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✅Comment avec , on optimise la gestion de ses déchets. ✅ , ou comment réduire l’impact de la production lumineuse via la photoluminescence. Tout ça ▶️Très heureux d’être à leurs côtés ce matin.

"The children were all over the moon as the tablet has allowed them all the chance to be able to be like all of their friends and play all the games and download the apps."

. has managed to come through with their goal to raise £1m in 2018 alone for . Over their eight-year partnership they have managed to give a total of £4m transforming over 270,000 lives worldwide.

Tech can be a real barrier to effective communication. Or a bridge to independence. We support as part of their tech volunteering squad. Visiting people with sight loss to help them access technology and maintain independence.

[Promo#3] 📣 Nous attendons mi-avril avec impatience pour pouvoir travailler avec sur leur projet ! Leur objectif ? Créer du lien social entre personnes SDF et riverains et accompagner les personnes SDF vers l’ 🤝👨‍💼

Nature doing a good job at lifting our spirits and keeping us on this Monday as we continue to work on the platform.

With an aim to keep students & parents updated about the necessary details regarding the conduct of the examinations & the evaluation process, the has launched a podcast named 'Shiksha Vani'.

'I learnt more than I thought I would in 2 days, it has been so useful to meet people outside my network - my next step is to launch my website’ 🌟 Power your with a FREE, friendly workshop 9/10 May

Smart waste collection systems help to cut costs and reduce business’s environmental impact. Explore tech innovations in and in Tech for Impact Asia 2019 more 

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Ever wonder how you could help improve Gender bias in the work place? Here's an inspiring article featuring 'Five Steps To Reduce Gender Bias In Your Company'

Are you - or do you know - a woman who is working on, or mulling over, a tech idea? If the project is under six months old, we can help... Our FREE workshop 9/10 May is specifically tailored to your needs. Friendly, free and female led!

Catcalling is not a compliment. If you experience sexual harassment report it on our app so we can highlight how pervasive it truly is: 🚶‍♂️iOS: 🚶‍♀️Android:

Not long to go!😃😃😃 is proud to support the 7th annual WIRED Health Conference exploring and in the future of - book your place here!

RT : James Omisakin is CTO of platform and will be speaking on our panel at - London's leading annual showcase of the best indie ethical fashion brands! Get tickets here: …

James Omisakin is CTO of platform and will be speaking on our panel at - London's leading annual showcase of the best indie ethical fashion brands! Get tickets here:

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Introducing the Code for Canada Drone Team

We will be working with Transport Canada to conduct user research with drone pilots, and prototype digital tools to help them fly safely and in accordance with new regulations.

Fatima Sarah Khalid — Developer

Fatima is a software engineer and civic hacker with experience working inside and outside of government. Her adventures in civic tech have taken her from the U.S. to Canada, and she’s worked for clients like Microsoft, the City of Boston and Digital Echidna.

She’s deeply committed to making technology spaces more inclusive, and passionate about building open source tools that reflects the needs and desires of the people who use them. For Fatima, the Code for Canada fellowship is an opportunity to build technology that makes a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Andee Pittman — UX Designer

Andee is an experienced UX designer and consultant from British Columbia with a focus on social innovation and participatory design. She blends her design practice with a strong social conscience and has worked on challenges ranging from blockchain applications, to housing and reconciliation.

She is excited to explore how participatory design can be used to deliver digital products in government, and is committed to bringing values of reconciliation, diversity and accessibility to her work with Transport Canada.

Jennifer Payne — Product Manager

Jennifer is a committed design researcher with an MSc in human-computer interaction. She has run user research studies for clients ranging from American Express to the United Nations, where she worked on a tool to help UN analysts query social media data.

She strives to promote curiosity, empathy, inclusion and collaboration in her design and product practice. As a Code for Canada fellow, she’s excited to work with her team and government partners on a project that will make a positive impact on the lives of Canadians.

(Content sourced from the original Code for Canada - Meet the 2018 Fellows blog post - where you can check out the other fellows & teams)


Tech for good

Spoony, the creature which aspires to revolutionize retail by interacting with the consumer. Spoony is caring and his designers try to ally ethical and technology so that the human being stays at the heart of the innovation. Great !


One of 12 Speakers⚡️
Currently prepping for this #Repost @sounddelivery
Just 4 weeks to go until #BeingtheStory where 12 ordinary people will share their extraordinary stories. Join us Oct 20 for a dose of storytelling inspiration for you & your organisation! Link in bio .
#charity #storytelling #volsec #charitycomms #techforgood #fostercare #youthwork #dv (at London, United Kingdom)

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Best Range Extender

What is a range extender:
Sometimes the connectivity in a room is very low. A range extender extends the range of a wifi device.

What is the price range:
Rs 1000-1500

What products are available:
A simple plug and play device is available of the size of a mosquito repellant.

Where in India can we buy these:
Netgear: Durable and low cost.

D link: Durable and low cost

Tplink: Slightly expensive than above two

For more details chat with us on Facebook chatbot.


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Amazing to hear & learn from NGO folks in Libya. #Techforgood to combat violent extremism. Let’s keep this awesome knowledge exchange going #TechCampLibya folks! (at Hasdrubal Thalassa, Hammamet, Tunisie)

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MSF Pilots 3-D Printing and Virtual Reality Technology to Design its Hospitals and Improve Patient Care
NEW YORK/BRUSSELS, MARCH 23, 2016 — Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has successfully tested 3-D printing and virtual reality technology to design hospitals that better meet the needs of patients.

Inside our future hospital - using 3D printing and VR tech for humanitarian aid

What is the link between internet protocols and human rights online

ARTICLE 19 and Coding Rights have launched Net of Rights, a short film which explores the link between internet protocols and human rights online.

It is too-often assumed that there is no link between protocols (the standards which underpin the way the internet functions) and human rights, but this is simply not the case, as this new film by ARTICLE 19 and Coding Rights argues.

The Internet aspires to be the global ‘network of networks’, providing connectivity for all users, at all times, for any content. Connectivity increases the capacity for individuals to exercise their rights, meaning that the architectural design of the internet is, necessarily, intertwined with the human rights framework.

See the website for more information, and the full film!


Lumkani, the early detection system for shack fires being deployed in slums and dense urban shack communities around the world.

Love this!

If our food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse-gas emitter in the world,”

Massachusetts, and a few other states in U.S. have introduces a ban on throwing out large amounts of organic waste - i.e. food. Why?

Because it is a waste of an economic opportunity - “from feeding the hungry to generating power to making high quality fertilizer”

Oh, and the fact that “If our food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse-gas emitter in the world.”

So interesting…

It looks like it’s the financial and economic benefits that are the realistic way that the world is going to buy in to the process however.

read the full article here:

Printing 3D Arms for Children in Sudan