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How to Choose Your First AI Project

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My setup is coming by nicely! Thanks for the inspo ✨💯🙌🏻 I think I’m missing something ? Maybe some ? Or a ? What do you guys think !also don’t judge me I like anime 🤷🏻‍♂️

: :Breakdowns exist in system, specifically in efficiency/accuracy of patient care. *But that provides enterprising entrepreneurs with opportunities to fill those gaps through .

chrivers is the Leader of the DK leaderboard for JavaScript with Small codebase size. Technical debt density for public code from GitHub is 0.22975930. More on .

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:The knowledge bank for firms *..Reuters have announced that winner of..challenge for a startup.. *uses and neural networks to develop algorithms which can automatically ..

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Hotel Review: Paramount House Hotel, Sydney

A new hotel becomes another hot place for the hip to congregate — sometimes in droves — in the fashionable Surry Hills neighborhood.


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Switch owners can play 'Assassin's Creed III Remastered' May 21st

Assassin’s Creed is coming to the Switch for the first time, although it might not be in the way you were anticipating. Ubisoft has revealed that Assassin’s Creed III Remastered will be available on Nintendo’s multi-mode console on May 21st. Aside from any possible visual touch-ups (i’s not certain how much of an upgrade you’ll see on Switch), this is mostly a way to catch up on everything that happened in this era of the AC franchise: you’ll get all the solo downloadable content as well as Liberation. While it probably isn’t your first pick for an Assassin’s Creed port (Black Flag, please?), it does mean you can fight the Templars while you’re on the bus.

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First Look: Google Maps Global Localization

Google Maps new “Global Localization” is a form of augmented reality that combines street view data with GPS position and your phone’s camera to determine exactly where you are and what direction you are facing. It’s only pilot program for now, but it gets around phone’s notoriously bad compass orientation, and can give you super accurate turn-by-turn directions when you’re on foot in a new city.

'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' comes to Nintendo Switch on July 26th

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the 16th mainline game in Nintendo’s robust tactical-RPG series, lands on the Switch on July 26th. This is technically a delay from the expected release window earlier this year.

In a medieval-esque setting, players start as a mercenary and end up teaching at the officer’s academy, a school with three houses (hence the name). As a professor, players mentor students from all houses, and then venture out into the world together to put their skills to the test on a grand scale. The houses are the Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer, and each one represents a different kingdom in this fantastical universe.

Nintendo announced Three Houses during E3 2018, but aside from an initial trailer, the company has kept details light. The most recent installments in the series – Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates (Birthright and Conquest) and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – came out on 3DS. Three Houses, meanwhile, was built specifically for the Switch.


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'Super Mario Maker 2' hits the Switch this June

It took its sweet time, but Super Mario Maker is coming to Nintendo Switch! Far from a port, this is a bonafide sequel, Super Mario Maker 2. Details are scant, but from the brief trailer Nintendo showed during its Nintendo Direct presentation, we noticed some assets from that other superb Wii U game, Super Mario 3D World. The best news? You’ll only have to wait a few months to play it: Super Mario Maker 2 will land in June 2019. Expect to hear a lot more about it in the coming months.


NASA says goodbye to Mars rover Opportunity after 15 years


NASA says goodbye to Mars rover Opportunity after 15 years