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busy reflecting on our SSP strategies and what we need for professional development to support our growth to help our students improve.

busy reflecting on SSP strategies and what we need for professional development to build our skills to help our students improve.

I think all suffer from a lot of "noise"! I have to continually turn down the volume of that - how about you?

LOVE target erasers for math! Same game for December new erasers and it's fun!🎉 Easy Peasy! * 💖Use tongs for fine motor!🙌 * * * * teachersfollowteachers

Many and schools are leading the charge in infusing more culturally responsive books into their classrooms. Here's how your school can add more via :

Too often as we feel guilty about taking our holidays, often doing large amounts of professional learning or doing school work from home- this year I had a break and it’s been so important to take that time (especially in my ) -

20 Tips for | Tip no. 2: Your Twitter header is a billboard. Don't leave it blank! Do you have a great photo of you "in action" teaching? Or a shot of your book cover? Showcase what you do.

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Dear teachers: please stop using the term holistically incorrectly.

I don’t know why but out of nowhere this school year a bunch of teacher have randomly started to use the term “holistic” and “holistically”…and sometimes incorrectly. 

Holistic refers to the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. 

If you have need any further clarification or have any further question please contact Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency.

so. my science teacher is once again the source of my rage.

this bitch. this FUCKING bitch.

midterms are next week and for science i have to write a paper. so, like most of my classes, she gives us an outline. we are all writing our outline and bullet points and all that, but when a girl goes up to show her the outline she made (it was for a grade) and you know what she said? “it’s bad. go back.”

thats it?? no constructive criticism? no advice? not even gonna tell the poor girl what was “bad”? so, we all look over an the teacher, lets call her D. for Dickhead. anyway, D looks up at us and suddenly flips her shit. (i have a class as my witness)

“I am NOT the teacher, I am the FACILITATOR. i will NOT hold your hand through this, its YOUR grade”


you ARE the teacher, that is your JOB. YOUR PROFESSION. WHAT YOU SIGNED UP TO BE. We are NOT asking you to “hold our hand” we are asking what you want us to do for an outline to be “good”. 

the class starts going like “???? scuse me??” and D just,,, “uuuggghhh teenagers are so opinionated!! just do what you’re told!!”

1: dont blame this all on our age. you said something questionable. we responded. we asked for help and you denied it, we dont understand and we asked questions

2: how exactly are we going to do what we’re told if you’re not telling us what to do and not do???

oooooo i hope this bitch gets herself fired. 

Trouble with Masks

Little Mortal, come and listen close to me. What I have to tell you is of great import. The world is filled with danger. It is filled with monsters and demons that lurk in shadows or wear pretty masks that glimmer while they walk unseen in the light. But remember, that there are heroes. There are angels and guardians, teachers, parental figures. There are those who condemn themselves in order to save others, there are those who guide the lost, feed the hungry, and tend to the wounded. There are those who speak for things that must be spoken for, and there are those who stand in silent defiance in a world where any words can be an unwilling affirmation. There is so much good in this world along with its ills. The trouble, Little Mortal, is that they all wear masks.