weird and idk if you can help, when I'm touching my girl my arm/hand cramps up real quick and idk what I can do to help? (Sorry if this is a weird question)

It doesn’t sound weird at all! I’ve been there too.

The things that I’ve found helpful have been to switch positions (switching angles can be good), take a break for a few moments or just do something that doesn’t require you to use that specific hand (like oral sex or just kissing, simply using your other hand if you can, things like that). 

Also you should probably let them know that you’re cramping up so they can give suggestions to what they’d like you to do instead. 

Hope this was helpful! 

- Mod W


Here is me working on one of my 1st #Kyu #Aikido #test requirements: 5 #techniques against #yokomenuchi. Still lots of work to do. Haha but that’s what happens when you haven’t practiced much in the last 2 years.
#budoblr (at Coastal Aikido Center)

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Great #Aikido class tonight working on some 3rd and 1st #kyu #test #techniques - mostly some #suwariwaza #shimenuchi #ikkyo and #katatedori #kaitennage then 5 techniques against #yokomenuchi. This video is just a little #randori after class! I love taking #ukemi.
#trainingjournal #budoblr (at Savannah Jewish Educational Alliance)

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