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It's been a week full of teaching & training both on and off-site. We are always striving for an exceptional experience for our customers and making every part of that process as safe as possible.

Our first Coccia Team meeting of the year to kick it off with new stats and new faces! We are ready to find your next dream home or sell your house in 2020!

It’s not just about business, it’s about family with . It truly is an honor for our team to have the privilege to serve our clients inspired to by fitting them with the greatest technology on the planet. – at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Nothing like a messy conference room to complete a great team meeting! We have some big ideas coming down the pipeline and are excited to grow with you this year. #2020

Improve your bottom line and employee satisfaction by aligning your and  . Find out how with this article from via .

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Une bien belle et bonne journée avec la pour une campagne qui démarre dans les parcs de la ville et qui se poursuit dans les quartiers &solidaire

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Time spent building relationships is never wasted.

🗞 Time spent building relationships is never wasted. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ➡️@ROIOverload ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ➡️

You want to build a great #sales culture in your organization? You need more than data points.

Talk to your salespeople.

Why talk your salespeople?

Data & results will never tell you the real deal and the complete story. Only by building authentic relationships with your team can you understand what drives, motivates and helps them succeed.

Do they want to support their family? Do they want to send their kids to private school? Do they want to take their parents on a cruise?

Do they want to buy a house with a three car garage? A BMW 7 series? A Rolex?

Do they want to manage a team? Do they want to migrate to marketing? Do they want to go back to school?

Find out what drives your team on both a professional and personal level and show them how they can achieve these hyper-specific goals through business results.

You’ll win.

They’ll win.

The company will win.

Data & results is absolutely important for monitoring your sales team.

Data without context & authentic relationships is useless.

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Great game 🦅⛹️‍♂️ #WEareILTexas #boys #basketball #team #ILTexas #Houston #ILTexasKWHS #sports (at ILTexas Katy Westpark HS)

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I like to play Aphelios top and mid. Now, I’m used to him getting banned by the other team witch is a pain but what ever it happens. However, I had one team mate who banned him. Now normally they would apologize but this guy banned him on purpose even knowing I was gonna pick him cause he doesn’t like Aphelios. I was the first pick to so it not like had have to fight him. I guess my point is don’t be that guy.

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Okay, but a personal fave whump trope of mine is when one of the whumpee’s friends can’t take seeing them injured any longer and volunteers to take their place.  Especially good when the whumpee is aware of it happening and tries to prevent it, not wanting their friend to suffer in their place… or in a situation where they find out about it afterward and blame the pain their friend experiences on themself for being too weak.


Stew Performs a U! | Let’s Play: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Winter Festival Grand Prix) #31

Chick and Stew take the wheel whilst I perform my First U-Turn on Camera!


Clear Cedar pergola update All the material is finished sanded to 320 Using festool granat. We laid out the Post base flange and built a jig to drill too I do have to mention I was not expecting the post bases to be as complex As I thought definitely caused more time and money spent but the overall look is beautiful Now we are ready to cut and apply clear coat #lookofquality #efforts #devoted #tuesday #riseuptogether #teamwork #team #teamplayers #members #goals #schedules #family #inandoutburger #restupbrother #keepcraftalive #buildsomethingawesome (at Proficient Builders LLC)

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