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Don't block the airways of a person having a seizure! If possible, roll the patient to his/her left side to let sputum or vomit drain out of the mouth and avoid restricting their breathing.

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ME2: Expansive digital illusions.


Here ill attempt to do a comprehensive technical breakdown of the ME2 Normandy level space.


The Normandy of the second title in the MASS EFFECT trilogy is a 4 level space craft separated by loading screens to account for hardware limitations. It serves as a pre mission main character development and customisation hub for the player and crew.


Located at the top of the ship is the captains cabin. Here you are viewing externally and the geometry that surrounds it is the star-field skybox, these star-field textures form a sort of bubble around each floor of the iconic space craft and are animated to give off the illusion of travelling through space when viewed outside the small windows.

If you have the arrival DLC installed, Admiral Steven Hackett is just hanging out on top of the space craft hull on a small set… Why you may ask? Well this is because the vid comm call you have with the character before the mission begins is not actually pre recorded. It is actually a transmission from a game camera directed at this tiny little set that plays on a texture on the wall of your cabin.

This technique was also used in the classic game Half life 2.

Its pretty friggin hilarious, but its a clever way to get a high quality call with the character thats not hindered by low resolution, static loop video of the character speaking.

Fun fact, the illusive mans office is actually located somewhere outside the ship aswell! Throughout the entire game characters who you see on ads or holograms may infact may just be hiding somewhere underneath or atop the level!


This is the cockpit and combat information centre where the player can access the lab, armoury, bridge and galaxy map. As you can see it too is also surrounded by the star-field bubble.

Turning the games rendering and texturing back on reveals the visual effects of the ship travelling through space, the MASS EFFECT field generated in front etc.



Most of what has already been described applies to these floors aswell :) so here is just their external geometry.

I hope this was interesting to you all! :D

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I was thinking about making a clan of shinobi who are based on the legend of Kiyohime and their Kekkei Genkai is having abilities of a snake. Do you think that would do? (also, I think that having an affinity to fire would be a nice touch since Kiyohime burnt a priest in her story)

I think it might work.  I would just advise you to be careful with the snake side of things since that’s Orochimaru’s trademark.


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I have two ocs, but the one I really want to tell you about is an oc who father is from the aburame clan, but mother was from sunagakure and, while he can't use the chakra strings, his insects instead more the puppet for him? Whatcha think?

So, does he just use the insects like the other Aburame clan members?  Or does he use the insects to control the puppet?  I’m not entirely sure what you mean here.

If you mean just the standard Aburame Clan techniques and practices, then of course that’s okay!

I’m not entirely sure how using insects to control a puppet would work, but I suppose that maybe it could.


Origami Sock Heel

There are many ways to work a sock heel; one of my favorites is the Origami Heel.  I find it minimizes the gaps that can occur at the point where the heel turn meets the leg.  This is a short row heel that can be worked on either a Cuff down sock or a Toe up sock.  The heel turn is a little different than the normal short row heel in that there are no actual wrap and turns so the picking up of wraps is done in a different way.  Here is a photo tutorial showing how it is worked.

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Would a technique that’s similar to nico robins from one piece be able to work in the naruto universe. I want my character to have one similar to it.

I think if you used the “sprouting body parts” aspect and applied it to say Earthstyle or Waterstyle it could work.  Your character would not use copies of their own  body parts, (as I think that would play into multi-shadow clone jutsu, which is forbidden) but instead have those appendages be made of water or dirt or mud, or rock, etc.