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My first Tai Chi Class

@thenonbinarywarrior and I recently attended our first Tai Chi class together. The basic structure of a Martial Arts training class was there (warm up, conditioning, learning one or more specific techniques, cool down) but I knew not to expect anything to be the same after that given this was a completely new Martial Arts style. 

To warm up the teacher had us do some Qi Gong, which I had actually done a bit of this with another friend of mine before so this part was a bit easier for me. After that we did some conditioning exercises, some of which I will need to ask the teacher for alternatives for myself since some of them aggravated some of my injuries. We also learned the basic stance and some basic footwork to get us used to the Tai Chi style of shifting our weight. 

I noticed some similarities to Aikido in terms of using your opponent’s attacking energy against them, but the philosophy behind this was different. In Aikido the goal is to take control of your opponent’s attacking energy and use it against them, while Tai Chi seems to be more focussed on understanding how your opponent is using their own force and then changing your technique to off balance them (for example, if you and your opponent are pushing against each other, then you should pull your opponent in the direction of the force they are exerting to knock them off balance). 

I also noticed that the class was more relaxed in terms of hierarchy which was more familiar to me coming from Capoeira training, where we don’t have much of a hierarchy to speak of (at least the group with which I trained didn’t). 

We both plan to keep going back to it. 



‏‎Unusual drawing techniques that create stunning results.😍
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#Propaganda #Techniques (1949) 😵


Importance of Martial Arts Solo Training | Part 2: Warrior Mindset


so i tried to draw by plopping down some silhouettes first!
it helped out ALOT!

i feel like i can visualize whats going on alot better when i have the whole thing to stare at (i have a hard time sometimes because i get entranced in details lolol)

so the top is what i started with, and the bottom is what ive revised! yay!

hope you like the Okumura boys from Blue Exorcist!


Hello yoga and meditation practitioners, I want to give you some open content.In these social media communities, I want to make a difference by helping out people with my wisdom and practices. You can watch the whole video or pick some information if you like. I have been studying meditation practices for years.This video is about closing all gates and getting inside your self towards your most truest essence. I have made a new platform that is based on bringing together masters of all kinds. you are able to see all my content. Have a great day.


‏‎Unusual drawing techniques that create stunning results.😍
#5minutecrafts #video #drawing #techniques #ideas
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Revisiting the resin coating on a HUGE 36 x 48 acrylic pour painting!
#acrylic #pour #painting #large #fluidart #canvas #pouring #ring #resin #flipcup #swipe #techniques #diy #howto #paintingvideos #artistsoninstagram #paintersofinstagram #painter #artist #paint #goldenfluidacrylics #painting #paintings #instructional #demonstration (at Hendersonville High School (North Carolina))

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MCA bifurcation #brain #aneurysm clipping.This was a small, blister-like aneurysm that had grown over several years of observation. Simple technical nuances in this case include clipping parallel to M2 and perpendicular to M1, avoiding #stenosis of the M2 origins, securing both segments within the clip, ensuring patency of small #perforator branches below the clip (best seen in ICG #angiography after clip placement), and avoiding retractors. Final overview images of the brain demonstrate how #delicate and minimally invasive #microsurgical clipping can be under high #magnification. Despite dramatic advances in #endovascular #techniques, there still remain aneurysms that are easier and safer to treat with clipping.
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anonymous asked:

how possible is it to get a form of top surgery that doesn't disrupt my nipples at all? does it just have to do with the position my nipples are already in? is size an issue? and is it more expensive to do it that way?

are you talking about one that doesn’t touch them at all? not even peri-areola?  The reason that most surgeries need to do /something/ to your nipples is because the majority of the breast tissue is attached to them, just below the surface.  the glands and milk ducts (the part that makes breasts functional and not just big blobs of fat) are set up right there. 
Theoretically, they might be able to do a surgery laparoscopically (tiny cuts, long instruments) through an armpit incision and several more placed in a circle around the breast (the big one would be about an inch, the little ones would be a centimeter), but it would be for small breasts, and I don’t know that any doctor is offering it, because we have a technique that works and camouflages the scar in the outline of the areola
(keyhole surgery)-  same size breasts (small B max) are candidates, they cut a half C on part of the areola (colored part around the nipple), leaving it the same size and shape and in the same location.  they do the whole surgery through that opening, then sew it back up, leaving the scar to eventually blend in to the colored part of the nipple.  
size is the #1 determining factor for a successful surgery, but also skin resilience (so if you have a lot of extra skin that needs to be removed, for example, or if your skin is very fragile)
The cost can be significantly less with the smaller surgery versus double incision (but the cost can also vary significantly from place to place and in general can range from 3500-9000)
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