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「รบกวน RT/ ขอบคุณค่ะ」 💐 เฮดช็อต(หัวถึงอก)💐 💎สไตล์จิบิโทนสีมุ้งมิ้งค่ะ💎 👉ตัวอย่างแบบในรูปเลยค่ะ 😍😍 👉150 บาท/คาร์แร็คเตอร์ค่ะ 👉สนใจ DM ได้เลยค่ะ 👼👼

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hirate yurina x ANREALAGE「CLEAR」 concept 


Fire ball Fire Stopper 💪💪💪
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Personal 28/05/18


Clicked a button and lost the original post of this before publishing.

Gonna basically summarize what I wanted to say.

”Chronicles of Everything” has a slow start but the next chapter is gonna be all action from the start, probably some world alteration, all women are sexual objects shit.

”Inner Hero” will be self-published on Amazon in $1.99 books (first book will be $0.99) which contain three stories each.

Then once I’ve written twelve stories for the first season, I’ll compile them all into one book for $5.99.

Then a month or two after that, I’ll start working on the first three stories for the next season.

I also said some dumbass shit about being fake quirky to get followers, calling myself out on calling myself out.

I also showed some old designs of Yuri.

If they remind you of wikihow images, it’s because I made them in 3D, then flattened the models, then traced the rendered images in Flash, then colored them with the og render colors.

Yuri’s hair cuts off her eyes because she was originally super social anxiety but I changed her personality over time, so now in my head I made it so she has it like that so people can’t make eye contact with her and so they won’t want to approach her.

I very much like her hair cut.

It may or may not be a wig.


That’s about it.

Have a good night, and Tumblr needs to autosave drafts every few seconds.

I love you all and only wish you the best.

Oh also I said some shit about you being your own worst critic because you’ll almost always like your own creative work.

You can’t know if you’re good or bad at something until someone tells you.

Also, it’s good to beat yourself up a bit about your work because it makes you do your best.