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Incorporating choice boards into your classroom encourages students to own their learning through the act of making choices. Need ideas on how to start using them? Read this recent Aligned blog post:

Learn how one district connects learning to the real world and how teachers can help students link learning to life.

Parent-teacher conferences happen a few times a year, and can be one of the most anxiety-inducing things a teacher does! Here 10 essential tips and tricks to get you through it! Read more -->

Make sure you know (and are aligning your instruction to) the Major Work of each grade in math. Need a refresher? Download our Focus Documents, available for each grade K-8:

K-2 Teachers: Watch our newly released webinar focusing on Foundational Skills Instruction in Action! This recorded learning opportunity reviews our new Foundational Skills Observation Tool!

Looking forward to presenting at the First Institute March 4-5 of this year in Mesa, AZ! Topic is Social Emotional Learning. Registration open now!

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Why me?

So, here I am. Blogging. 

Why? Many reasons.

To be perfectly honest it was a suggestion of my fiance. He spends many an hour listening to; my rants about all that is wrong with our education system, the comical events of a day surrounded by 4-11 year olds and the staff room gossip. So, I guess he is hoping that if I blog, he wont have to listen so much! 

I always wanted to teach, sounds corny but it’s true. I used to line my toys up and teach them and always organised activities for my younger sister during school holidays growing up. I left college and went to work as a TA in a local primary school. My timetable was primarily supporting children with SEN for the first few years. I then began my teacher training while working full time and started teaching in various classes across the school. 7 years after starting as a TA I have just completed my NQT year at school which has high levels of EAL and is in a socially deprived area, so needless to say I have seen some sights!! 

I think it is fair to say that I have amused friends and family with tails of the classroom over the past year and one of the reasons I am blogging to help me remember the highlights of the job on the more challenging days! 

How long will I be able to keep this blog up to date? Who knows! With moving from year 3 to year 6 in September, taking on the role of maths leader and getting married in October it looks set to be a busy year!